With Insane Championship Wrestling completing their UK tour and heading to the SECC in Glasgow for Fear & Loathing VIII, we had a chat with Kid Fite who is going to be there challenging for the Tag Team Titles with his 55 team mate Sha Samuels.Find Kid Fite online on Twitter @kid_fite and on Facebook


What first got you into wrestling?

Usual story here, started watching at a really young age(around 5 I think) and was instantly hooked. From my early teens I knew it was something I wanted to do. As soon as I was 16 I booked in to go down and do a weekend long camp at Hammerlock in Kent.

Who was your favourite wrestler as a kid?

When I was really young it was Warrior and Bret Hart. During the attitude era I couldn’t get enough of DX.

Who was the biggest influence on your career?

Probably not the answer your looking for but the folk from when I was growing up that laughed and said my head was in the stars. Made me all the more determined to make a proper go of it.

What has been the biggest achievement of your career so far?

Being able to travel the world and make a full time living from this. If your looking for a specific show/moment, wrestling at the SECC for ICW next month in front of 4000 people takes the prize.  

Who has been your favourite opponent to work with?

I would have to say Paul London, he brought out the best in me and really made me up my game both at ICW and BCW. I also enjoy working any of my students who have made it onto shows, due to the amount of time I spend teaching them we always have a chemistry which results in enjoyable matches.  

What has happened to the t-bag?

The ICW fans liked it, I decided I didn’t like them anymore.
What do you think of the current state of the British wrestling scene?

It is fantastic, crowds are up across the board. Home grown talent is popping up all over the world. The standard is through the roof. It is only a matter of time before a big TV channel grabs a piece of the action, after that the sky is the limit. Look how well things have worked out for Grado after he got TV, all the follow on work he is constantly offered. Imagine another 20 of the UK’s finest with that kind of exposure and think about the crowds we could draw in then.

Who would be your dream opponent?

Shawn Michaels or The Rock.  

Who do you see as a next big thing in ICW?

I think Aaron Echo and Lou King Sharp have all the potential to be main players. Both are no strangers to the company already but there best days are yet to come. If given the right opportunities these lads will grab them with both hands.  

Where do you see Kid Fite in 12 months time?

Fancy going back to Thailand to be honest. Just kidding, A lot of guys would say America or Japan. I want to be here doing what I am doing, working around the clock doing my part to make British Wrestling the biggest deal it can possible be.

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