Today’s fan is Mark Omac from Glasgow, Scotland. He’s part of the team over at ICW Fans Podcast, find them on Facebook at

When did you start watching wrestling?

I started watching wrestling by accident at my cousins when I was about 7 or 8. It was on TV in the background and it was a tag match of some variety. The over the top attack on my senses at such a young age got me hooked instantly. Bobby Hennan and the Gorrilla Monsoon were commenting and Jake the Snake was the only wrestler I can recall in the match.  

Who was your favourite wrestler?

The Undertaker will always be my favourite wrestler. I have an entire tattoo sleeve dedicated to him. I watched his debut live on TV at my grandparents on that infamous Survivor Series night. Because he was ginger like me I immediately identified with him and because obsessed. I was a morbid, creepy kid. Plus we are both called Mark . Aside from the original deadman, the Ministry of Darkness was my second best Persona. 

What are your earliest memories of wrestling?

My earliest memories were watching WWF superstars on a saturday with my grandad who would mimic Paul Bearer and say they were both coming to get my grandma and it freaked her out ha ha. Also wrestling in the school yard. I was so into the Undertaker persona I would let lots of kids beat me up before rising up and choking the hell out of them all haha!  

What is your favourite match ever?

One favourite match is too difficult. The Undertaker V Mankind Hell In A Cell is the only time my dad ever said “what the hell just happened there. That’s not fake”. I also loved when Taker crucified Austin and his various title wins. I’ve been to the last 4 Wrestlemania’s and words cannot describe that Taker entrance. The biggest buzz I’ve ever had was when the NWO music hit this year and they came down for Sting. People almost passed out. It was such a special moment and one I will never forget being ringside for.  

What is your current favourite promotion to watch?

Insane Championship Wrestling is by far my current favourite. Watching local talent develop and grow and go to places like NXT, TNA and WWE. It’s a tremendous feeling to see their dreams come true. For Mark Dallas to bring over amazing talent like Rhyno, Sabu, Finn Balor, Mickie James and Magnus and so many others. It’s a testament to the organisation. ICW isn’t just some “little wrasslin promotion”. The scouts eyes are on it from WWE and TNA. As much as you want to see your favourites every month, you have to be unselfish and hope that they leave and move onto bigger and better things. Flying the flag for ICW, Glasgow and British wrestling.  

Who is your current favourite wrestler?

Undertaker until death, but as active talents I would say Seth Rollins in WWE, Baron Corbin in NXT, EC3 in TNA, Mikey Whiplash in ICW and also Kenny Williams. Favourite faction is Polo Promotions or New Age Kliq. I can’t pick just one. It’s a diverse wrestling world.  

Do you watch any British wrestling?

I’ve only been to ICW shows. I’ve caught some Progress and SWA matches online. There has never been a better time for wrestling content and diversity. The Attitude Era will always be my favourite. But being older and wiser there is so much amazing action and talents out there. If you wanted to, you could watch wrestling 24/7. It’s the return of the glory days as wrestling goes in cycles.  

What do you think of the current state of British wrestling?

It’s in the best shape of it’s life and it just gets better and better. We now have amazing training and development camps for guys and gals who want to learn and get into it. We have so many live shows popping up all over the country all of the time. Rosters and talents are shared. For every big name that comes over here, we send them a future big name back. It’s a phenomenal time to be alive and we should all be grateful for it. Support your local talent, buy the merch, go to shows, share the matches and content. Help it grow. The fans have much bigger roles and influence than they think. Start a podcast like we did. A blog, a YouTube channel. Help get the talent over and out there. 


If you were a wrestler what would you call yourself and what would be your gimmick?

As a child in the days of “gimmick wrasslin” I was the VET. I would have come out and put animals to sleep. I would do these dark promos with taxidermy all around me. All tongue in cheek but you knew I was putting them to sleep and not actually saving them ha ha. (For the record I LOVE animals! It was a gimmick to make kids cry). As a dream gimmick I would have something tied to the Undertaker. Some way to carry on his legacy and memory. That would never get over these days! But we still have Kane. I love Kane.
Have you ever met any wrestlers, if so who was your favourite?

If you add my Instagram Markomac13 you’ll see all my wrestler meet and greets. Meeting Paul Bearer the year before he died at Wrestlemania 28 was a very special moment for me. He recognised my Glasgow accent right away! He is the most sweet and charming man, Legends never die. The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29 was one of the best times of my life. I was worried he wouldn’t like my tattoos of him but he was blown away and dragged his agent and referee Tim White over to see them. His words were “that’s stellar! I love it. That’s some serious ink but my chest isn’t as big these days!”. The next year was also fantastic as he remembered me (my ink!) from the year before.  

I also spent a night last year in a hotel bar with Tommy Dreamer and his girlfriend just talking wrestling and ink and ECW. A chance occurrence the night before wrestlecon.

I was also very lucky to have spent an hour at a table with Ric Flair and Sergeant Slaughter. We talked about old Taker stories and road stories. Some of the tales I’ll never tell! 

Sting I met twice this year at Wrestlemania and at the Garage. Again, so kind and sweet and he remembered the Taker tattoo as well as I tried to get him to tell me if they would ever fight.  

Those are some of my best stories, but I have a few others and hopefully many more to come.

Locally, it was amazing to have the entire NAK in my flat for the ICW Fans podcast. Good times, drinks and road stories. Hopefully there are many more of those to come as the podcast progresses.  

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