ICW 5th Annual Square Go


On Sunday 24th January 2016, Insane Championship Wrestling once again sold out the Barrowlands Ballroom in Glasgow for the Fifth Annual Square Go. For those of you new to ICW the Square Go is a 30 man over the top rope elimination match where 30 wrestlers enter at 2 minute intervals and 5 wrestlers draw numbers that entitles them to bring a weapon to the ring. Also on the card Kenny Williams vs Lionheart with the winner entering the Square Go match at number 30 and the loser not entering at all, Tag Team Champions The 55 vs Polo Promotions, Carmel Jacob vs Liam Thomson and ICW World Heavyweight Champion Grado vs Chris Renfrew. 


The opening contest saw Kenny Williams take on Lionheart, there had been bad blood between these two since Lionheart faked injury during a match at Spacebaws and to add more to this match whoever won would enter the Square Go at number 30 and the loser would not enter at all. This was a good opener and as always Kenny further proves he has a great future ahead of him as he hit all the major offence in this match including a spot on springboard elbow and dive through the ropes, Lionheart fired back though with multiple super kicks and a rock bottom. The finish to the match was a let down and typical Lionheart as the veteran got the win with a roll up and handful of rights to advance to the Square Go and left Williams looking stunned in the ring. In all this match got the crowd in a fiery mood with the result and increased the heat on Lionheart.  

The Tag Team Titles were defended next as reigning Tag Team Champions Kid Fite and Sha Samuels accompanied by The 55 defended against former champions Polo Promotions, Jackie Polo and Mark Coffey who were joined by Coach Trip. As Coach made his way to the ring he slipped off the entrance ramp and ripped his trousers which had the crowd in stitches. This match was contested at a slow but methodical pace in the early goings, but when Mark Coffey was tagged in things picked up as he began to clear house, The 55 saw Jackie Polo’s knee injury as a bullseye and closed in on this for the majority of the match which led to a great finish to the match. With Coffey taken out on the outside of the ring The 55 zoned in on the injured knee of Polo with Kid Fite hooking in a half Boston crab, which to Jackie’s credit he withstood the pain for sometime before Coach Trip had no other choice than to throw in the towel and give the win to the Tag Team Champions The 55. Post match James R Kennedy found himself alone in the ring with Polo Promotions and on the receiving end of a piledriver from Mark Coffey, which had been long over due. This match was a good solid match, enjoyed the ever entertaining Sha Samuels and the great teamwork showed by Polo Promotions but one thing I wasn’t a fan of was the constant spitting by Kid Fite which was pretty disgusting. I think this will now be the end of this feud and hopefully see a new set of contenders for the Tag Team Titles.  

The match between former couple Liam Thomson and ICW Women’s Champion Carmel Jacob had been building since last years Barramania when Thomson smashed Carmel with a steel chair after losing a match that banished her from ICW. Since Jacob returned to ICW she has made it clear she wanted to get her own back on Thomson and had the opportunity in this match, the match saw Thomson dominate from the bell. The bad boy was in control and even put his former fiancé through a table at ringside, but when he had the chance to get the three count kept lifting Carmel’s shoulders off the mat. Thomson came to regret this when Carmel got her revenge and struck Liam with a steel chair and covered him to get the three count for the win. This match was ok but there did seem a lot of breaks in action and would much rather had seen an ICW Womens Championship match.  

