Grado is set to challenge Drew Galloway for the Insane Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Title at Fear & Loathing VIII on 15th November at the SECC in Glasgow. The question is though can he achieve greatness and win the belt? Since he first broke into the company with the Get Grado Booked campaign, the man from the tap end of Stevenston has been a huge fan favourite and always has the fans behind him whoever he’s facing.  
At Shug’s Hoose Party II in July after beating The 55’s Bram, Grado took to the mic declaring that he wanted a shot at Drew Galloway’s ICW Title at Fear & Loathing VIII which was made official by ICW owner Mark Dallas. Since then several wrestlers have told Grado he needs to get serious if he is going to win the belt including his Irn Jew partner Colt Cabana, Big Damo, Joe Coffey and Chris Renfrew. This seems to have helped as Grado has put in some great matches on the Road To Fear & Loathing Tour so far but not always coming up on the winning end.   
With only three more matches left for Grado to build up momentum a tag match in Manchester teaming up with Joe Coffey to take on The 55’s Kid Fite and Sha Samuels, in Birmingham he battles Chris Renfrew of the NAK and on the last night of the tour in Nottingham he faces Liam Thomson. Grado needs victories in these three matches to have some momentum on his side going into the biggest match if his career as Galloway isn’t the champion for no reason.   

Drew Galloway has been a dominant champion for almost a year now and even more so now with The Black Label, Red Lightning and Jack Jester, at his side. Grado is going to have to bring his A game and more to the ring come 15th November if he is to become champion. Without a doubt most of the 4,000 in attendance will behind him and this may help him out with them all singing along to Like A Prayer and filling the air with chants of “Grado” and “It’s Yersel”. 

With Red Lightning relieved of his GM duties the and Jester facing The Beast Of Belfast Big Damo, if Damo wins and inflicts plenty of damage then this could potentially remove the rest of the Black Label from the equation and leaving it as a one on one contest in the main event. If Grado manages to hit the roll and slice and the Wee boot on Galloway he could fulfill his destiny and have ICW gold around his waist!  

But then there is another factor to consider the man who owns the Square Go briefcase and a Heavyweight title shot when he wishes, The New Age Kliq’s Chris Renfrew. What better night to cash in his shot and win his first Insane Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Title and spoil Grado’s big night. Could the biggest night in ICW’s history also become the biggest night in Chris Renfrew’s career? 

So can Grado win the Insane Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship? I think he has a big chance to do so and needs to take his big chance, but there’s only one way to find out and that’s if you are lucky enough to have a ticket for the sold out Fear & Loathing VIII on 15th November at the SECC in Glasgow.   


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