Today’s fan is Joe McDonagh from Dundee, Scotland.  

When did you start watching wrestling?

As long as I can remember. Probably around 1991-1992, when I was around 4 years old, my grandparents had Sky so they taped all the shows for me.   

Who was your favourite wrestler as a kid?

Between 2 guys…The Undertaker. Nobody beat him, I’d never seen the tombstone piledriver used before he did it. I thought this finishing move was devastating. The move we now know as “Old School”‘ where he walks the top rope holding his opponent then drops down with a smash was so unique and different. The other guy….Bret Hart. He was just cool. Leather jacket, awesome glasses, always went out and gave them to kids. Plus he always went up against the guys everyone hated… Lawler, Yokozuna, etc

What is your earliest memory of wrestling?

My earliest memory of wrestling was Wrestlemania 8. Massive crowd, such a long entrance ramp. I remember seeing Undertaker dropping Jake The Snake Roberts with a tombstone outside on the mats…thinking Wow! Gorilla Monsoon shouts “Tombstone City!”Summerslam 92 also springs to mind, Undertaker coming in on a hearse, LOD on motorbikes and remember thinking “what if it rains? The show’s in a football stadium, they’ll get wet!” Great ending with the Bulldog winning the IC title.  

What is your favourite match ever?

Bret vs Owen, Summerslam 94, Steel cage match, Love that old school blue cage! 2 great wrestlers having a great cage match that didn’t involve any blood, just technical wrestling, and Jerry Lawler ripping the Hart family apart with his terrible jokes. Close second would have to be The Undertaker vs Jeff Hardy Ladder match on Raw for the WWE Championship back in 2002.

What is your favourite current promotion?

NXT in particular is great! It’s all about wrestling. Great way for wrestlers to hone their craft before being sent out to RAW or Smackdown. Going to see NXT Live in Glasgow in December. Having the WWE network is great too, turn into a 5 year old boy again and watch some old episodes of Raw and Nitro
Who is your favourite current wrestler?

Kevin Owens. He can’t half move for a guy of his size. He’s good on the mic and great to watch in the ring. He’s a heel but you can see in his matches that he’s enjoying himself. Proved against John Cena that he can have a good series of matches with anyone. Now intercontinental champion so hopefully he’s on the way up. Also like Seth Rollins just now but I wish they’d give him back his curb stomp finisher.

Do you watch any British wrestling?

Not a lot. I do see some SWE events in Dundee, either at the Ardler complex or Bonar hall. More of a family show than ICW, will be looking to attend one of their shows soon. Went to see SWE Hell for Lycra the last 2 years, it’s through them that I’ve met a few of my childhood heroes. One of my friends is the voice of the SWE…Doctor Grue, he’s always promoting the shows and asking if I wanna go.   

What do you think of the current state of British wrestling?

I think British wrestling is on the rise. Just look at the names in WWE or TNA just now. Barrett, Paige, Neville, Finn Balor, Magnus, Galloway. I didn’t watch it but the British Bootcamp shows that TNA did proves that’s there is plenty of talent on this side of the Atlantic.  

If you were a wrestler, what would you call yourself and what would your gimmick be?

Never thought about it really. Probably a gimmick similar to Bret Hart, minus the pink outfit, have a technical base, stick to submission holds, jump off the second turnbuckle with an elbow as opposed to the top. I would stick to my own name, so that people would know it and I’d therefore not have to spell it out every time I said it.
Have you ever met any wrestlers, if so who was your favourite?

Had the opportunity to meet The Hitman himself a few years ago. He was in Dundee for an SWE show, sat and signed autographs and posed for photos for nearly 4 hours. I got him to sign his book for me, and got a pair of the legendary Hitman shades that he signed as well. He asked me if I enjoyed his book and that he was working on a follow up. Last year, again in Dundee, I met Road Warrior Animal. Got to wear a set of spiked shoulder pads and posed for photos. Showed him my pack of 1991 Mattel LOD figures which have an error on the card, mixing Animal and Hawk’s names up, he was well impressed! Got him to sign them.

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