For the first time in the UK us wrestling fans have the chance to get some surprise wrestling swag each month through Wrestle Crate UK. We received our first crate today and here is our review of November’s Wrestle Crate! Find them on Twitter @WrestleCrateUK  
Upon opening the box first thing that caught my eye was a Daniel Bryan Funko Pop Vinyl figure, DVDs and a black t-shirt.  

I was at first gutted when I saw the Daniel Bryan Funko Pop Vinyl Figure as I already own this but after taking a proper look realised it is an Underground Toys exclusive variant with alternate maroon attire! This alone is possibly worth over half the price of the crate!  

Next out was a Preston City Wrestling DVD , Who Dares Wins from 29th March 2015. I have always wanted to attend a PCW show so this a great way to see what I could be in store for if I visit Preston. Looks like they’ve picked a great show to include as looking at the matches on the back not one match looks a bad one. Looking forward to seeing The UK Hooligans V Davey Richards & Will Ospreay. To go with the DVD a PCW pin badge was inside.  

The second DVD is from a promotion I had not heard of before Vertigo Pro Wrestling, a promotion from Cardiff in Wales. This DVD is called Round 2 Fight! Pretty impressed with the names who are in action on the DVD with some well know wrestlers from the British scene such as Jonny Storm, Chris Renfrew, Davey Blaze, Pastor William Eaver, Dave Mastiff and Wild Boar Mike Hitchman. With a strong looking card think my first viewing of Vertigo Pro Wrestling is going to be an enjoyable one.  

Out next were two signed photos of two well known wrestlers through out the whole world, Mr Anderson and Matt Hardy. Always been a big fan of both these men since their days in WWE so to receive these was awesome and will look great with my other signed merchandise and photos.   

A limited edition exclusive to Wrestle Crate UK portrait of of Stone Cold Steve Austin, which was provided by Wrestling fans magazine Calling Spots. This picture is great and captures Stone Cold in all his greatness, hats off to artist Paul Cooper who drew this. Find Paul Cooper on Twitter at @paul_something   

Last item out of the crate was the black t-shirt I spotted when first opening the box, and I was not disappointed. Have always wanted a Sasha Banks t-shirt but felt that the WWE one did not look very manly, but this one is just perfect and now I can show my appreciation for The Boss in public. The shirt looks amazing and made to a very high quality, in my opinion it looks a better design that the WWE effort.   

This first crate was very impressive full of awesome wrestling merchandise, what a way to start off and long may it continue. Come pay day I will be putting in my order for December’s crate. If you like the sounds of this months crate and want to get in on this then check Wrestle Crate UK out at  


Let us know what you thought of this months Wrestle Crate UK and give our Facebook page a like at


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