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When did you start watching wrestling?

 I started watching right in the middle of the attitude era, so about 98/99. I would’ve been about 8 at the time, so young and impressionable. A friend of mine was watching it at his Gran’s house and I just wanted to watch more of these real life Superheroes battle. Kane vs The Undertaker in an Inferno Match being my first memory of watching wrestling. It gave me nightmares for weeks.  

Who was your favourite wrestler?

 Of all time it’s a tie between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jeff Hardy. Two polar opposites in styles but if they were on TV, I was watching. Jeff Hardy was so different and it showed me that being different isn’t always bad thing. I even got the Hardyz logo tattooed onto my arm.  

What are your earliest memories of wrestling?

 Kane vs The Undertaker would be my earliest but I remember rushing home from football training to watch WCW Worldwide on Channel 5 or rushing home from Sunday School to catch WWF Metal on Sky One. I loved watching WWF Sunday Night Heat on Channel 4 and was so excited when I taped Royal Rumble 2000 on Channel 4. I watched it so many times before it was mistakenly taped over. I used to wrestle with my mate at school (we were rebels who ignored the Don’t Try This At Home warning), I was always Jeff Hardy and he was Matt Hardy.


What is your favourite match ever? 

It changes depending on my mood or particular taste that day. I love watching the old TLC matches with the Hardyz, Dudleyz and Edge and Christian or any match involving those teams together. Edge vs Mick Foley at WrestleMania 22 is another that just had a great story but also barbaric in nature. It’s such a hard question this. One that’ll always stick with me is from my first WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy in 2013 at the Beach Ballroom. I had never been to a WrestleZone show but there was a Meet and Greet with Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Billy Gunn so I was going to attend that! It was only about just over an hour on the train. The first match of the main show was Stevie Xavier vs Bingo Ballance, and it was amazing. Many matches have come very very close but that one will take a lot to beat as one of my all time favourites.


What is your current favourite promotion to watch?

 I keep track of the goings on in WWE and TNA but I don’t really watch them as religiously as I did in the past. I prefer to get out and watch what is in my back garden so to speak. I love going to live wrestling shows and have had the pleasure of attending many. I won’t pick a favourite promotion though as I like them all for different reasons.


Who is your current favourite wrestler?

 If I do find myself watching something from WWE then I’d usually look for Cesaro, Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens, great characters combined with being talented in the ring. Finn Balor I am familiar with through his ICW escapades so would look out for matches involving him. I’ve really lost all energy with TNA but I did like Rockstar Spud, Bobby Roode, EC3 and Taryn Terrell before losing patience with them (TNA) squandering so much talent in lackluster storylines. But right now I really concentrate on the Scottish scene.


I have a long list as I have favourites for different reasons. Whether if they make me laugh (like Grado, Lou King Sharp, Super Executioner) or if they amaze me with their aerial ability (BT Gunn, Kenny Williams) or if they make it feel real (Damo, Chris Renfrew, Jack Jester) or tell a wonderful story in the ring (Aspen Faith, Noam Dar, Scotty Swift) or embrace their character (Euan G Mackie, Joe Hendry, Jackie Polo). That’s just a few examples as I’d be here all day talking about my favourites in wrestling today and I haven’t even begun talking about the fantastic ladies that Scotland produces like Sammii Jayne, Viper and Nikki Storm to name a few.


Do you watch British wrestling, if yes what promotions?

 To say I “watch” is an understatement. I have been to a few British wrestling shows hosted by SWE (Scottish Wrestling Entertainment), Rock N Wrestle, Premier British Wrestling, World Wide Wrestling League and WrestleZone. Think I’ve attended about 30 shows in the last 3 years but always wanting to fit in more but the bank balance says no sometimes! I run OSWtv on the interweb and Facebook which is all about the Scottish wrestling scene so I keep up with ICW, Pride Wrestling, Discovery Wrestling, Fierce Females, CPW, BCW, SWA, PWE, OMG right? I pretty much Eat, Sleep, Talk or Write Wrestling, Repeat. 

What do you think of the current state of British wrestling?

 Strong. Yes there are negatives with everyone and their mother trying to get a piece of the pie with disasterous endevours but for all the negatives I think the positives far outweigh them. Looking from the outside I’m very excited to watch wrestling in this country grow and grow into something truly special. I just want it on TV. Britian as a whole has, in my mind, the strongest talent pool with a wealth of wrestlers (male or female) bringing something to the table.


If you were a wrestler what would you call yourself and what would be your gimmick?

 For a gimmick to work it generally has to be a larger than life version of yourself. I would just be a general smartass. I don’t think being a wrestler would be my fortay but as a manager I could rile up the crowds just with words. I could swagger around the ring and just talk, being a manager is hard as you have to read an audience almost as soon as you enter but it would be fascinating to learn.


Have you ever met any wrestlers, if so who was your favourite?

 I could give you a list as long as your arm from Legends like Ted Dibiase, Roddy Piper, Road Warrior Animal, Diamond Dallas Page, Marty Jones, Dennis Stamp, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Tatanka to my favourites during the Attitude Era like Billy Gunn, X-Pac, Scotty 2 Hotty, Hardcore Holly and D-Von Dudley to TNA, Christopher Daniels, Sonjay Dutt, Jay Lethal and Kazarian, to WWE, Chris Masters, Drew Galloway and Chavo Guerrero and even Indy megastars like Ricochet. I have been incredibly lucky to not only meet these Superstars but I have also meet a who’s who of great British wrestlers which still gets me all a flutter when I shake their hands. Guys like Grado and Jack Jester, Marty Scurll and Liam Thomson, Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm the list is seemingly endless and with more to come. To pick a favourite though is difficult as they’ve all been great to meet (bar a couple exceptions). Grado is always a great person to meet as he takes the time to chat with everyone. Roddy Piper (Rest in Peace) was an absolute delight as he was so humble on his impact on professional wrestling. I got to drive Daniels, Kazarian and Masters in Edinburgh which was amazing as I was in a car with three dudes I’d seen off TV and chatting with them while getting lost in the capital. Same with Joe E Legend who shared a journey from Aberdeen to Inverness in my car that couldn’t get over 30 miles an hour. So that was an interesting experience to say the least!


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