We recently had a chat with the leader of The Toal Family in Insane Championship Wrestling, Chris Toal. You can find him on Twitter at @Chrispytoal  
When did you first become a fan of wrestling? 

As a kid I was spending the week at my aunts house in Blackpool and she had a Wrestlemania 6 VHS. I got drawn in straight away by Hogan and Warrior. I fell away from it for a few years and got back into it around 97/98 with the attitude era.   

 What got you into the pro wrestling business?

I started to hear a lot of rumbling about the Scottish scene and took in a few shows before Greg Hemphill asked me to be part of the Kelvin Brawl. After that Dallas approached me about working with ICW and the rest is history.  

Who was your favourite wrestlers as a kid? 

Mr.Perfect and Million Dollar Man. As a teenager I loved Stone Cold Steve Austin & Paul London and now it’s Liam Thompson and Joe Coffey.  

What has been the biggest achievement in ICW for yourself? 

Being part of Fear & Loathing in The Barrowlands. To open that show in front of that huge crowd was an experience I’ll never forget.  

Who has been your favourite wrestler to work with? 

Mark Coffey. The guy is a consummate professional and funny as fuck. He is also one of the best wrestlers on the planet. It was cool to be stood in a wrestling ring with Paul London too. 

If you could sign any past wrestler to the Toal Family who would it be? 


What do you think of the current state of the British wrestling scene? 

It’s going from strength to strength. It’s getting bigger with every passing event and it’s only going to get stronger with more and more people coming along to the shows regularly.

What do you think Fear & Loathing VIII at the SECC has done for ICW as a company going forward? 

It’s going to put the company on the global map. You can’t overestimate the impact that putting a show on in a venue of that size will have. ICW is the hot ticket right now and we will continue to blaze a trail for British Wrestling throughout the world.  

Who do you see as a next big thing in ICW? 

There are a few names who are coming through at the moment like Lou King Sharp, Saqib Ali, Dave Conrad, Aaron Echo, Lewis Girvan, The Rodgers Brothers and many others but I have been keeping an eye on DCT for a long time and the support he has gathered in such a short space of time could mean big things for him. Joe Hendry has absolutely everything that it takes too and with his work ethic and talent could go to the very very top.  

Where do you see yourself in 12 months time? 

Who knows? I’m just enjoying the ride.  

Thanks to Chris for answering our questions, let us know what you thought of the interview over on our Facebook page at


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