With World Wrestling Entertainment holding the latter stages of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament last Sunday at Survivor Series, we take a look at the semi-finals, finals and what happened after.  
The first of the semi-finals was Roman Reigns Vs Alberto Del Rio, the match started pretty slowly but Del Rio got the early advantage taking the fight outside and trying to injure Reigns shoulder. The crowd were giving Roman plenty of stick with constant boo’s and to be fair Alberto didn’t get much of a reaction either. Roman got in some offence while the match kept up a good pace and some heavy hitting moves exchanged. Alberto attempted a double axe handle from the top turnbuckle but Roman Reigns ducked and caught Del Rio by surprise with the spear for the three count and advanced to the Final.  

The second semi-final pitted Dean Ambrose against Kevin Owens, this match had the makings of being the match of the night. Both men started exchanging technical moves but soon went to the brawling style that was expected. Owens was in top form while dominating Ambrose and shouting to Michael Cole on the announce desk. The clash of pace was amazing with Owens slow pace against Dean Ambrose wild and crazy offence. The crowd were really into this match and got behind both men which made for a great atmosphere which the first semi-final lacked. As the match neared the end both attempted their finishers, the pop up powerbomb and dirty deeds. But after Ambrose reversed the pop up powerbomb into a hurricanrana, he then hit Owens with dirty deeds and got the win. Setting the stage for a final between the former Shield members Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, which was pretty predictable to be honest and looked likely when the tournament brackets were released and they were on opposite sides of the draw.  

The final started with both men brawling and tearing into each other like they were worst enemies not best of friends, which was great to see that they had put their friendship on the back burner for the match and went at it full throttle. The crowd were clearly behind Ambrose from the get go and the Lunatic Fringe did not fail to produce for the fans in attendance. Both men carried over the heavy hitting and momentum from their semi-final matches and produced some near falls which pleased the crowd. Reigns managed to grab the upper hand and hit Dean with the spear and got the win on the 9 minute mark, making it the second shortest match of the night. Was a shame as the match had the chance to be a great clash but was very rushed and ended far too early. Reigns celebrated and received a handshake from Ambrose, then the yellow and red confetti started to pour from the ceiling which made me think all was forgiven and Hulk Hogan had returned. As Reigns was celebrating Triple H came out to congratulate him which made me think Roman was still going to become the Authority’s man, but Reigns did not accept the handshake and speared the COO out of the ring.   

As Reigns was celebrating Money In The Bank contract holder Sheamus came out and Brogue Kicked a teary eyed Roman Reigns and demanded the referee to ring the bell and hit another Brogue Kick on the fallen champion and after 34 seconds pinned Reigns and won the World Heavyweight Championship! Sheamus then had his arms held aloft by Triple H whilst celebrating with his newly won belt. With all this celebrating going on Roman Reigns was left lay in a pool of confetti crying his eyes out in disbelief, once again coming close but having it stolen away from him.  

 I found the latter part of the tournament in whole far too predictable and even the cash in by Sheamus was obvious when the final ended with with still 20 minutes left of the show. Very strange how a man who was eliminated from an elimination match earlier in the evening by Ryback and left staring up at the ceiling.   

The night after on Raw the new champion opened the show with Triple H and Stephanie being paraded, but Reigns came out and demanded a rematch that night but was told by the Game that he would have to wait till TLC. Later in the night during a match between Reigns and Rusev, Sheamus and King Barrett came out to interfere but Reigns overcame the three. I’m hoping the trio of Sheamus, Rusev and Barrett overcome this and become a force to be reckoned with. If done right Sheamus could become a good champion and have a good feud with Reigns.   


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