Today’s fan is Penelope De St Paër-Gotch from Essex, England. Penny is a writer and you can check out her work on her website and in the IPW:UK show programmes. Also find her on Twitter at @pennygotch  

When did you start watching wrestling?

I started watching wrestling sometime around 2002, although I have to admit, it was under sufferance! My older brother was really into the Hardy Boyz, so he made us watch. And then when he lost interest, I stuck with it.  

Who was your favourite wrestler?

I have to admit: my favourite to start with was Edge because I liked his hair. But in my defence, I was eleven years old at the time. I also really liked the Hardy Boyz and Lita because I wanted to dye my hair cool colours and get piercings. As you can probably tell, I’ve grown up to live that dream!  

What are your earliest memories of wrestling?

I’ve got a few great snapshots in my head. Edge and Kurt Angle wrestling Hair vs Hair and the fallout from that with the terrible wig Angle wore. John Cena back when he was a rap star and once said of the Big Show, “I’m itching to beat him like a penis with an STD” (very PG, that one!). Matt Hardy Version 1.0 and the whole trying to lose weight to get the Cruiserweight championship. Oh, and Biker Undertaker! I’m probably going to be a pariah for this, but Biker Taker was always my favourite Taker.  

What is your favourite match you have ever seen?

I will always have a soft spot for the triple threat match between Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit, even though the events with Benoit have made the whole thing very bittersweet. I had that PPV recorded on VHS because I was too young to stay up and watch it and I remember playing the video and actually crying when Benoit won. Hell, I even wrote a song about it. And no, I’m not exaggerating: I literally wrote a song inspired by Chris Benoit winning the title belt.  

What is your current favourite promotion to watch?

To tell the truth, I don’t actually watch American wrestling these days. I stopped watching WWE when I realised that the time commitment had just grown too much to keep on top of it, and that was before they stretched RAW out by another hour. And I lost interest in TNA earlier this year before the whole GFW invasion angle. My favourite promotions are the British ones, mainly IPW:UK and Progress.  

Who is your current favourite wrestler?

Oh God, are you kidding me? There is no way I can name a single wrestler as my favourite. There are so freaking many! I mean, you got the male singles stars like Jimmy Havoc, Will Ospreay, “Flash” Morgan Webster, Jack Sexsmith, Scott Star, “Smooth” Sammy Smooth and Marty Scurll, but there’s also the many, MANY bad-ass ladies, like Pollyanna, Jinny and Tennessee Honey, and the kick-ass tag teams like the GZRS, DND, Sweet Jesus, the South Pacific Power Couple, the Sumerian Death Squad and the London Riots. And that’s nowhere near a complete list. There’s just such a variety of performers and so much talent that boiling down to a single favourite? Can’t do it.  

Do you watch any British wrestling promotions? 

I watch nothing but British wrestling these days. My first loves are IPW:UK and Progress. I’m shortly coming up to first anniversary of going to IPW:UK and I don’t regret a moment of it. I went to their Christmas Cracker 2014 to see the Wolves and I’m glad I did. As for Progress, I started going at ENDVR:8 in January when a mate of mine took me and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve also been to Brit Wrestling Evolution since their revival and I’m hoping they come back soon. I’ve been to RevPro a few times, but I’m not so keen on their atmosphere: it’s just not my cup of tea. I went to an XWA show in Chelmsford, but their regular haunt in Colchester is too awkward for me to go to. I’m quite fond of Southside, but again, they tend to be that little bit too far away for me to attend their shows regularly, which is a crying shame because it means I don’t get to see Joseph Connors or Robbie X wrestle nearly as often as I’d like. Oh, and I go to UKPW every once in a while. They’re good for a laugh.  

What do you think of the current state of British wrestling?

I’m not really qualified to say because I don’t know much of the history, but from what I’ve seen, it’s doing damned well. When I was into the WWE, there was no way I could go to their house shows when they came to the UK and I never saw anything advertising local shows I could see. Nowadays, I see posters advertising wrestling in my home town and I know people on the posters.  

If you were a wrestler, what would you call yourself and what would be your gimmick?

If I were a wrestler, I’d be a danger to myself and others because I’m catastrophically clumsy, so I’ve never really thought about what gimmick I’d used for that. I have, however, thought about what I’d be like as a manager, but really, it would depend on who I was with and whether I was supposed to be a face or a heel. As a face, I’d probably play up my perk goth aesthetic and call myself something cheesy. Maybe I’d name myself after the actress who plays Abby on NCIS and go for Pauley Punk. As for a heel? Simple: I’d play up how posh I can sound when I try and be a snooty cow. And my real name would probably work well enough for that – Penelope’s pretty posh!  

Have you ever met any wrestlers?

Is the Pope a Catholic? I’ve lost track of how many wrestlers I’ve met. And as for a favourite, how can I? Every single wrestler I’ve ever met has been nothing but lovely to me. I can’t single out one person because they’ve all been so awesome. Plus some of my favourites have been villains and I don’t want to blow their cover by letting everyone know how nice they really are! But if you twisted my arm and said I had to choose, I think my favourite would have to be Chuck Mambo. Mambo is legit one of my favourite people ever. He always seems to have a smile on his face and he always seems happy to talk with people. He’s just a top class lad.  

Huge thanks to Penelope for taking the time to answer our questions, if you want to be our fan of the day let us know on the Facebook page


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