We recently had a chat with British wrestler and all round cool dude Chuck Mambo, find him on Twitter at @ChuckMambo and on Facebook at  
What first got you into watching pro wrestling?

My best bud Dan came and knocked on my door when I was 5 (i think 5, something like that)  anyway he knocked on my door with a figure of The Rock and one of Owen Hart he’d bought in a tag team pack, and I was like WOAH ! WAY COOL! Then I got a Kane and Mankind tag set the next time we went into town, then I think I saw an episode of heat or something. Then at a car boot sale I got WrestleMania 9 and that rocked!  

Who was your favourite wrestler when you were a kid? 

I thought Mick Foley was the raddest thing ever! He still is my favourite actually I loved Mankind during the Mr Socko years, because he was funny and the whole taking a massive battering and keeping going thing. Loved Cactus Jack for the same taking a battering reason I suppose but also just becauses of that promo where Mankind becomes Cactus Jack, SO DAMN COOL !!!! God that’s wrestling at its finest and Dude Love just because he was absolutely awesome, that music video and the dance with the sunglasses. So Cool Man and he is a feminist that’s pretty damn cool.  

What made you want to be a pro wrestler?

The don’t try this at home video.   

Who was your trainer and what effect did they have on your career?

It’s pretty sweet down at the Projo actually! There’s different trainers different days so I was mega lucky to get trained by Darrell Allen, James Davis and Jimmy Havoc (that’s alphabetical, not order of importance becauses they all rule!) They all opened a ton of doors for me which was awesome. They know so many people and if you can say “oh yeah these dudes trained me” people tend to trust you’re gonna be pretty sweet. Darrell Allen taught me tons of technical wrestling and his conditioning sessions were brutal but super helpful! James Davis taught me that ‘the most important thing in wrestling is to have fun!’ and that definitely rubbed off on me (as well as tons of technical and tag team stuff!) Jimmy was the first person to hit me so hard with a forearm that I couldn’t see, he made me a lot tougher. Also he’s so wrestling smart he really made me understand how easy it is when you want it to be. Also we sometimes get to have Eddie Dennis down which is always Gnarly! Amongst a lot of things I guess his biggest influence has been he totally helped me get my head around how to wrestle an action packed, exciting, highspots type of match but keeping it a wrestling match not a stunt show.

Who has been your favourite opponent you have faced so far? 
Its been a humbling experience every time I got to wrestle Jimmy Havoc so that’s always been cool. I think my favourite matches have actually been with Darrell Allen, recently we got to do a rounds match at Progress. I still haven’t been able to watch it back but I always feel like he brings out the best in me as a wrestler and I think that was my favourite match so far. Though actually one time Sweet Jesus went against the London Riots and I was having a BLAST! Unfortunately it got cut short when an ambulance had to be called, so hopefully we get a rematch soon because they’re awesome! 

Who has been the biggest influence on your career so far?  
The biggest influence on my career aside from those gnarly old coaches of mine, is probably Drake Younger wouldn’t you know. I got the chance to go to two of his seminars while he was in England just before he started with WWE and the dude is like Christmas, he was so happy and positive and excited about wrestling and if ever I find myself in a pickle I remember ‘The Business is a Gift Man!’ Also Michelangelo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Do you know actually it was Jim Smallman that was like, ‘I imagine you own a surfboard don’t you, yeah just go with that’ and that was preeetty much the start of Chuck Mambo so i suppose Jim Smallman really, a mighty good dude.  

Who would be your dream opponent? 
The shark that ate my favourite surfboard! If you’re reading this shark, you’re days are numbered old timer. And if not that shark, AH its tough…Steve Blackman, he’s the man! Or Mr Perfect were he still alive, because he’s my absolute favourite guy to watch for good old fashioned exciting wrestling. Or you know what I’d love a match against Eddie Dennis, I think our styles would go super good together, Dave Mastiff or Rampage Brown, I’ve never gone up against you know, a reeeeal heavyweight and I think they both kick ass and I’d love the challenge! Shit I didn’t really answer did I….Steve Blackman.  

What is your finishing move? 

Ya know, most people think its the reef break (Spring board double knees to the face) but I finally figured out my finisher! I recently decided my finishing move and I just named it yesterday actually, the ‘Chuck You’. I scoop them up over my shoulders, so their head is hanging down my back, then grab their head and run n jump on to my ass, it’s pretty sweet!  

What do you think of the current state of British wrestling? 


 What promotions do you actively wrestle for? 

Progress Wrestling, All Star Wrestling, IPW UK, Tidal Championship Wrestling, Pro Evo Wrestling, Plymouth Wrestling Association, Full House Wrestling and I’d sure love to work for some more, so if you’re a promoter reading this … give me a call!  

What does wrestling mean to you?  

Cartoon levels of awesome BUT LIVE!  

Where do you see yourself in 12 months time?  

Probably in a van by the beach. There’s tons of companies I’d really love to get working with in Britain – ICW, PCW, Attack Pro, Rev Pro – hopefully in the next year I’ll be getting to hang and wrestle with some of those dudes. Oh shit! It’d be sweet to get to travel a bit more too, I’d love to go to WXW! I’d love to go to any new countries actually. Yeah I don’t know about next year really, hopefully all of the above. Also I really hope this time next year I’m back in ooool’ mother ocean surfing more again, hopefully I’ll be in a few contests next year.  

What should someone who has never seen a Chuck Mambo match expect?

Um, I guess it’s like 1 part goofiness, 1 part hard knocks, 1 part technical wrestling, and 5 parts GNARLY ASS PRO WRESLTING!!! Somebody told me the other day that my matches ‘Ooze Fun’ and I like that! You can expect beach balls too!  

Big thanks to Chuck for taking time out for our interview, let us know what you think of the interview over on the Facebook page at


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