We recently had a chat with Insane Championship Wrestling’s former New Age Kilq member and now Toal Family member Dickie Divers, find him on Twitter @DickieDivers
What’s the best match you’ve had in ICW?

Its hard to pick an all out favourite because ive been in the ring with alot of great guys but if i had to pick one I’d probably pick the chairs match against Chris Renfrew, there was just so much emotion on top of all the violence and that made for a great match.  

If you could wrestle anyone past or present who would it be?

One guy ive always said i’d love to step in the ring with who is still quite current is Chris Jericho, I genuinely can’t remember the last time i saw the guy have a bad match, I’d love to step into the ring with Shawn Michaels as well that guys just the one guy who could have a good match with anyone.  

How did it feel losing the Square Go briefcase?

It was devastating, the only positive i can take from it is that Chris Renfrew once again proved he couldn’t beat me without the help of his NAK buddies and that’s as much as I’m willing to talk about that situation.  

Who is the one to watch in ICW?

The one to watch in ICW? ME! what a daft question. 


Who was your favourite wrestler as a kid?

My favourite as a kid was The Rock. I loved everything he did, had posters on my wall and I used to save up so I could buy his merchandise all the time. I’ve actually still got an old school smackdown hotel t-shirt…..I was gutted when i lost my pair of Rock Sunglasses.

What got you into the wrestling industry?

It was actually a friend of mine that found the old Scottish Wrestling Alliance school in Linwood. I originally declined to start training at all, but one day i just decided to go down and have a go, I’ve been here ever since.  

How did you prepare mentally for some of the matches you had with Chris Renfrew?

To be honest when you know your going in there to have a match you know is going to be violent, you know is going to be painful and could very well be your last outing if your not careful there isn’t alot you can do to prepare. Personally I like to find a quiet area alone and sit with some music playing and just psyching myself up to go out there get through the pain and make the fans leave thinking ” Divers brung it tonight” I’m aware there is always going to be people who think the opposite regardless of what I do, but im fine with that.  

Who has had the biggest influence on your career?

Thats easy, BT Gunn, Chris Renfrew and Big Damo. there were times where it would be just us down the training school beating the shit out of one another and trying new and inventive stuff, giving each other feedback and basically trying to make each other better at the craft we chose. I like to think it worked for all of us.   

Is there any chance of a STI reunion?


Where do you see Dickie Divers in 12 months time?

12 months time? At this point I couldnt say. all I will say is you havnt seen anything yet.  

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