I’ve been a fan of the current Intercontinental Champion for years now since his days when he was known by his real name Kevin Steen, when he was battling the likes of El Generico, Adam Cole, Steve Corino, Claudio Castagnoli and Sami Callihan in Ring Of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. He caught my eye as he wasn’t your typical wrestler, he didn’t look like a sports entertainer he looked like he could fight!! Not just that he was amazing on the mic and his ability to wind up his opponents and the crowd drew great heel heat, not only that but he could back it all up in the ring. Some of the moves he pulled off were awesome the Package Piledriver, Cannonball and a mesmerising moonsault. Winning titles along the way through the independent scene including the ROH World Title, ROH Tag Titles, PWG World Title and was a 3 time PWG Tag Team Champion. Memorable matches were his Ladder War against El Generico, winning the ROH Title from Davey Richards, winning the PWG title from AJ Styles and his final ROH match against Steve Corino. Steen was brilliant in his time with The Young Bucks and Adam Cole under the name The Mount Rushmore Of Wrestling in PWG and also in ROH with S.C.U.M along with Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs, but all did not end well with S.C.U.M as the group turned on Steen and Corino claiming the world would never see him again! But Steen returned and feuded with S.C.U.M and he eventually rid ROH of the group in Steel Cage Warfare by pinning Jimmy Jacobs. Steen announced he was leaving Ring Of Honor in May 2014 and had his final match against Steve Corino in a great match which ended with Corino hitting a superkick but Steen hitting back with a pop up powerbomb, followed up with a package piledriver for the win. The two men hugged in the centre of the ring and the crowd filled the ring with streamers, a fitting end to Kevin Steen’s ROH career.   
It was no surprise when news came that he was joining El Generico, now without the mask and known as Sami Zayn in the WWE appearing on NXT. Steen got a new name Kevin Owens, using his son’s name Owen who was named after the late Owen Hart. Owens arrived in NXT with a bang dominating in his debut match against CJ Parker and receiving a broken nose during the match. He ended the night congratulating his friend Sami Zayn on winning the NXT Title before powerbombing Zayn onto the ring apron, setting up a feud which worked so well in ROH. The two met at NXT TakeOver Rival, exactly 2 months to the day since Owens debuted. Owens won the NXT Title when the referee stopped the match after he powerbombed Zayn 5 times and was attempting a sixth. He had great matches with Zayn again, Finn Balor and Samoa Joe before losing the belt to Balor at Beast In The East in Tokyo, Japan. All of this happened while Kevin had made his main roster debut, pulling double duty since mid May when he answered John Cena’s US Title open challenge ‪on 18th May‬ episode of Raw. But in true Steen/Owens style he attacked Cena hitting him with the pop up powerbomb and leaving Cena laying in the ring setting up a match between himself and his sons favourite wrestler at Elimination Chamber, in which Owens won cleanly. The pair would have 2 more matches with Cena winning both, but Owens made an impression and was promoted full time to the main WWE roster, performing twice over the SummerSlam weekend, being beaten by Finn Balor in a ladder match for the NXT Title at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn on the Saturday and beating Cesaro in an awesome match the following night at SummerSlam.   

After his impressive showings he went on the hunt for main roster gold and set his sights on the Intercontinental Champion Ryback, Owens won the belt at Night Of Champions using a rake to the eyes to aid him on his way to victory. WWE showing great faith in Kevin by putting the prestigious Intercontinental belt around his waist, he has shown he can hold his own in WWE and is still showing glimpses of Kevin Steen in his character each week by trash talking his opponents during matches and constantly mocking commentators and backstage interviewers. 

Owens is set to defend his IC belt in a rematch against Ryback this Sunday at Hell In A Cell, I for one will be behind Mr Wrestling on Sunday and hope he has a long reign as champion and can see him moving onwards to World Heavyweight Championship matches and eventually winning the big one!! He offers something different to the main event scene and would be a great heel champion, could see him having good feuds with the likes of Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt and maybe even Roman Reigns. The future is bright for the 31 year old Canadian and I think he’s the man ready to smash through that glass ceiling. FIGHT STEEN FIGHT!! FIGHT OWENS FIGHT!! FIGHT CHAMP FIGHT!!




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