With the biggest show in Insane Championship Wrestling’s history Fear & Loathing VIII coming up tomorrow 15/11/15 at the SECC in Glasgow, I have put together my predictions for the show.  

Liam Thompson, Lionheart & Doug Williams VS Kenny Williams, Noam Dar & Joe Hendry

This match is a mix of styles with both teams offering different things, the younger team of Hendry, Dar and Kenny have the mix of speed, technical prowess and strength. The team of Thompson, Lionheart and Williams will definitely have the experience edge, but I can see Hendry, Dar and Kenny coming out on top with youth prevailing. Noam Dar is far too good to be on the losing side on such a big stage.
Nikki Storm VS Kay Lee Ray

This match would not look out of place on any show in the galaxy, in my opinion these two women are the best female wrestlers I’ve seen wrestle live. I’m hoping the NAK don’t get involved and just let them get on with it, if so I think Nikki is the better of the two and has been showing how good she has been in a variety of matches throughout the Road To Fear & Loathing Tour. For this reason I believe the best in the galaxy will be the first ICW Women’s Champion.
Rhyno VS Joe Coffey

This battle of the big men, the Man Beast against The Iron Man will be an absolute freaking war!! 2 of my favourite wrestlers, this match has the making of a classic with both men having previously had awesome matches all over the world. Joe Coffey’s promos and build up for the match has been great and all this without a word from Rhyno. The deciding factor of this match will be either the Gore or the Lariat and I can see the Iron Man continuing his great run of form and getting the win and continuing onwards towards his goal of gaining the ICW World Heavyweight 



The 55(Kid Fite & Sha Samuels) VS Polo Promotions(Jackie Polo & Mark Coffey)
This match has been brewing the whole length of the Road To Fear & Loathing and with the Tag Team Champions defending their titles numerous times. Fite and Samuels have also put in some good performances over the last few weeks and have more than earned their shot at the titles. Even though The 55 have got some good momentum I can’t see them derailing Polo Promotions and can see the champions coming out on top and keeping the belts for 365 days.


Stevie Boy VS Davey Boy
The battle of the Bucky Boys is finally going to come to a head at the SECC, this has been building since Flawless Victory in Glasgow back in May when Stevie Boy turned his back on Davey and joined the NAK and since then Davey has wanted retribution. He has had a few close encounters on the Road To Fear & Loathing tour but not only will he get him one on one he will also get a shot at the Zero G title! If the New Age Kliq keep themselves out of the match then I truly believe that Davey can beat Stevey, he has the size and power advantage over his former partner and if he can hit the spear and keep Stevie grounded then he can leave the SECC with the Zero G championship.

Legion(Mikey Whiplash, Tommy End & Michael Dante) VS The NAK(Chris Renfrew, BT Gunn & Wolfgang)

This is going to be absolutely brutal if the feud between the 2 groups that has been ongoing for the majority of 2015 has anything to go by. The hatred that has built up is unreal with the two groups playing a sick game of anything you can do I can do better and stupid amounts of blood spilt. The steel cage is the perfect place to end this war, their will be blood and possibly injuries but what more would you expect from the New Age Kliq and Legion. I can see Legion coming out on top, the trio of Whiplash, Tommy End and Michael Dante being too powerful and sick for the NAK.
Big Damo VS Jack Jester
The Black Label have been screwing with Big Damo since Shugs Hoose Party II when Jester interfered and cost Damo the ICW World Title. Damo has also been a thorn in Black Label’s side getting the upper hand a few times on the Road To Fear & Loathing tour. With Red Lightning telling Mark Dallas that we will see him at the SECC I can see him interfering in this match and screwing Damo again and giving Jack Jester the victory.
Drew Galloway VS Grado

Ever since demanding a title match at Shugs Hoose Party II back in July, Grado has been on a mission to prove to everyone that he is deserving of his title shot. Being told he needs to get serious and show he can win by various ICW wrestlers during the Road To Fear & Loathing tour, we have seen a different Grado than what we are used to. The match that TNA put out last week on Impact between Grado and Galloway was nothing like what we are going to see at Fear & Loathing and I can see Grado getting the win and upsetting Drew Galloway and The Black Label. No doubt the Black Label will interfere but I think Grado has some help up his sleeve to counter them, including Damo, Joe Coffey, Noam Dar and Kenny Williams to name a few whom have had their problems with The Black Label. Saying that I can see a surprise happening with The Square Go briefcase holder Chris Renfrew cashing in and leaving Fear & Loathing the Insane Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight champion!!   

You can see Fear & Loathing VIII and all the previous ICW shows online at https://icwondemand.pivotshare.com

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