As Insane Championship Wrestling are currently out on their biggest ever UK tour, The Road To Fear & Loathing, I had a chat with manager of the Bucky Boys and current commentator on the tour, The Wee Man. Find him on Twitter @ThatWeeMan 
What got you into wrestling?

Had always been big fan of wrestling. Originally did guest spot at an old ICW Maryhill show, forgot words to songs and got jumped.

What is your favourite moment you’ve been a part of in ICW?

Favourite moment is the 2nd time I went to say: ‘Hailing directly from Jeremy Kyle’s worst fucking nightmares’ the crowd chanted it back.Having done years of stand-up it’s a rare thing to have a line you wrote appreciated to the point that people remember it and roar it back.
What are your thoughts on your former Bucky Boy Stevie Boy joining the New Age Kliq?

This is now soured by Stevie Boy joining the NAK. If you want to hear my thoughts you’ll have to pay attention to upcoming ICW shows.  

What happened to Lambrini?

Lambrinii is currently in rehab for treatment of a serious addiction to Our prayers are with her.  

In your opinion, who is the one to watch in ICW?

There are so many, but I’m a fan of Lou King Sharp’s inring and promo skills. Im sure he’ll make great waves when both his baws have dropped.
Have you ever stepped between the ropes and had a match?

I’ve actually been in 6 man tags in the past (including one which I pinned a current TNA superstar, shouldn’t say who for fear of libel) As for having a singles match, I’d need to first work on my cardio so that I’m not blown up after just doing my little jig to the ring.
Who was your favourite wrestler as a kid?

Was a big Ultimate Warrior fan, was always suspicious of Hogan, now I know why. Also had a guilty soft spot for Repo Man.
Where do you see the Wee Man in 12 months time?

In 12 months I intend to be even balder. So far plan is going smoothly, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Which wrestler would you like to take on in a rap battle?

Dream wrestler to rap battle against would be R Truth. He’s been doing his own song about 10 year and still can’t get the words right.
Where is your favourite place you have been with ICW?

Glasgow will always be the heart and soul of the company, Liverpool was also belting as those fans were almost as drunk. Newcastle great too.  

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