This weeks episode of Friday Night Fight Club featured Kenny Williams against BT Gunn, Lionheart & Liam Thomson versus Davey Boy & Joe Hendry (Local Fire), Noam Dar taking on Square Go winner Wolfgang and an ICW World Heavyweight Title match between Chris Renfrew and Mikey Whiplash, plus the return of Jackie Polo’s Polo Lounge and the rest of the Bammy Awards. You can watch the episode at  
The opening match was a rematch from 10th January between Kenny Williams and BT Gunn, Kenny won the first encounter and during this match the crowd were split. Great strikes from both early on and BT Gunn got the upper hand and power-bombed Kenny into the crowd. Kenny hung well with Gunn and showing why he’s tipped for a big 2016. BT Gunn hitting those expected hard chops but Kenny would not stay down and managed to hit the quiff buster but BT kicked out. Kenny went over top rope but missed, BT showed him how it’s done. Kenny then took to the top turnbuckle but missed a splash from the top and the ever impressive Gunn bridged into a pinning combination for the win. Another great match from these two, I think this needs a third match as its now one win a piece and both have been class encounters. A great show of respect after the bell with a handshake was a nice touch.

The team of Lionheart and Liam Thomson were interviewed backstage, Liam admitted his loss at the Square Go was a bad day at the office and things didn’t seem too rosy between the new team mates.

Kenny Williams was stating that he wants one more match with tonight’s opponent BT Gunn and was jumped by Thomson and Lionheart but in a surprise moment was saved by BT Gunn.

The Polo Lounge returned after a long absence with Jackie Polo pacing the ring and called Coach Trip talking about how ICW has changed and about Polo Promotions longest ever Tag Title reign. This weeks guests were the big guns of The 55 and The Black Label Bram, Drew Galloway,Red Lightning but was in fact DCT,Mark Coffey and Mark Dallas in disguise… Dallas presented Polo Promotions the Tag Team of the year award. Jackie said he wants to make the ICW Tag Team Titles the World Tag Team Championships and to defend them all over the world, but to do so will need to win them back from The 55.

Two newly formed teams went head to head next as Liam Thomson teamed with Lionheart to face The Local Fire, Davey Boy and Joe Hendry. Davey Boy came out wearing Liam Thomson’s red shorts and Joe felt it was not fair that Thomson & Lionheart didn’t have custom music so made some for them, the chorus which was Lionheart is a fanny. Local Fire had the better of the opening of the match, but to be fair both teams worked really well together. Davey Boy looked great and showed that he’s more than just a comedy act with some great offence. Several moments of miscommunication from Thomson and Lionheart saw Local Fire hit a double fallaway slam on both opponents for the victory. Local Fire looked good together and think they could be good challengers for the Tag Titles, but I think this may lead to Davey dropping the Zero-G belt though. After the match Joe challenged Mr Anderson for the March 6th show in the Garage.


Billy Kirkwood announced BT Gunn as Insane Wrestler Of The Year and as expected there were no words from the winner. Moment of the year was also announced as Grado winning the ICW World Heavyweight Championship, who was not there to collect award.

Next match was Noam Dar against Wolfgang in Wolfgang’s first match since he won the Square Go last month. This was a real mismatch in size and styles but every time I see Noam he looks like more of a star. Wolfgang showed a change of attitude since winning the briefcase seemed overly cocky, maybe this could lead to tension within the NAK. Dar was clearly not scared to take the fight to the larger Wolfgang and showed some great fast paced offence. Wolfgang used his strength to his advantage wearing Dar down but Noam focused on Wolfy’s legs to keep him on the mat. Wolfgang pulled out some brass knucks but Noam managed to avoid them and then caught the big man in the Champagne Super Knee Bar, Wolfgang found his way out of the submission by smashing Dar in the face with the brass knucks and then pinned him for the win. This match was good but the finish was a let down as this match deserved a clean finish. 


ICW Male Wrestler Of The Year award was announced and Joe Coffey was the winner. Coffey complained about social media and the issue of choosing sides between Red Lightning and Mark Dallas, he said Dallas seems more bothered about getting verified on Twitter and cussing out other companies and that Lightning was a user. Coffey showed not only is he a great wrestler but class on the mic, this year ICW really do need to put the ICW World Heavyweight title on the Iron Man.


ICW Match of the year award went to NAK v Legion Steel Cage Match at Fear & Loathing VIII.

Chris Renfrew defended hisICW World Heavyweight Championship for the first time against long time rival Mikey Whiplash. I love the demonic entrance gear of Mikey Whiplash it looks really evil and adds to to the fear he brings to the ring. Renfrew came out with “NAK v LEGION” on the front of his chest and on his back “The Final Chapter ?”. The atmosphere for this match was great with a mix of “We are Legion” and “NAK” chants echoing around the garage. Whiplash hit an amazing counter as Renfrew went for a bulldog Mikey turned it into a blue thunder power bomb, followed by a dropkick into a steel chair in the champions face. The brutality that was expected soon reared its head as a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire and a table were utilised by the challenger. Mikey then covered the ICW logo on the ring apron with drawing pins and then hit the acid rainmaker, Jimmy Havoc’s move, which had the champ land on the pins. The pain seemed to fire up the champion as he resembled a human pin cushion and he dropkicked Whiplash through a barbed wire board but could not get the three count, so he put another table in the ring. The champion retained after hitting the T-virus from the top rope through the table in a tough first defence of his ICW World Heavyweight Title. Wow what a match, these two men pulled out all the stops in this one and put on a classic ICW main event. I think and am hoping Whiplash hitting the rainmaker was a dig at Havoc and will surely add to a potential feud.  

This weeks episode was awesome with each match showing great talent at their best, not one match disappointed me.My match of the week was Kenny V BT Gunn as I think they worked so well together and seem to click in the ring. More of the same next episode please, a great start to 2016 for Insane Championship Wrestling.
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