This week I had a chat with WWE Hall Of Famer and Wrestlemania 1 Main Event star PAUL ORNDORFF!! Follow him on Twitter @ThePaulOrndorff

What got you into wrestling?

After i finished playing football I trained to become a wrestler and plus I used to watch wrestling as a kid and that got me into it.
Who was your favourite wrestler growing up and why?

I used to like Verne Gagne when I was growing up.
Who was your favourite wrestler to wrestle and why?

My favourite wrestler was Hogan because we worked good together and sold out arenas across the world.
What was your favourite match you had and why?

My favourite match I had was against Hogan in a steel cage match on Saturday Nights Main Event in January 1987, people still talk about that match to this day.
What do you think of modern day wrestling?

I think modern day wrestling is alright, I still watch WWE now and then. 
Is there anything different you would have done in your career?

I would have wrestled longer than I could have.
Where did the Mr Wonderful moniker come from?

When I was bodybuilding I called myself Mr Wonderful, where I won a couple of awards.
Were you most proud of your bodybuilding or wrestling career?

My wrestling career of course. 
Who do you think deserves to be in the in the hall of fame?

Owen Hart its way past due for him.
I agree totally, do you think he will be inducted alone or as part of the Hart Family?

I hope as part of the Hart Family.
What was the build up to Wrestlemania 1 like? 

The build up was great and to be apart of history was amazing, I was both excited and nervous at the same time.
Have you ever seen any British wrestling before?

No but I would like to. 
Have you ever wrestled any British wrestlers?

I don’t think I have ever fought any British wrestlers if I have then I must have forgotten about it. But I did fight in the UK against Michael PS Hayes, I think it was for WCW plus we fought in Ireland too at a WCW house show.
Any plans on returning to the UK anytime soon?

You never know…
Who would you like to wrestle if you had the chance out of the current WWE roster?

John Cena would be one of the guys because he is a good performer and the fans love him and with me as a heel it would be a great match! 
But would you beat him?

Maybe who knows. 
Who did you prefer to work for WWF or WCW? 

Hard choice but would have to say WWF because of the matches me and Hogan had together. 
Do you think WCW going out of business was a good thing for WWE?

It was a bad thing because every week it was WCW vs WWE and today we don’t get to see that stuff happen anymore. 
What way has WCW going out of business affected the WWE product?

WWE don’t have a rival company to go against anymore unless you want to say WWE vs TNA but I don’t see it.
What do you think of NXT?

NXT has some great talent like Bayley and Baron Corbin and is a good way to bring in talent.
Is NXT benefiting the independent wrestling scene at all?

I think so and its had a huge impact on the indys in a good way because we get to see new talent that we may have never seen like WWE brought in I think her name is Kana, she might do good. Believe me WWE knows how to pick up good talent. 
Could you describe your wrestling career for me? 

I can describe it in one word and that is wonderful, I had a great run. I wish I could have wrestled longer and won the WWF championship.
Can I ask you about your relationship with Booby ‘The Brain’ Heenan?

We have a great relationship, he was a mentor and a close friend. We travel together. He was the best manager I had and glad to have him in my career. 
What did you think of Night Of Champions Pay Per View last Sunday?

Night Of Champions was alright i liked it. I give it a 7/10 but i think Kane came back to early. Nikki Bella vs Charlotte was good, looking forward to Paige turning on Charlotte since she didn’t look to happy last night. Rollins is a good performer, He is the future of WWE no doubt.

Would you like to send a message you the UK?
Yeah to all my fans in the UK, hope you are doing good and I hope to visit you guys soon until then stay wonderful. 




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