We recently had a chat with former WWF wrestler, Mean Street Posse member Pete Gas. Find him on Twitter @IamPeteGas Pete has a biography out next year, be sure to check it out and buy a copy.

What got you into the wrestling business?

Shane McMahon asked us to help him promote his match at WrestleMania. It was suppose to be over after that but it wound up lasting 3 years because the crowd loved hating the MSP. (Mean Street Posse)  

Who was your favourite wrestler as a kid?

I was a Hulkamaniac. I used to stay up late to watch him. He was larger than life!   

Who had the biggest influence on your career?

To pick one guy wouldn’t be fair. I tried to take a little bit of everyone and learn the business to the best of my ability.   

Do you remember who your first ever match was against, if so how was it?

Rodney and I faced Brisco and Patterson. We were so green. We through our bodies all over the ring for them and we had very little offense.  

How did it feel when you were signed to WWF?

The greatest feeling in the world! I actually let out a yell I was so happy.   

What was your proudest moment of your wrestling career?

Winning the hardcore belt at WrestleMania. 
Who was your favourite opponent?

I’d say Test. I hated him at first but as time went by we became close friends. His passing away really hit me hard.   

You were apart of WWF during possibly its biggest boom, the attitude era, what was your favourite attitude era moment that you weren’t involved in?

To pick one is so tough. I’d say the Hell in the Cell when the Undertaker fought Mankind.   

Was it difficult wrestling in your Mean Street Posse gear?

Not really. Once we switched from khakis to jeans we were okay. When we wore khakis, one of us seemed to split the crotch in our pants each week.   

How fun were those hardcore title 24/7 matches?

So much fun. We actually got to have input in them. That’s when we added more comedy and it seemed to get over with the audience.   

What do you think of the current state of professional wrestling?

I think it’s good. I’m an Attitude Era guy. That’s when the crowds were so alive. They didn’t need to feed crowd noise for those shows.   

If you could have a match with any current WWE superstar who would it be?

I’d say Seth Rollins. That guy can work his ass off.   

Have you seen any British wrestling, if yes what do you think of the British product?

I’ve never seen it but I hear it’s pretty stiff.   

If you could give any one interested in getting into the wrestling business one piece of advice what would it be?

It’s not just wrestling. It’s entertaining. Any worker that’s ever been successful has been great on the microphone and has been able to get the attention of the crowd. Also to be a student of the business. Know the history and what’s been done in the past. You may find something that has been done years ago and no one has done it in years. Use it. What’s old is new!
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