We recently had a chat with British wrestling great the East End Butcher, Sha Samuels. Find him on Twitter @Shasamuels   
What got you into wrestling?

The reason I’m a wrestler is because someone in my 6th form had a rock tattoo so we talked about it then he told me he was in training so I tagged along.  

Who was your favourite wrestler as a kid?

Hulk Hogan.  

Who has been your favourite opponent you’ve wrestled?

Grado or Jonny Storm because no matter what crowd there is always a constant reaction.  

Who was the biggest influence on your career?

Tony Scarlo my trainer because he taught me about being a man in wrestling not a little boy. Also my ex tag partner Terry Frazier because we would always try to outdo each other.
What do you think of the current state of the British wrestling scene?

Very healthy. Personally I’ve not been to a show where it wasn’t sold out or nearly sold out. PCW, Revpro and of course Insane Championship Wrestling who can tour the country and still pull in fantastic crowds. Not bad for a “Glasgow promotion”.  

What was your greatest achievement in wrestling?

Hasn’t happened yet.

Who would be your dream opponent past or present?

Even though I’ve worked him a load of times its Grado. It will always be him.  

You are a member of The 55 in ICW, what are your objective as a group?

Beat people up and get paid doing it.  

If people have never seen Sha Samuels at a wrestling show, what should they expect?

They should expect to see a loud mouth cockney prick. 
Who is your favourite east ender of all time?

Frank Butcher. 
You starred in the last series of TNA British Bootcamp, what was that like?

It was a great experience with the best talent in the punter and I got to bond with a lot people. It was emotional as well.  

ICW are currently on a tour of the UK, what’s it like being on tour with them?

Time of my life I don’t ever want to come off tour. The team at ICW is amazing. Great workers, great minds, amazing camera and editing people. Production is amazing. Everyone pulling in the same direction.   

Where do you see Sha Samuels in 12 months time?

Hopefully full time and I don’t mean in the states.   

Who should British wrestling fans keep an eye out for on the British wrestling scene?

Kenny Williams, Lou King Sharp and Joe Hendry.  

Finally… What does wrestling mean to you?

Can’t put it into words.   

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