The opening contest of this weeks Friday Night Fight Club saw the former Tag Team Champions Polo Promotions take on Dickie Divers and Lou King Sharp of the Toal Family. Disfunction in the Toal Family between Divers and Sharp showed straight from the opening bell with Sharp surprising Divers with a blind tag. Multiple chops from Lou King Sharp on Coffey had no effect, but then just one thunderous chop by Mark knocked Sharp down. The former champs then took the Toal Family to Scoop Slam City and then struck with another hard chop on the
smaller Sharp. Polo Promotions were clearly focused after Coach Trips pep talk after losing the Tag Titles but the same could not be said about Dickie Divers who looked far from interested, but tagged himself in to enter the ICW ring for the first time in nearly three months and took the upper hand on Jackie Polo. Lou King Sharp then hit re-entered the ring with another blind tag but things didn’t go well and Sharp was thrown around like a rag doll. Divers then got a near fall on Coffey after hitting a brain buster but the advantage didn’t last long with Polo Promotions hitting several scoops on Divers, Jackie Polo hit a running head butt on Dickie but tweaked his injured leg. The Toal Family then attempted scoop slams of their own but failed miserably. The former champs then hit the Old Man Of Hoy double team move on Sharp for the win. Jackie Polo then cuts a post match promo saying 442 is not dead it’s just back to zero and about and reminded everyone that Polo Promotions are best team that ICW has ever produced. Backstage there was arguing between the Toal Family. Chris Toal tells them to think of positives and ends up being shoved over by Lou King Sharp. 


Liam Thomson then hosted the LT Degree with his guest this week Red Lightning. Thomson begins by telling the crowd he hates Glasgow and that their mums are heroin addicts. Lightning comes out to boo’s and tells Liam this segment is a shambles and that Liam is a shambles but he likes that about Thomson, but reminds him that he doesn’t actually have a degree. Red then calls out former ICW owner Mark Dallas who enters the ring surrounded by security. Lightning
then calls out senior referee Thomas Kearins and says he’s going to have a match against Dallas. As it looked like the two were going to fight Lionheart rushed the ring and super-kicked Dallas. The trio of Lightning, Thomson and Lionheart then beat down a fallen Dallas, Tim Wylie and Jack Jester came out with golf club and looked to knock Dallas’ head off but then Grado interrupted and cleared the ring. But then number one contender Chris Renfrew came out and hit the champion Grado with a Stone Cold Stoner and then shook hands with Red Lightning before leaving the ring. Does this mean Renfrew has aligned himself with the Black Label? Lightning then told the champion he best get ready as he had a match later defending his title against the Bad Boy Liam Thomson.

Another backstage segment with the Toal Family aired with Jennifer Louise asking about their strategy for the Square Go which ended it yet more arguing.


Newly crowned Tag Team Champion Kid Fite then took on the demonic Mikey Whiplash who was accompanied by his Legion team mate Tommy End, Fite showed early disrespect by throwing Mikey’s mask in his face. The match was fairly evenly matched in the early going until Whiplash was thrown into the guard rail but Tommy End scared Fite back into ring but Fite was still able to stay in control. Mikey the hit back with a top rope forearm but Fite was still able to dominate but seemed distracted by the fans which lead to a near fall from
Whiplash. Mikey then caught Kid Fite off guard and hit the Zombie Maker for the win but that was one of only a handful of offensive moves that he managed to hit all match. Post match as Fite was leaving the ring Whiplash gestured for tag belt, could Legion be the next challengers for the Tag Team gold?


The next match was a rematch from Fear & Loathing VIII with Viper defending her Women’s Championship against Kay Lee Ray and Nikki Storm, as Nikki entered the ring the second best in the galaxy Sammi Jayne seemed to have had enough of the way Storm treats her and left her on own. The Pipebomb Princess Carmel Jacobs interrupted before the match began, she was not happy she wasn’t part of title match at the SECC in November and joined the match making it a four way dance after the champion Viper declared she likes three ways but also likes four ways and accepted much to the disgust
of Nikki Storm. The action soon went to the outside of the ring and the four paired off Kay Lee Ray & Carmel and Viper & Storm. There were plenty of early near falls and some great athleticism shown by all four of the ladies involved. Viper showed off her strength and pinned both Kay Lee Ray and Carmel at the same time., she then hit an Electric Chair Drop on storm on top of the other 2 challengers. A sunset flip powerbomb to outside by Kay Lee Ray on Carmel on top of Viper was an amazing sight. Viper then attempted a German suplex from top turnbuckle on Kay Lee Ray but Carmel intervened and then tried to hit a German on both but Nikki Storm then ends up hitting a four way German suplex which was equally impressive! Storm then tried to get the win but got near falls on all three opponents, she then hit the Eye Of The Storm on Carmel but could not keep her shoulders down and Jacobs kicked out at two. Sammi Jayne then returned to ringside and pulls Kay Lee Ray off the top rope allowing Nikki to hit an Eye Of The Storm from top turnbuckle but Carmel broke up the pin attempt. Carmel then pushed Storm into Sammi and then hit a German suplex followed by a DDT and then a spear on Nikki Storm and gets the win and becomes the new ICW Women’s Champion. After the match the former champion Viper congratulates Carmel on her win. Backstage the new champ was being interviewed and told the fans about her comeback after leaving at Barramania and swears to beat Liam Thomson at the Square Go. Viper was confronted by Kay Lee Ray backstage and then was jumped by Stevie Boy which ended in a brawl when DCT turned up to defend his wife.


Tonight’s main event saw the Insane Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Title defended as champion Grado took on Liam Thomson. Before the competitors were announced NAK member and number one contender Chris Renfrew joined the commentary team. Challenger Liam Thomson interrupted Grado’s entrance to get the early advantage over the champion. Grado regained control of match with a flurry of punches, a back body drop and sling shot to outside. The fight then made its way up the ramp by the commentary desk and Grado striked down Chris Renfrew. Thomson then threw Grado off the ramp and into ring apron knee first, back in the ring Thomson focused all his aggression on the champions injured knee. Thomson went up to the top rope but hesitated and Grado hit a superplex on the challenger which gave Grado the upper hand and got a near fall. The champion hit the roll and slice but only got a two count, he went for the Wee boot but Thomson countered with a short arm clothesline but Grado the hit an RKO out of nowhere and retained the ICW World Heavyweight Championship in a great contest. The camera then jumped backstage to an
interview with Lionheart but Kenny Williams along with the Local Hero Joe Hendry jumped Lionheart and began to beat him down but then Tim Wylie of The 55 showed up and took out Williams and Joe Hendry saying he will see him next week. 

In all a good episode this week, building towards next weeks episode and with new number one contenders to the ICW Tag Team Titles announced in Tommy End and Mikey Whiplash of Legion, they will meet the champions The 55 in the coming weeks.


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