We had a chat with Deryn O’Sullivan, Promoter/Owner at VII Pro Wrestling from my hometown Shrewsbury in Shropshire. Find them in Twitter at @VIIProWrestling and also check out @VIIUnderground , check out their website  Where is VII Pro Wrestling based?

We’re based at the Hive in the centre of Shrewsbury, Shropshire – it’s about five minutes walk from the train station and near all the nice pubs.  

What made you want to start a wrestling promotion?

First and foremost, we all love wrestling, so in conceiving VII we (at the time, myself, Simon Brown and David Mitchell of Shropshire Wrestling Alliance) knew we wanted to put on a professional and fun wrestling event that was specifically tailored for Shrewsbury. A big part of it was being able to use the venue (Hive Shrewsbury) which is an arts and media centre during the day, with small intimate gigs and film screenings at night. It’s a small venue, but a special place with amazing staff, and we knew it would be a perfect fit for what we wanted to do with VII.  

Where did the name VII Pro Wrestling come from?

Well, there were a few names batted about – Severn Valley Wrestling, Salopian Pro Wrestling, for example – and we wanted to in some way refer to the local area, but also create a striking name and logo for the promotion. The name is a moot point if the wrestling sucks, of course, but we like it.  

Who are the ones to watch in VII Pro Wrestling?

Everyone! We’re blessed with an excess of fantastic young talent, and there’s no-one we’d do without. There is no dead weight in VII at all. We are spoiled for choice for great homegrown talent in 2015 so there’s no reason there should be, especially in a new promotion. Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, both of whom have competed here in VII, and Dan Moloney – who made his debut for us in October – starred for CHIKARA in last years King of Trios tournament where they were very well-received by the U.S. fans. Ryan Smile is a charismatic show-stealer and a fantastic high-flying talent. Chris Ridgeway is always very impressive. Bubblegum, Damian Dunne, Nixon Newell, Chris Brookes, Mike Bird. Chuck Cyrus debuted for us ‪on October 2nd‬, and he really has to be seen to be believed. I could not pick out one person as an MVP. We want a roster full of MVPs and that’s what VII fans want too.  

If you could have one wrestler from the past appear on a show who would it be?

I’d have Mr Perfect, Curt Hennig. He walked the walk and talked the talk, and never put a foot wrong. He made so many good guys look great, and many great guys look even better.  

What do you think of the current state of the British wrestling scene?

It’s looking very bright, isn’t it? And the more people continue to support it, the quicker it will grow. Established long-time promotions seem to be doing really well and attracting famous international talent, and cult promotions like ICW, Fight Club Pro, Attack! Pro and Progress Wrestling are making an impact as successful tastemakers too. It’s a resurgent time for British wrestling. I love it.  

What would you say to anyone out there thinking of starting up there own promotion?

I don’t think I’m in a position to give advice to others, having only been promoting events for a very short time. If anything I would say if you’re thinking of doing it, first go and spend time with your local promotion, find out what you can do to help and just get involved that way.  

What first got you into wrestling?

My dad came running outside one sunny day to tell me that Roddy Piper and Mr T were having a boxing match at Wrestlemania, and it was on TV, and I could watch it. I loved the A-Team (I was five or six years old maybe?) and I had no idea who Roddy Piper was. It kind of snowballed from there. I used to watch World of Sport at lunchtimes, and WCW when that was on ITV, but I really got addicted a couple of years later when WWF went to Sky TV and new releases were easier to find on VHS. My auntie bought me Survivor Series 1988 a couple of years after it was released, and I think me and my brother must have watched that one about a hundred times. The tape just fell apart eventually.  

Who was your favourite wrestler?

I loved Mr. Perfect, but Jake “The Snake” Roberts had the best entrance music, and Arn Anderson looked like he could slam you to death and just laugh about it.  

What was it like the night of your first ever VII Pro Wrestling show?

It was a bit nervous, or at least, we were unsure what to expect exactly, but every one of the crew worked hard as hell, and the guys and girls just went out and put on a really fun and positive show that people enjoyed, and that was and is always the most important thing for us.  

Where do you see VII Pro Wrestling in 12 months time?

I hope we’ll progress as a promotion and get better with every show, and we always aim to exceed the expectations of the people who pay to come and watch us. What we want to produce over time is a consistently high standard of live event that fans and workers are proud to be associated with. Excited to attend and be a part of. We’re excited about what the future could hold, but there’s always plenty of work to do. I always want to do better and I know the rest of the guys do as well; in a years’ time we can look back and see how we’ve achieved that.  

Make sure you check out VII Pro Wrestling and let us know what you thought of the interview over on the Facebook page at


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