This weeks episode of Insane Championship Wrestling’s Friday Night Fight Club was the first since The Square Go,also the 100th ICW show and The Bammy Awards. This weeks line up was Carmel Jacob defending her ICW Women’s Championship against Sammii Jayne, Lewis Girvan against Zack Gibson and Jack Jester in a triple threat match, Joe Coffey against Andre Wilde and in the main event The 55 defending the Tag Team Titles against The Toal Family.   

The show opened with a Carmel promo celebrating ICW’s 100th show and her victory at The Square Go over Liam Thomson. Nikki Storm and Sammii Jayne entered with Nikki grabbing a mic and declaring she was ICW’s Female Of The Year, but interrupted by Viper on video from Japan who won the Female Of The Year award. Surprisingly Sammi Jayne made an impressive start against the champion. She has improved lots in the last year and more than held her own, but still made a few mistakes when reacting to crowd. Carmel hit some great suplexes and a spear. Unfortunately the challenger went up top once too many and was caught with a spear as she came off top rope and Carmel got the pin and retained the ICW Womens Title. After the match Nikki berated Sammii, Sammii looked like she was going to stand up for herself but caved and said Nikki was right. This match was a strong opener and both women looked good, Sammii really impressed and Carmel looks like she could be a great champion for ICW. 


Pre match Lewis Girvan was announced as the winner of Breakout Star Of The Year, which in my opinion he fully deserved as had a great 2015. Red Lightning came out before match started and told Girvan he’s not in the Black Label and to take the Black Label shirt he was wearing off. He also announced that Jack Jester was not well and if Girvan beats Gibson then he may have a future in Lightning’s ICW. The match started at a fast pace with both Gibson and Girvan going for submissions, with Girvan getting the upper hand and targeting the arm of Gibson. Girvan seemed to take notice of what Red Lightning said before the match by taking control. Gibson fought back with an awesome dive to the outside. Out of nowhere Jack Jester entered the rig and smashed Gibson with chair while he had Lewis in the Shankly Gates submission hold, Girvan then hit a spike DDT and Jester then got the easy pin and the win. Lightning told Girvan he needs to do exactly what they say from now on. I would love to see Girvan vs Gibson again in a one on one contest as before Jester intervened the two were having an awesome match.

Girvan was interviewed backstage said he was lost for words as he’s not part of the Black Label but says he will be soon. Gibson was also interviewed backstage, says this is the second time he’s been in ICW that Lightning and Jester have left him laying in ring. He came to ICW to win matches and titles and will face Jester on the 26th of February in Liverpool. 

The next award was Feud Of The Year and the winner was BT Gunn vs Mikey Whiplash. BT entered the ring and Whipy was on the rampway with a mic and said he was not stupid enough to enter the ring as he had a match with Renfrew for ICW Title. Would like to thank people for voting for the award but the same people who voted were the same people on Twitter who voted that Renfrew would beat him and that the crowd are sheep and can the stick award up their arses. This showed a different side to Whiplash than what we have seen in the last year but I still love him and can’t wait to see him take on Chris Renfrew for the ICW Title.


This was the first time in a while we had seen Andrew Wilde on a main show and what an opponent to come back against. Joe Coffey still had his thigh strapped up but still looked good even with injury until he missed a cross body off the second rope. Wilde looked good against the great Iron Man in this hard hitting match, both men with great strength on show. I spotted a guy in the front row who spent most of the match playing with his phone, obviously not a fan of heavy hitting wrestling. Coffey attempted a lariat but Wilde blocked and hit powerbomb which resulted in a close two count. But this didn’t keep the Iron Man down as he hit a top rope missile drop kick followed by the discuss lariat for the win. This was another great match and Wilde pushed Coffey to the limit and impressed me, I would like to see him on more main shows in 2016. Joe didn’t seem to show any hangover from Square Go match last week.


Leader of The 55 James Kennedy was wearing a neck brace after the attack from Polo Promotions at Square Go, along with a black eye. Dickie Divers didn’t look interested in taking part in the match before the bell. But when the bell rang Divers fired up and was in control in the early going but his partner Lou King Sharp halted the momentum with a blind tag which backfired as The 55 dominated and dismantled the smaller Sharp. Sharp jumped for tag but Divers dropped from the apron, clearly not on same page as his partner. But to be fair to Sharp he put up a good fight against both 55 members until he went for a double spear but bounced off the champions. Samuels and Fite hit a double suplex on Sharp as Divers watched and got the pin as they retained the titles. The champions commanded the match which was assisted by the lack of unity between the challengers, as annoying as Sharp is he put a good effort in on his own against the strong team of The 55.

Joe Coffey was interviewed backstage after reading some tweets from fans. He has not been able to train properly due to his injury and is annoyed at being told “your time will come”.

The 55 asked for an interview, Sha said they are done with Polo Promotions and told ICW about their plan for dominance of the tag team division and that they want some serious competition.

  Just when we thought the show was finished Red Lightning came back out and stated that the first mission of The Black Label is complete and introduced The Black Labels champion Chris Renfrew who was dressed strangely smart and then presented the ICW World Heavyweight Champion with the Bammy award for the Best Skills On The Microphone. But he also addresed Renfrew’s comments about TNA a few weeks ago and stated that he wants to maintain a working relationship with TNA and other promotions worldwide to help ICW grow, he passed the mic to Renfrew but Mark Dallas’ music hit. Dallas said that he’s sick of Lightning thinking he is God and that he can tell everyone what they can and can’t do. Meanwhile Renfrew removed his shirt and revealed “I’m a Mark Dallas Guy” written on his chest and hit Red with a Stone Cold Stoner and claimed he will never stand by Lightnings side and that he represents one place and one place only Mark Dallas’ ICW and hugged Dallas. Sweeney and Chris Toal ejected Lightning from the ring!! What does this mean for the NAK?? The show ended with Lightning in the back of Sweeney’s boot! 
I really enjoyed this episode of Friday Night Fight Club, not a bad match on the show and good to see two title matches. I think my match of the night was the Triple Threat match, not that it was much of a triple threat but Lewis Girvan and Zack Gibson put on a great performance and as I said earlier would love to see a one on one match between the two. As for next week what is the rest of the New Age Kliq going to make of Chris Renfrew’s choice to side with Mark Dallas and what did Sweeney do with Red Lightning?

You can watch this weeks episode and all other ICW shows at http://insanewrestling.co.uk/ondemand  

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