Insane Championship Wrestling pulled off the biggest show in their history on Sunday 15th November 2015 with Fear & Loathing VIII at the SECC in Glasgow, Scotland.

This post isn’t going to be so much of a review of the show but more about the experience and how it felt to be a part of something so special in the history of Insane Championship Wrestling.

The VIP meet and greet got the 500 who managed to get tickets in the mood for the evening, getting to meet Drew Galloway, Stevie Boy, Grado, the unannounced Mick Foley and Polo Promotions. Insane Championship Wrestling made one of my dreams come true as I got to meet one of my heroes Mick Foley a moment I will never forget.  

I wasn’t sure what to expect when the doors opened, but what was seen when we got in was amazing. A big screen (big telly as Mark Dallas put it) at the top of the ramp gave it that big event feel, but everything else made sure we didn’t lose that ICW feeling. But the sight of the steel cage hanging ominously above the ring added to the buzz in the air.   

I can safely Fear & Loathing VIII was the best wrestling show I have ever attended, never have I felt so much passion and excitement in a crowd before. Every match was greeted with rapturous noise be it cheering your favourite or booing the heels, the crowd were on great form. Even non wrestlers were greeted by a wall of noise, when Mark Dallas came out it felt like the roof was going to take off. Especially when he told the 4,000 fans the whole fucking story that next year Fear & Loathing IX would be at the SSE Hydro! 4,000 was a great achievement but imagine 11,000 ICW fans chanting IC-DUB!!  

Highlights for me were being able to see so many of the wrestlers who I have followed for years getting the chance to show what they can do on such a big stage, getting to see Jimmy Havoc in an ICW ring was awesome, Joe Coffey showing yet again that he belongs in the main event picture by beating Rhyno, the Legion vs New Age Kliq cage match was as brutal as expected as all 6 men showed their violent sides and then getting to see Grado win the ICW World Heavyweight Championship. Grado’s victory felt like one of those “I was there” moments, throughout the match the atmosphere was electric with not one minute of silence. After Grado got the three count the emotion on people’s face was great to see, people hugging each other and some even literally jumping for joy!   

It’s great to see how far the company has come over the years from putting on shows in front of under 100 in Maryhill to announcing a show for the biggest venue in Scotland, The Hydro. The wrestlers have also come a long way and have shown that you don’t need a card full of American imports to draw a crowd this group of men and women from the UK have shown that they are good enough to do it without. Once again I am so glad as I’m sure the rest of the 4,000 there are to have been a part of history.   


  Davey Boy defeated Stevie Boy (NEW ZERO-G CHAMPION)

  Joe Hendry, Kenny Williams & Noam Dar defeated Lionheart, Liam Thomson & Doug Williams

  Viper defeated Kay Lee Ray & Nikki Storm (NEW ICW WOMENS CHAMPION)

  Joe Coffey defeated Rhyno

  Polo Promotions defeated The 55

  New Age Kliq defeated Legion

  Big Damo defeated Jack Jester

  Grado defeated Drew Galloway (NEW ICW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION)
I spoke to a few of the people there on Sunday to get their thoughts and favourite matches….

Damon McCabe “Definitely had a big event feel. The crowd were electric. The big screens were a great touch. I think all the matches were well received by the crowd. Huge pop for me was Jimmy Havoc coming out, one of my favourites. Joe Hendry excelled once again with his entrance. The triple threat Women’s Championship match was my personal pick of the night. I’m a huge fan of all the ladies involved and have had the privilege to meet them all. Any one of them would be an excellent champion so big props to Viper. Though I still would’ve loved Nikki Storm to have been victorious.”

Jordan Cruickshanks “Viper becoming the first Women’s Champion. That was amazing. Felt proper emotional and happy for her. Was such a good surprise when she got added to the match and when she won you could see just how much it meant to her and to the fans. That was my highlight.”

Gary Gallagher “The whole night was amazing the main event was probably one of the best I have seen Grado wrestle he stepped up big time. Shock of the night for me was Stevie losing the title I didn’t think he would have.”

Derek Chalmers “Grado showed he’s not just a clown/comic wrestler. The boy has shifted some timber and can move! Didn’t expect Stevie to drop the belt and expected Polo Promotions to lose. Was a huge night for the roster and the fans and all delivered. I can’t wait for the next year. It’s a huge year for us all.”

Ryan Perrie “For me either zero g/women’s title as match of the night, moment definitely grado winning title.”

Rashele Thomson “Match of the night was the women’s title match, was over the moon for Vipers win.”

Jean Rae “Match of the night was for zero G…. Moment was when grado won,the best atmosphere was defo walking out the SECC and everyone was chanting and singing! Best atmosphere ever.” 

David Baptie “Coffey vs Rhino, match of the night. Everything was amazing. Well done from start to finish.”

Paul Sherrett “Matches of the night Coffey/Rhyno, Polo Promotions vs 55 and NAK vs Legion cage match as I can’t pick one.”

Charles Langlands “My best match was the cage fight especially when Whiplash and BT Gunn fell of the cage on top of the table’s and when Wolfgang took mini BT Gunn and took it up the back with them.”

John Gallagher “Joe Coffey V Rhyno , mammoth of a match, two very well matched and physical athletes , had everything.”

Gordon Brown “Match of the night for me was Women’s title, moment was Grado winning the belt. Outside of a football match I’ve never heard a roar like that! The crowd was amazing start to finish, from huge lines forming hours before entry, to booing the Steam moment of the ICW game trailer (then cheering for xbox/PlayStation) every match felt special and important to the fans. Special shoutout to whoever came up the G.R.A.D.O. song.”

Brenden McMillan “Grado taking the title or the cage match. Wolfgangs dive from the top was insane.”

Also some of the wrestlers and people on the card let us know how they felt about Fear & Loathing VIII…

Stevie Boy “Check the stain in ma pants! Think it went well, got the reaction I was looking for so I’m happy.”

Michael Dante “Amazing, goosebumps all over.”

Mark Dallas “An adrenaline rush but not different than the first time I walked out in the ABC or Barras. Doesn’t sink in till afterwards.”

Wee Man “A beautiful near bolk.”

Chris Renfrew “Real.”

Doug Williams “My nose did not thank me, the smell of 4,000 Scots almost shut my senses down…”

Joe Coffey “Like I should be there.But also calmly confident…and then…SHEER adrenaline.”

Billy Kirkwood “A fleeting moment of terror and ecstasy. #spunkykilt”

Simon Cassidy “AAAAAAAAAAAGH!”

William Grange “More nervewracking than walking out in front of 5000, less nervewracking than 3000. The bigger the crowd, the easier it is.”

DCT “It was braw. Braw and sweaty.”

Jackie Polo “When the wall isn’t behind the second row it’s always a thrill.”

Davey Boy “Dream come true mate, absolutely out of this world.”

James R Kennedy “We didn’t win the ICW Tag Titles. Those belts are all that matter.”

Noam Dar “Unmatched buzz.”


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