On Friday 11th December I visited the SSE Hydro for the second night of the first ever UK tour of the hottest promotion in wrestling today NXT! The crowd wasn’t your typical WWE crowds, there were kids but the majority were older fans. The atmosphere was great with constant noise each wrestler greeted with a rapturous welcome.   
First to walk down the aisle in the Hydro were Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Carmella. The crowd exploded when their music hit and when Enzo uttered the words “I am Enzo Amore…..” it sounded like the roof was going to come off. Then their opponents Blake and Murphy came out to a shower of boo’s and without their manager Alexa Bliss, the former NXT tag team champions have slipped down the pecking order as of late. But they slipped further down as they came out on the losing end in an energetic and exciting opening match. Big Cass and Enzo proved they weren’t SAWFT hitting the Rocket Launcher for the win.

The crowd were in unison chanting 10…10…10 as The Perfect Ten Tye Dillinger came out to take on Bull Dempsey to whom the crowd sang “Bull is gonna eat you” to. At one point in the match the master of BullFit teased eating the 10 sign that Dillinger had bought to the ring. This match was a good comedy style match that kept the fans entertained. Dempsey got the win over Dillinger connecting with the Bulldozer.

My favourite female wrestler Asuka faced off against Alexa Bliss. Asuka did not disappoint whatsoever hitting her stiff kicks and chops, Bliss mounted a comeback but the Japanese star was too much for Bliss and tied her up in the Asuka Lock and Alexa tapped out. In my opinion Asuka would not look out of place wrestling the men on the roster she is destined for big things and mark my words she will be a future NXT women’s champion. 

British and main roster wrestler Neville made the return to NXT and received a great welcome back in Glasgow took on the Lone Wolf Baron Corbin in a really good non stop match. Both men hitting great offence and Corbin looked really strong against the smaller Neville. The Geordie star took a horrible bump when he was thrown over the top rope and when face first into the steel steps below but Corbin could not take advantage of this and The Man That Gravity Forgot hit the Red Arrow on the big man and left the Hydro victorious. 

During the interval an advert for TLC was shown on the big screen which was met by huge boo’s and chants of “NXT NXT NXT”. After the interval William Regal came out to thank the fans in attendance and was shocked that he was getting cheered in Scotland after last time he was there as an active wrestler he was getting booed out of the country. Nice moment as Regal works really hard behind the scenes at NXT as has been seen on Breaking Ground, in my opinion a future Hall Of Famer.

The NXT Tag Team Titles were on the line with the champions Dash and Dawson defending against the stupidly over team of Jason Jordan and Chad Gable. The challengers got the loudest pop of the night and continued non stop all through the match, Jordan enjoying several chants from the crowd while waiting for a tag and dancing along to them. The challengers are so technically gifted it’s unreal and they work together so well, both teams different styles matched brilliantly to make a great match. The smash mouth style of the champs was like a throw back to the 80’s and they pull it off so well. The challengers looked set for victory when they hit their finisher but the champs showed why they have the gold and countered to retain the Tag Team Titles. 

Another Title match followed with Bayley defending her NXT Women’s Championship against Emma who was accompanied to the ring by Dana Brooke, as expected the crowd were clearly behind the champion from the minute her music started. Chants of the 12 Days Of Bayley echoed around the Hydro as Bayley showed why she is loved by fans all over the world, interacting with the crowd and even starting a Tye Dillinger “10” chant mid match. Emma impressed yet again as a heel which she has really grown into and made her own, she also more than held her own against the champion in this match. Bayley hit Emma with the Bayley to Belly to retain her Women’s Championship much to the delight of the fans in attendance. After the match Nia Jax came out and had a stare down with the champion prior to their match for the Title at Takeover in London.

The next match had the potential to be match of the night the number one contender to the NXT Championship Samoa Joe taking on the ever impressive Apollo Crews. Joe tried his best to make the fans hate him but whatever he did the fans kept cheering him and chanting either “Joe Joe Joe” or “Joe’s Gonna Kill You”. Apollo’s attempt at the standing moonsault was blocked by Joe and the Samoan Submission Machine hit the Muscle Buster and showed why he was the number one contender and got the three count. 

Finn Balor was greeted to a heroes welcome upon his return to Glasgow to defend his NXT Championship against the returning Sami Zayn. The artist formerly known as El Generico also had the fans bouncing gas his stupidly catchy music played him to the ring, this match was a dream come true for me as I’ve wanted to see both men wrestle for a long long time. Balor making several references to ICW too the crowds delight, a pre match Grado strut which puzzled Zayn and while applying a chin lock shouting “It’s Yer Sel” to which the crowd shouted back to the champion. Zayn attempted a dive to the outside but Balor avoided to which the challenger posed like Balor in the ring, the champion didn’t take well to this and shoved Zayn in disgust. The action was high octane and both men putting it all on the line, this match was worthy of a televised match. Balor retained his belt hitting the Coupe De Grace on the fallen Zayn which the crowd were more than pleased with. The returning Zayn looked as if he had not missed a day on his return to action following a long injury lay off, playing his part in an amazing main event.

This show was up there as one of the best live show I have ever been to, the crowd were on top form all night and there was not one bad match on the card. Here’s hoping that NXT come back to the UK soon as they are proving they are putting out some of the best wrestling on the planet at the moment. If you haven’t seen NXT before I would strongly recommend you do so!! NXT NXT NXT!!

Let us know what you thought of the review or if you went to the show let us know what you thought of the show over at the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/SomeoneStopTheDamnMatch


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