  Chris Renfrew cashed his Square Go briefcase World Heavyweight Title shot against Grado, Renfrew entered with two characters from Silent Hill which looked awesome and added to the big match feel. Like A Prayer then hit but suddenly stopped and a southern rock version of Ninety Nine Problems played as Grado came out in the plaid shirt Mick Foley gave him at Fear & Loathing, trunk instead of his usual singlet, snakeskin boots and a new attitude. When I first saw Grado I envisioned a heel turn as the crowd seemed to boo the usually popular champion. From the get go this was clearly more of a fight than a wrestling match with both men exchanging punches. It didn’t take long for weapons to appear with Renfrew striking Grado multiple times over the head and split the champion wide open, Grado got back to his feet and emptied his bumbag which was full of drawing pins onto the canvas. With drawing pins scattered below them Grado hit Renfrew with a Rock Bottom which ended with Renfrew looking like a human pin cushion, referee Thomas Kearins had to pull a pin out of Renfrew’s scalp. The violence continued as Renfrew pulled a board covered in barbed wire into the corner of the ring but it backfired and Grado ended up putting Renfrew through said board, but the champion still could not put away the challenger. A lapse in concentration saw Renfrew catch Grado with the Stone Cold Stoner to get the pinfall and finally become the ICW World Heavyweight Champion for the first time ever. The New Age Kliq hit the ring to celebrate with new champion in amazing scenes, Grado left the ringside and had a confrontation with a fan maybe meaning my prediction of a heel turn may come true. In my opinion this was match of the night and showed the true style that gained ICW their legion of loyal fans, Chris Renfrew truly deserves to be champion as he has paid his dues in ICW for years and always leaves everything in the ring.  

  Finally the main event of the evening was upon us the Fifth Annual Square Go match, for the winner of the match a shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Title when they choose. This years Square Go had a good mix of different styles of wrestlers, new feuds created, enemies meeting, new wrestlers making a debut and some very creative ways of not getting eliminated. We already knew who would be the first entrant Joe Coffey and he was set to be joined by Big Damo but Red Lightning out a stop to that and told the Irishman he would not be in the match so number two was Lewis Girvan instead. I will list the entrants at the end of the review. Notes spots were The GZRS entering as a duo and being eliminated as a duo, Lou King Sharp being thrown into the crowd only to be crowd surfed around ringside and back into the ring, Girvan doing the same but the crowd dropping him, Mikey Whiplash & Jimmy Havoc brawling through the crowd, Stevie Boy & Davey Boy hitting a 3D, Red Lighting & Mark Dallas squaring off in the ring, Dallas bringing out Big Damo for protection, Noam Dar getting the same treatment as Damo only to return to the match to a massive ovation and The Wee Man entering the match. The Iron Man Joe Coffey lasted right down to the final two with New Age Kliq member Wolfgang, these two giants of ICW went to war and it looked as if Joe had the match won but Wolfgang dumped Coffey over the top rope to the shock of the crowd. With a heavy NAK fanbase in attendance at the Barrowlands Ballroom the reaction to the win for Wolfgang winning the briefcase was deafening and the rest of the New Age Kliq minus the new World Champion came to celebrate once more. Chris Renfrew appeared on his own and it looked as if the two Kliq members would come to blows but they hugged and celebrated together, the NAK now holds the ICW World Heavyweight title picture in their camp with the Title and the Number 1 contenders briefcase. I was completely shocked that Wolfy won the match I genuinely thought Joe Coffey would come away as the winner but that is exactly why I love wrestling the surprise element. I think with the NAK holding both the title and the briefcase will lead to a very interesting few months ahead with questions asked will Wolfy cash in and will anyone deflect from the NAK?   

Order of entry… 1)Joe Coffey 2)Lewis Girvan 3)Trent Seven 4)Andrew Wilde 5)Solar 6)Soldato 7)Dave Mastiff 8)Massimo 9)Lou King Sharp 10)Sebastian(Weapon-Tom Irvin) 11)Dickie Divers 12)Jimmy Havoc 13)Scotty Swift 14)Noam Dar 15)Joe Hendry 16)Mikey Whiplash 17)Stevie Boy 18)Doug Williams 19)Wee Man 20)Davey Boy 21)Wolfgang 22)DCT 23)Michael Chase 24)Timm Wylie(Weapon-Lead Pipe) 25)BT Gunn 26)Jack Jester(Weapon-Dildo) 27)Red Lightning(Weapon-Kendo Stick) 28)Mark Dallas(Weapon-Golf Club) 29)Mark Coffey 30)Lionheart  

What a way for Insane Championship Wrestling to start 2016, this show was great and reminded me why I fell in love with ICW and you really can’t beat attending a live ICW show in person. Match of the night for me was the ICW World Heavyweight Championship match as both men put on a hell of a performance and ensured the crowd left feeling blown away from what they saw.    

ICW Fifth Annual Square Go is available to view along with all other ICW shows and content at http://insanewrestling.co.uk/ondemand.  


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