We recently reviewed ICW APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION from the University of East Anglia, Norwich on 17th October.   
Insane Championship Wrestling showed their determination and passion when they got stuck on the side of the motorway and had to get changed on the side of the road, even though they showed up late they still put on yet another awesome show on the sixth leg of their tour in Norwich. Drew Galloway arrived before the rest of the roster and held an impromptu audience with the champion, even taking on a member of the crowd in a match which he won.

The show started with Mikey Whiplash taking on his student Lewis Girvan in a rematch from Barramania, with the show starting late the referee for this match was a member of ICW security. Girvan took control countering the zombie maker twice but Whiplash got the quick win with a sunset flip ending the match early. Lewis Girvan was not happy with the result, Mikey offered Girvan his hand and gave him the original Zero G championship which was given to Girvan by GM Red Lightning, but Girvan showed a lack of respect disregarding the hand shake and flipped Whiplash the bird. Which infuriated Mikey Whiplash and he cut a promo saying that once Legion had dealt with the New Age Kliq that he would look into dealing with the self proclaimed best young wrestler. 

As ring announcer Simon Cassidy introduced the next match the alert crowd chanted “Where’s your tie?” to which Champagne Simon replied “I don’t fucking know!”. The next match was a true battle of the big men with the NAK’s Wolfgang taking on the Beast of Belfast Big Damo with the crowd instantly behind Damo. Both men exchanged soup bowl like punches before the fight took to the outside of the ring, where Damo beat Wolfgang with a steel chair. As the action returned to the ring Wolfy regained control but his punches took no effect on Damo, who then hit several big splashes in the corner. Wolfgang regained the upper hand and climbed to the top rope but missed the senton, Damo got up hit the brogue kick followed by the Ulster plantation for the three count.

A battle of ICW stalwarts followed as Lionheart was to battle Jack Jester, as Jester entered ringside he began throwing chairs in the ring but the referee threw them back out and called for the bell to start the match. Jester left the ring again and Lionheart began to call the former ICW champ a pussy which seemed to anger Jester, who then preceded to bad mouth the fans at ringside and challenged them to a fight to which a pretty big fan jumped the barrier and got in Jack’s face but security got between the two. The Norwich crowd then began chanting “We want wrestling” and the match looked set to finally begin as the two locked up, Jester hit the ‘finger poke of doom’ and the referee counts the three. Both men then get up and flick the V’s at the crowd as they both screwed those in attendance and watching on demand. As they raise one another’s hands in the air post match, this leaves the question has the Black Label just got stronger?   

A huge war was set to take place in Norwich with the New Age Kliq’s BT Gunn and Chris Renfrew facing The UK Hooligans, Zak and Roy of the famous Knight family. The NAK were out first where Renfrew claimed Norwich was now NAK country which brought out Davey Boy and Nikki Storm, with Nikki letting Kay Lee Ray know that she is guaranteed a place in the Women’s tournament final but Kay Lee Ray was not which angered the vixen of the NAK. The match was then made into a 4 on 4 with Davey and Storm teaming with the UK Hooligans against BT Gunn, Renfrew, Stevie and Kay Lee Ray. Immediately the fight headed outside, the two women battled through the crowd and Roy hit a splash off the top rope over the barrier then smashing said barrier onto the NAK. Davey Boy finally got his hands on Stevie as they fought at the bar and smashing through the merchandise tables. Back in the ring the Hooligans set up what looked like the Dudley Boyz whatsup but ended with an elbow drop to the bollocks!! Davey had the upper hand on Stevie but Renfrew stopped this with a Stone Cold Stoner, with the Kliq then in control Storm hit BT Gunn with a low blow but Kay Lee Ray took her out but Davey got back to his feet and hit Kay Lee Ray with a “kick to the fanny” as Billy Kirkwood put it! With BT Gunn prone in the ring the Hooligans hoisted Gunn up and hit him with the doomsday device and got the win for their team in a brutal multi man match.   

The ICW Tag Team Titles were on the line next as Polo Promotions defended against Kid Fite and Sha Samuels of The 55, the challengers dominated early singling out Mark Coffey and attempted a top rope double suplex but Mark countered into a double cross body and tagged in Jackie Polo. He entered the ring and delivered chops and scoop slams to both 55 members and scoop slamming Kid Fite on to the fallen Sha. Coffey hits a planche to the outside onto Samuels and they both then fight up the ramp and into the backstage area, with Fite distracted Polo rolled him up with a school boy to win the bout and retain the Tag Titles.   

Grado’s preparations for his ICW World Heavyweight Title shot at Fear & Loathing continued as he met Joe Coffey in Norwich, The Iron Man was taking this match very seriously even though the crowd were giving him stick about his top knot hair style. Joe launched himself off the ropes towards Grado but was stopped by Grado’s belly, he then tried to hit a belly to back suplex but could not lift Grado up. Coffey hit a top rope cross body but missed with a spinning discus lariat and Grado hit with an RKO out of nowhere! Grado dropped his straps and attempted an F5 but it was reversed into an airplane spin followed by the big swing afterwards Coffey was dizzy and pinned the referee instead of the fallen Grado, who got to his feet and hit the F5 for a 2 count and then the roll and slice for another near fall. The man from the top end of Stevenston attempted the Wee boot but was missed and Coffey hit the discus forearm to the back of Grado’s head and a belly to back, setting up for the lariat which missed and Grado finally hit the Wee boot for the victory. The Iron Man stopped the celebrations and told Grado “It’s your fucking sel”!!   

The main event of the evening pitted Drew Galloway against Kenny Williams, The champion declared before the match that it would not be for the World Heavyweight Title but if Kenny could beat him then he would give him a shot at the belt. Williams started strong with a drop kick and two planches to the outside. The champion took advantage chopping Kenny off his feet and threw him around like a rag doll with a belly to belly. The action left the ring and Williams cannon balled off the apron over the barrier onto Galloway, Drew tried to chop Kenny but chopped the ring post in error. Back in the ring Kenny hits multiple elbows in the corner but Drew hit a dropkick and then tried to throw Williams into the crowd but Kenny battled out and got a near fall after a kick to the head on Drew. Galloway hit snake eyes followed by a top rope stalling suplex but Kenny kicked out again. Williams fought back and managed to hit the quiff buster DDT but only got a two count. Black Label member Jack Jester came to ringside and distracted Kenny Williams which allowed Drew to hit the future shock and got the win. After the match Jack Jester took out Williams with the tombstone piledriver.

Appetite For Destruction was a great show and proved that under whatever pressure or obstacles are placed before them ICW can always put on a great show. The matches on show was another great card as has been each night of the Road To Fear & Loathing Tour. My match of the night was the eight man tag match as it was brutal and the women have as good as the blokes gave out and introduced ICW to the UK Hooligans and their rough style worked amazingly with the New Age Kliq!  

Fear & Loathing VIII is shaping up nicely and is now sold out, it is looking like it’s going to be one of those ” I WAS THERE” moments in wrestling history. So if you are lucky enough as I am to have a ticket then enjoy it and prepare to be a part of history!!  

You can check out the show and the rest of the tour at , Let us know what you thought of the show and give our page a like on Facebook at


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