With the new wave of women wrestlers (that’s right WOMEN WRESTLERS not divas) hitting WWE in recent months, women’s wrestling seems to be on the up. But the question that I’ve had since this all began was, is this just a burst of new talent or will this continue for years to come? The UK’s own Paige was the first of this influx of talent when she debuted on the main roster the night after Wrestlemania 30, but she was lighting up NXT before moving to the main roster and was the first woman to have held both the NXT women’s championship and the Divas championship. The NXT women’s division was blowing the Divas out of the water with ladies such as Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, Emma and Bayley putting on amazing matches each Wednesday night, many of which were main eventing the NXT weekly shows.

But with the majority of these ladies now on the main roster, there is now a gap for the next batch to fill the void in NXT. But from what I have seen the current crop of NXT women Bayley and Asuka are jumping out at me as the next crop to lead the women of NXT . I don’t understand the idea of pushing Eva Marie though at all, she isn’t connecting with the fans and just doesn’t look like a natural wrestler. Her matches so far have looked awkward, I get that she’s a big part of Total Divas but NXT and WWE shows aren’t Total Divas, us wrestling fans want wrestlers not reality TV stars. Long gone are the days of evening gown matches or pillow fights, now we’ve got 3 team tag matches, 30 minute iron women matches and beat the clock challenges. Paige turning on her PCB stable mates has opened up the opportunity to an awesome feud between herself and current Divas champion Charlotte, there are also several other women that are more than capable of challenging Ric Flairs daughter which can only be good for the division. The fact that most of the ladies on the roster now are using submissions as one of their finishers is stark comparison to when a butt bump or a slap was being used.

With NXT picking up talent from the independents on a regular basis now including Blue Pants and Crazy Mary Dobson, this can only make the women’s division stronger and keep this stream of new female wrestlers going for the foreseeable future. The current main roster of females is at its biggest peak since the days of Lita and Trish Stratus, kind of glad they are pushing the former NXT ladies as they are the more talented and capable of putting on long matches with good story telling during the match. Since the revolution took place on Raw with Stephanie McMahon introducing Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Sasha Banks to the roster, the airtime the women are now getting on Raw and Smackdown is a lot more than the previous 3 minute matches they were given. The ladies are now able to showcase their talents and have many storylines across the board. Putting the Divas title on Charlotte was a he step forward as it proves that a woman wrestler nowadays doesn’t have to look like a Barbie doll but is now all about their athletic ability. Hopefully this has seen the end of Bella dominated days and a new dawn has begun and will last for a long time. With a women’s title match headlining the NXT Takeover on Wednesday shows the faith WWE have with the current women’s division, who knows maybe in the future a women’s match may headline a main roster PPV and hopefully they change the Divas title back to the Women’s Championship but one step at a time I guess……..



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