Seeing as the Facebook page reached 100 likes today, I thought I would answer the questions that are usually put to the fan of the day and let you all know about my love of all things wrestling…Daz Carding, find me on Twitter @salopianlama

When did you start watching wrestling?
I started watching wrestling in 1992 when I was just 6 years old. The first PPV I saw was an obvious one Summerslam 92 from Wembley Stadium, watching with my Nan on Sky Sports. I was instantly hooked with the athleticism and bravado on show.

Who was your favourite wrestler?

My favourite wrestler when I was a kid was Macho Man Randy Savage, used to go round my mates house to watch his Hulk Hogan VHS and it had Savage Vs Hogan on from Wrestlemania V when the Mega Powers collided. His charisma and promo’s had me hanging on every word he said and the Elbow drop finisher was awesome! Also his flashy ring gear was everything a wrestler should be over the top and eye catching.

What are your earliest memories of wrestling?

My earliest memories were going round to my Nan’s each Sunday there was a WWF pay per view on back in the day when they were on ‪at 7pm‬ UK time and watching the matches and arguing with my relatives who swore it was fake, they never won the arguments haha. My Nan and Mum were huge Bret Hart fans so obviously I got behind whoever he faced just to annoy them, be it Owen Hart, Jerry Lawler or Hakushi.  

What is your favourite match ever?

My favourite match ever is quite an odd one, Bret Hart Vs Owen Hart at Wrestlemania X. The storyline before the match really built up the match, with Owen’s blatant jealousy and Bret only accepting the match a few weeks before Mania. The two brothers put on an absolute clinic which lasted over 20 minutes and was the opening match of Wrestlemania! Both men trying to get the other to tap out to the Sharpshooter and ending in Owen getting the clean pinfall win over his older brother Bret.

What is your current favourite promotion to watch?

My current favourite promotion is a close one between NXT and Insane Championship Wrestling, but as NXT is weekly I’ll go with NXT. It’s such a breath of fresh air to what WWE are putting out there week in week out and I actually have a connection with the wrestlers in NXT as quite a few I have followed from their Indy wrestling days. The one hour weekly shows are more about showcasing the wrestling than interview segments and they putting on match of the year candidates on a frequent basis. Love that they are using independent wrestlers like Jonny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa on their shows as they offer something totally different.

Who is your current favourite wrestler?

My current favourite is Kevin Owens (Steen) and has been for a while, I have been a fan since his days on the independent scene with ROH and PWG. I like how he is not your typical body builder physique and that he has the wrestling skils to back him up. I personally dont think there is anyone out there that can match him on the mic, for instance the way he was on Raw when Cena called him a rookie….priceless!! He has shown he can handle himself in all types of matches be that a technical match or a ladder war, the way he used to deliver the package piledriver and now the pop up powerbomb is amazing! I’m hoping WWE allow him to take part in the UK NXT tour in December as I am yet to see him at a live show.But i also have a favourite british wrestler Mikey Whiplash, love the look of the guy with black and white facepaint and the black wrestling gear with fishnets it just offers something different. He is also one of the most talented wrestlers I have ever seen perform live, he is so techinicaly gifted its insane and he also has a sadistic side as he has shown in his battles with BT Gunn throughout this year.

Do you watch British wrestling, if yes what promotions?

I watch Insane Championship Wrestling, Progress Wrestling and recently Rev Pro and IPW:UK.I try to go to as many ICW shows as i can, been to 11 shows so far this year and managed to see my first Progress shows at Download Festival this year. I subscribe to both ICW On Demand and Demand Progress and catch as much British wrestling on youtube as possible.


What do you think of the current state of British wrestling?

British wrestling is at its highest level since i have been a wrestling fan and is producing some amazing talent that is being noticed all over the world not just on these shores.Talent like Zack Sabre Jr, Will Ospreay, Marty Scurl, Drew Galloway and Jimmy Havoc are having better matches than most US product available, further proof with this years PWG Battle Of Los Angeles having british wrestlers Ospreay, Scurll, Mark Andrews, Zack Sabre Jr, Drew Galloway and Tommy End who is on the British scene frequently . The crowds that British promotions are bringing in are outstanding with Progress selling out every show in under 20 minutes and ICW set to sell out the SECC in GLasgow for Fear & Loathing in November, I can only see this only getting better!! This is a great time to be a British wrestling fan.

If you were a wrestler what would you call yourself and what would be your gimmick?

Always wanted to be a masked wrestler when i was younger, a kind of hannibal lecter style mask and a white butchers oufit. No talking, let my wrestling do the talking for me. As for a name would be called Cleaver, after the butchers knife and always wanted a manager who was like a handler to keep control of me. Finisher was always piledriver on to the edge of the ring apron.  

Have you ever met any wrestlers, if so who was your favourite?

I have met a few wrestlers, mostly British wrestlers who are Grado, Big Damo, Drew Galloway, Jack Jester, Mikey Whiplash and Progress Wrestling owner Jim Smallman. Also met Colt Cabana several times and ROH wrestler Tommaso Ciampa. Favourite I have met was Mikey Whiplash, met him at ICW Barramania this year after his match against Lewis Girvan. Was awesome as he’s my favourite British wrestler.

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