As I entered the Garage in Glasgow on Sunday 20th September first thing I noticed was the ring decorated for Chris Renfrew’s birthday, the thing most grabbing my attention was the huge box in the corner of the ring that every so often was moving…The New Age Kliq started the party with BT Gunn, Stevie Boy, Kay Lee Ray, Chris Renfrew and looking the part in a Hawaiian shirt and cowboy hat, Wolfgang entering the decorated ring. Renfrew was opening cards but Stevie was throwing them away before he could open any, then throwing in the “Cards Subject To Change” line. But as everyone was belting out “Happy Birthday” The GZRS music hit to interrupt the sing-a-long armed with super soakers filled with vodka and MD 20/20!! They made their way to the party spraying people with their potent alcoholic mixture (me included haha) before raving in the ring with the NAK. The rave was cut short when a disinterested looking BT Gunn who took out both Sebastian and Tom Irvin. But as Gunn and Renfrew hit the Killer Boots on Sebastian a creepy Marilyn Monroe-esque Happy Birthday filled the Garage and the box started to move once again, the Kliq opened the gift and a guy with Mikey Whiplash was under the paper. With the NAK’s attention on what was under the box, Whiplash sneaked in the ring dressed in a white dress and full Monroe make up armed with a kendo stick laying waste to the New Age Kliq before power bombing Kay Lee Ray into the crowd adding further fuel into the feud between Legion and The NAK!!

The first match of the night was the local hero Joe Hendry who debuted his new song which was a take on a Dr Dre song, ( Hey Hey Hey…Hendry everyday) but that wasn’t all the singing from Joe as he also performed his opponent Michael Chase’s entrance music, much to the anger of Chase. Chase out in a great showing against the always impressive Hendry but Joe’s experience proved too much for Chase as he succumbed to the Local Hero.

The ICW Women’s Title Tournament continued with the first of the semi finals as The Best In The Galaxy Nikki Storm met Layla Rose this match was marred by an injury to Layla Rose’s ankle and ended in Storm advancing to the finals to meet either Viper or Kay Lee Ray at Fear & Loathing in November at the SECC in Glasgow.

A return match from Spacebaws episode 2 followed as Solar looked for retribution against Andrew Wilde after their previous match ended with Solar being carried out after injuring his neck on the guard rail. Solar managed to hit the same move that injured him previously this time connecting with Wilde not the guard rail. Solar got the better of the apparent heir to the throne Wilde in this one making it one win a piece, will there be a decider somewhere down the line… Fear & Loathing maybe?

 The first half main event and the match I was most looking forward too was next as The Beast of Belfast Big Damo battled The Sicilian Psychopath Tommaso Ciampa!! This match did not disappoint in any way with both men bringing the heavy artillery, Ciampa nailing Damo with multiple knee shots to the skull and the Beast hitting a huge senton. The fight went out into the crowd as the ring could not contain these two machines! The action made its way back inside the squared circle and so did a steel chair, Ciampa making use of it with a suplex on the pink chair! But Damo would get the last laugh going turnbuckle to turnbuckle with a drop kick into Ciampa’s face which was covered with said chair, What a match!! The crowd summed it up with a “Please come back” chant, I could have happily watched these to tear each other apart for hours!!!

After the break Lionheart took to the ring to bitch about him faking re-injuring his neck against Kenny Williams, to be fair I didn’t pay much attention to this promo as I was chatting to Tommaso Ciampa at the merch table but the rest of the crowd look pretty bored so doesn’t seem like I missed much.Then onto Red Lightning’s job evaluation from ICW owner Mark Dallas, at one point during this segment Red through a hissy fit and had the lights turned out in the building to which the fans reacted by creating a Bray Wyatt kind of scene by lighting up the place with their mobile phones which was pretty awesome to be apart of. Dallas brought back Noam Dar and Kenny Williams into the Zero G division and also addressed the situation with Lightning’s ongoing problems with Big Damo. With the majority of the crowd thinking Dallas was going to relieve the GM of his duties, they were left disappointed when Red Lightning kept his role but was placed on probation. 

The first match after the interval we were treated to the Tag Team title match between the challengers The Rodgers Brothers and the defending champions Polo Promotions. The Rodgers really impressed me as they matched the champions move for move during this match and proved to be worthy contenders for the belts, even though the slightly annoying constant “what’s my name” shout from Danny Rodgers was making me hate him more as the match went on. Both teams hit high impact double team moves throughout, but Jackie Polo went to Scoop Slam City and the champs gained the upper hand and the important three count and retained their titles yet again, Who bad……WE BAD!!

Up next the Italian heavyweight Massimo had the chance for payback against Lou King Sharp for embarrassing him at the previous Spacebaws as the two met. But Sharp and his fellow Toal family members tried to throw the big Italian off his game by winding him up pre match but it was to prove pointless as Massimo got the win and ended up launching the helpless Sharp into the crowd. Really impressed with Massimo can definitely see him going places as he is a real talent and blown me away both times I’ve seen him. 

Finally the main event, a triple threat match for the ICW Zero G championship with champion Stevie Boy, representing the New Age Kliq defending against Polo Promotions DCT and The Best Young Wrestler Lewis Girvan. The match started at a frenetic pace with all three men getting in some early offence and the challengers double teaming the champion. The fight made its way up onto the ramp way with DCT disappearing through the curtain and coming back with a shopping trolley loaded with weapons including a steel chair, a polo hammer and a toy Harry Potter broom…. Girvan ended up in the trolley and DCT pushed him off the ramp towards a grounded Stevie. The action continued with Girvan breaking the broom over DCT’s back and Stevie hitting a sweet move on both men, Girvan was holding DCT in a DDT position and Stevie drop kicked Girvan which then resulted in a DDT!! I didn’t want this match to end but after a great sequence of near falls and heavy hitting moves between DCT and Girvan while Stevie was out of the ring, Stevie Boy sneaked back in the ring just as it looked as if The International Sex Hero was going to get the win and hit DCT with the Destroyer flip piledriver and retained the Zero G title! This match was that good that it could have headlined any show in the UK and further showed what depth of talent ICW has!! If there is one match you watch this year make sure it’s this one!! THIS IS AWESOME!!

Only my second Spacebaws event I’ve attended and I was totally blown away it was as good a show as a main Insane Championship Wrestling show I’ve seen and the talent were on top form throughout the night, my match of the night was a close one between Big Damo v Tommaso Ciampa and the Triple Threat Zero G Title match but I’m going to have to give it to DCT v Lewis Girvan v Stevie Boy as try put on a bell to bell great match!! My wrestler of the night goes is another close call but it goes to Lewis Girvan as he along with the other 2 in the triple threat left it all in the ring and he not only had a great match but told a great story while in the ring, watch this space Lewis Girvan is destined for great things. 

 If you’ve not seen an Insane Championship Wrestling show before then check out their on demand service or if they are ever putting on a show anywhere near you bust a gut to get a ticket because you are missing out on something very special!!



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