Had a chat with avid wrestling fan and fellow collector of wrestling figures, Jo Watson.

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What first got you into wrestling?Seeing superstars like The Ultimate Warrior and Macho Man when I was young just blew my mind. Their over the top personas and thetrics, along with the obvious fighting, grabbed my attention instantly.
Who was your favourite wrestler as a kid and why?Bret Hart. He was THE definition of cool. Still to this day I go by the motto ‘pink is punk’ and that’s all thanks to him.
What got you into collecting wrestling figures?As I get older, it’s all about nostalgia. Looking up at my shelf to see Rowdy Roddy Piper and Razor Ramon takes me straight back to childhood.
Which figure is your prized possession and why?Currently it’s WWE Basic Superstars Series 52 Neville purely because it literally took me months to get hold of. It’s been sold out online for what seems like forever. Either that, or it sells for quadruple the price elsewhere. I eventually bought it…at 6:00am last Tuesday morning! 
Whats the most you have spent on a figure and who was it?I tend to stick to RRP of figures, so they’ve all been bought store price. But I have been know to drops £100+ a week on figures!
Which wrestler do you have the most figures of?I would say my collection is vastly different to most as I don’t buy multiple versions of wrestlers. I personally don’t see the need for 4 different versions of Dolph Ziggler for example. I get one, and I stick with it. I may upgrade them (my Undertaker is due an update) but when I so, I sell the old one. 
If you could make one defining moment figure that has not been made what would it be and why?I would like to see a Finn Balor winning the NXT title Defining Moment figure. I know it’s a super recent event, but that guy is something special, and in 20 years or so, it will happen.
What wrestling shows do you watch and which do you like most?I try and watch as much as possible, but if I’m being honest, I mainly stick to Raw. Liverpool, Preston and Warrington is good for indie shows (all areas I live near) so I try and go to as many of those as I can too.
What do you think of the state of the current wrestling business? I’m not the biggest fan of the PG era (did you SEE HHH dance with New Day this week!?) But sometimes they get it right. The indie shows are growing and bringing more talent too. So lots to look forward to…I just wish Raw would be a bit more Raw!
Who do you tip to be the future of WWE?As much as I love Finn Balor, I REALLY love Neville. That guy is something else. Constantly on the go, very acrobatic, entertaining…and English! An amazing superstar. I just hope they continue to push him, and if they do, he really will fly.
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