Tonight ICW returned home to Maryhill,Glasgow and I made my first visit to the “ICW Arena”, a great old fashioned venue with an organ peeping of the top of the stage! Got to admit I loved the look of the place with stained glass windows and the auditorium style seats that gave me an awesome view of the action. I collected my awesome Waynestock weekender tshirt and was served by Leah Owens of the Owens Twins who complemented my “Die Havoc Die” tshirt I was wearing and we both agreed we need to see Jimmy back in an ICW ring!
Billy Kirkwood bursts through the curtain to start the night with his unique take on the Hulk Hogan drama, mentioning something about Hulk pumping Bill Crosby on Raw to make up for it!! Mr Kirkwood is one funny guy and is a highlight of the live ICW experience. Billy introduces his new commentary partner, half of the first ever ICW tag team champions STI, William Grange who looked like a geeky sex pest!

The nights action starts with a flashback to old school ICW with Lionheart against old time rival Chris Renfrew, who was accompanied by his NAK mate Stevie Boy. Lionheart took flight over the top rope nailing both NAK members, with the action on the outside Lionheart smashed Renfrew over the head with a Playstation One of all things! After 4 Stone Cold Stoners, one from the top rope, Renfrew gets the win and the NAK beat down Lionheart. The Wee Man and Davey Boy, the remains of the Bucky Boys, try to help but the New Age Kliq prevailed and Stevie destroys Davey with a sick flip piledriver! 

Next is a David vs Goliath kind of match as Kenny Williams took on the sadistic Jack Jester, to be fair Kenny put up a hell of fight against the larger Jester but was put to rest with a Tombstone. Nice post match show of respect from Jack Jester though.

And then came the match I was most looking forward to TNA’s Bram against the stupidly talented Noam Dar! Bram was backed by The 55, a group of wrestlers who formed as they hate Grado, who were quickly despatched of by Dar with a frantic attack. The crowd were on fine form throughout this match with plenty of “Fuck TNA” chants and even the Star Wars theme tune! Noam trapped Bram in the Champagne Super Knee Bar but Bram broke the hold and smashed Dar with a thunderous DDT for the win which brought the 55 back out to beat on Dar. Grado came out to try help but succumbed to the numbers. General manager Red Lightning came out slagging Grado for getting involved and for thinking he’s too big for ICW and put him in an impromptu match against Darkside! Grado surprised me by walking the guardrail and launching off it with a cross body and then shouting “fuck the X division” which sent the crowd into raptures. Back in the ring Grado hit the Wee Boot for the win.

Nice touch during the interval, owner Mark Dallas and his son had a pretend match and the crowd started chanting Danny’s name. Things like that make remember why I love wrestling.

Polo Promotions came stumbling through the crowd as they returned from The International Sex Hero DCT’s stag do. Mark Coffey, Coach Trip and Jackie Polo all look a bit worse for wear whilst handing out bottles of beer to the crowd. Coffey shining on the mic announces a match between Polo and Coach Trip, which ended in seconds followed by a hilarious drunken pull part involving security being scoop slammed!

Wolfgang vs Dickie Divers ended before it even began when NAK took over and Wolfie smashes Divers with knuckle dusters all to the chorus of “We’re having a party when Divers dies”

The Iron Man Joe Coffey took on Lewis Girvan in a great showing which ended with Coffey hitting the Lariato, who in my opinion should still be in the ICW title picture. Joe calls out Red Lightning who claimed he wanted a match against Coffey but then bailed, these two have got to meet at Fear and Loathig in November.

Debutant Adam Echo, who’s family are in the crowd, gets jumped by 55 member Kid Fite but still managed to put in a good showing before being smashed with a chair by James Kennedy and then finished with a DDT by Fite.

Red Lightning came out AGAIN for the contract signing for BT Gunn v Mikey Whiplash at Shugs Hoose Party 2 the next night. These 2 have been on an absolute war path the last few months all over the UK, spilling a lot of blood along the way. Whiplash claims it won’t be a wrestling match but a fight! NAK bring out Mikeys old bitch Jam O’Malley and start cutting his hair in an odd moment, but Whiplash laughs and says he doesn’t give a fuck about Jam and attacks BT, but NAK came out and put a stop to the beating. But then The Man Beast Rhino comes through the crowd and clears the ring!! He grabs the mic and stated he was the last ECW champ and wants to be the next ICW champ and calls out Drew Galloway, who accepts. 

Instantly the fight leaves the ring and goes through the crowd. As this is going on Big Damo, challenger to the ICW belt at Shugs Hoose Party joins commentary. Drew strikes Rhino with a fans crutch as the fight left the building with me and the other fans doing the conga behind them into the streets of Maryhill. I couldn’t see to much but did see Rhino being slammed on to a metal barrier on the road side. Both men eventually made it back inside where Rhino hit the gore on Galloway who kicked out. Drew then caught the man beast with a future shock DDT for the win. Damo attacked the champion to show his dominance before their match the following night at the O2 ABC in Glasgow. 

Once again ICW don’t fail to impress and made leave gagging to return on the Sunday for night 2 of Waynestock!! 



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