We recently had a chat with Billy Keable from the Attitude Era Podcast, find him on Twitter at @billykeable and listen to the podcast at  
When did you start watching wrestling?

I started watching wrestling in 2005/06, when I was 13/14. It was long after a lot of people my age had loved and then fallen out of love of it. I’ve since been told that this was during one of the worst times in WWE history. I was just channel surfing then found some random episode of Raw highlights on Sky and immediately fell in love with some of the characters that I was watching such as Boogeyman, Viscera’s ‘Worlds Largest Love Machine’ gimmick and The Hurricane.  

Who was your favourite wrestler?

My favourite wrestlers back then were the colourful weird, characters that WWE had to offer. Looking back on them with 23 year old eyes they really weren’t very good. Specifically, The Boogeyman and Viscera. Without a shadow of a doubt though, my favourite wrestler in this time, regardless of whether or not you thought the character was offensive, was Eugene. I thought the character was funny and even though he was presented as someone who could barely tie his own shoes, once he got in the ring he could hang with the best of them.  

What are your earliest memories of wrestling?

My earliest memory of wrestling is being in Cub Scouts and we were all playing hockey and everyone was given a name of a wrestler, so for the duration of the game people were shouting “Come on Triple H!” at me and me not having the slightest clue what a Triple H was and I was supposed to do with that information. In retrospect, maybe they were asking me to orchestrate an attempted murder on the other teams goalie by getting a fat lad to run him over.  

What is your favourite match ever?

It’s a match from the last few years that may raise some eyebrows that it’s not from the Attitude Era/ New Generation or Ruthless Aggression but it’s the only PPV match other than Taker/ Mankind King of the Ring ’98 that I’ve watched several times, that match is Triple H VS Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania XXX. The story leading up to it and watching week after week of getting angry after Bryan was being stepped on by Triple H and The Authority and just how nearly every wrestling fan was getting so incensed at what was happening, whether it was planned or not, I was so ready for the two of them to stand toe to toe. An incredible performance by both Bryan and Triple H which had me tense and feeling like I was about to be sick for over twenty five minutes.  

What is your current favourite promotion to watch?


An hour a week which is perfect, not a wasted moment, unlike your typical episode of RAW which lasts three hours and achieves practically nothing. The wrestlers know what they need to achieve in their given segment and it shows how hard they work to achieve that in such little time. Plus some of the best matches of the past few years have come from Takeover Specials. Looking at you Zayn/ Neville and Sasha/ Bayley!
Plus I can’t get enough of Enzo Amore and Big Cass.  

Who is your current favourite wrestler?

Kevin Owens, he’s an absolute prick of a heel and I love it. It’s a great breath of fresh air as well to have a heel character want to get the gold, not just to spite the faces, but, because he knows it means he can get more money for his family.  

Do you watch any British wrestling?

Sadly, I do not. Would absolutely love to though! Heard great things about ICW and Southside.
What do you think of the current state of British wrestling?
I really don’t have much of an answer, I saw the two ICW BBC documentaries and they seem to have a really great old-school ECW vibe going on and seem to be building up traction. I’d definitely like to go to one of their shows.  

If you were a wrestler what would you call yourself and what would be your gimmick?

I’ve got two answers, I used both in WWE 2K14. The first was ‘The New York Giant’ after my favourite NFL team. Imagine a cross of the Ultimate Warrior and Mr Touchdown from Chikara. Sadly, I lost a ‘loser changes gimmick’ match to Kefin Mahon who I do The Attitude Era Podcast with and ‘The New York Giant’ became ‘Billy Female’ who was essentially Vito but with a much nicer dress.  

Have you ever met any wrestlers, if so who was your favourite? 

Sadly, I haven’t, the closest I got to was going to see RAW live in London a few years ago (Team Hell No & The Undertaker VS The Shield) and I got a nosebleed and was happily telling people outside I got jumped by The Shield. We also sat next to a guy dressed as Golddust on the Tube ride home so I’ll take that.  

Who’s idea was it to start the Attitude Era Podcast?

That would be Kefin, after working on a university radio show with Kefin and Adam we realised that we knew we could make something entertaining together. Then after playing WWE 13’s Attitude Era mode and me constantly asking them about it as it was long before I even watched it he had the idea of watching the PPV’s with fresh eyes. To see if it should be as fondly remembered as it is or if it is down to the nostalgic eyes of children.  

What was your favourite PPV to review on the podcast?

It wasn’t a PPV, but, the Wrestlemania 15 Rage Party was so brilliant to watch and talk about with Kefin an absolutely terrible example of trying to grab popular culture. Some terrible music, Sable doing the worst dancing you’ve ever seen, wrestlers blatantly not caring about the show at all and all the Chef Boyardee you can eat.   

Who would be your dream guest to introduce the podcast?

Unrealistic would be an understatement but the ‘genetic jackhammer’ himself Vince McMahon. Just imagine turning on the podcast to hearing Vince eating a steak wrap shouting “You’re listening to the… what’s it called again? Attitude Era Podcast goddamnit!”
You recorded an Owen Hart tribute podcast, do you think Owen should be inducted into the WWE hall of fame? If yes on his own or as part of the Hart Foundation?

Owen should and will go in eventually, can’t see it being anytime soon, but hopefully WWE bringing out Hart of Gold this year could mean that it could happen. I can see the Hart Foundation going in together before a solo induction for Owen but he should go in for both.  

When you first started the podcast did you ever think it would be as big as it is? 

Absolutely not, we honestly expected to record four or five episodes and it would peter out. Luckily we gained a dedicated, enthusiastic fan base and connections over at Inside the Ropes and Botchamania really quickly and the rest is history and we can’t imagine ever stopping!  

Finally…. What does wrestling mean to you?

Wrestling is my favourite work of fiction out there. It has made me feel more positive and negative emotions than any TV show or film. It’s my passion and a commitment that I’m happy to make and it creates such an amazing community. I can enjoy it when watching it by myself and also enjoy it with friends in a live capacity or even watching it in a sports bar at 3am with 50 like minded people who put my passion to shame. It’s stupid, hilarious, maddening and exciting in equal measure. I love it Maggle!  

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