This Sunday Insane Championship Wrestling returns to the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow for the 5th annual Square Go! If you weren’t lucky enough to get a ticket you can watch it Monday over at https://icwondemand.pivotshare.com Here is our predictions for Sunday.   ICW Tag Team Championship – The 55 vs Polo Promotions

These two teams have had several matches against one another and have been evenly matched but The 55 have gained the upper hand with them in possession of the Tag Team Titles, The 55 have looked more dangerous since they won the belts. But with the new mind-set and Coach Trip installing a bit of tough love I think we will see a more determined and aggressive side of Polo Promotions on Sunday which will see them overcome The 55 in what looks set to be a great physical contest.  

 Carmel vs Liam Thomson

This match is personal, with Thomson turning his back on Carmel back at Barramania last year. Since Carmel’s return she has zoned in on getting revenge on her former lover with the two coming to blows on a number of shows. Carmel has momentum on her side after winning the ICW Women’s Championship in a four way match from Viper, but I can see The Bad Boy coming away with the win and getting last laugh on his ex. I know a few people are not happy with the inter gender match but I think with the story behind the match it makes sense and to be fair it won’t be the first in ICW.  

 Lionheart vs Kenny Williams – Winner enters Square Go at Number 30, Loser not allowed in Square Go.

This feud has been boiling over since Lionheart faked the re-injury to his neck in a match with Williams and the pair have been trying to one up the other since then. I think Kenny has the momentum going into the match and definitely has the fans behind him, with this in mind I can see him coming away with a victory and this could be the win that potentially be the start of a successful year for Kenny Williams.  

 30 Man Square Go Match! Winner gets an ICW World Heavyweight Title shot when they wish.

I think this is more of a wish than what’s actually going to happen, but it’s my opinion so I’m going to stick with it. I think with Havoc winning this could lead to a great cashing in of the briefcase as he is not always on every ICW show and would cause more of a surprise if he showed up unannounced and cashed in after the champion had a match. The popularity of Jimmy Havoc in other promotions is unreal and I think if used right he would make a great champion in Insane Championship Wrestling. I’m hoping either of Mark Dallas or Red Lightning don’t end up winning this one, would have much preferred a one on one match between them than them be in the Square Go but can see them clashing again this year.  

 ICW World Heavyweight Championship – Chris Renfrew vs Grado

The lead up to this match has been done superbly with the promo’s and multi man matches they have both been involved in, both men have been built really well and made to look they are really going into a battle on Sunday. I have really got invested in Grado as the ICW World Heavyweight Champion I think he has improved massively over the last few months and is looking like the right man to carry ICW forward in 2016. Chris Renfrew has been a constant main player in ICW for the last few years and hasn’t been there by chance and is a worthy number one contender. This match is going to be brutal and can all but guarantee it will not stay in the ring after the pair ended up outside the Garage on a recent episode of ‪Friday Night‬ Fight Club but I can see Grado matching the leader of the New Age Kliq and getting the better of Chris Renfrew to retain his ICW World Heavyweight Championship.

Let us know what you think will happen at Sunday’s Square Go and who you think will win the Square Go match over on the Facebook match at https://www.facebook.com/SomeoneStopTheDamnMatch


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