On this weeks episode of Insane Championship Wrestling’s Friday Night Fight Club we saw Mikey Whiplash take on Joe Coffey, Noam Dar & Kenny Williams against The 55, the Glasgow debut of Iestyn Rees facing Grado, the return of the LT Degree and in the main event Mark Coffey squared off against Drew Galloway. I had the pleasure of attending the taping of this weeks show and didn’t leave disappointed. Be sure to check it out at  
The demonic Mikey Whiplash and The Iron Man Joe Coffey kicked of the show, a stare down between the two men in both in masks was a great sight with Whiplash revealing a zombie lizard-like painted face under his demon mask. Both men exchanged holds to start the match, matching each other hold for hold and showing what amazing wrestlers they are. Great technical offence was on display and neither man backed down from the others heavy blows. Mikey gained the upper hand locking in a Boston crab and even at one point shouting “No Mercy” at the Iron Man and telling him to stay down. But a defiant Coffey fought back with a top rope clothesline and the big swing before heading up to the top turnbuckle to hit a thunderous super-plex. Whiplash fought back but failed to connect with the Zombie Maker and Coffey turned it into a discuss lariat and pinned Mikey for the win. Joe extended a hand to Whiplash after the bell but was flipped the bird for his gesture, yet another show of the different side we have seen of Mikey Whiplash in recent weeks. I was in my element during this match as I’m a big fan of both men and they put on the match that was expected which was an advert for everything good about the British wrestling style.

Polo Promotions were backstage talking about last weeks Polo Lounge and Mark Coffey’s match later in the night against Drew Galloway.


Liam Thomson was his own guest on The LT Degree and wanted to prove he wasn’t a woman beater by bringing out his new woman Debbie Sharp, who told everyone about the real Liam Thomson reading notes she wrote on her arm. But was cut short when he pushed her over by the New Age Kliq who laid Thomson out with the Killer Boots and Kay Lee Ray also took out Sharp. Chris Renfrew claimed “Card Subject To Change” and called out Red Lightning, what happened next would shake ICW to its core! With Lightning and Renfrew exchanging words, Wolfgang knocked out Renfrew and Stevie Boy nailed BT Gunn between the eyes with a steel chair, then smashing both Gunn and Renfrew with said chair. Flex Hunter the heavy of the Black Label came out and choke slammed the World Heavyweight Champion as the Black Label entered the ring to assist with the beat down. Red announced the main event for next week and removed Gunn from the TLC match and made it a 3 way TLC with Renfrew defending against new Black Label members Wolfgang and Stevie Boy. Does this mean the end of the New Age Kliq as we know it?  

Mikey Whiplash spoke backstage about turning down handshakes from Chris Renfrew and Joe Coffey and also about Jimmy Havoc, saying it is all about revenge with Havoc. Hopefully this will further fuel the fire for a potential Whiplash Havoc feud.

The second match of the night saw the team of Kenny Williams & Noam Dar take on The 55 in a non title match, Kenny came out wearing a Noam Dar tshirt and Noam removed his jacket to reveal a…..Grado shirt, much to the disappointment of Kenny but then took it off to reveal that he had a Williams shirt on. The team of Dar and Williams looked a really exciting team and worked really well together, getting the crowd firmly behind them from the get go. There was a nice mix of styles in this match with the stronger more heavy hitting duo of Sha Samuels and Kid Fite against the speed and technical ability of Kenny and Noam. Dar used Samuels braces on him by pinging them against him which upset the champions, with them arguing on the outside. Noam and Kenny took advantage of this pushing them into one another further causing friction in a hilarious moment at ringside. Dar and Kenny had the upper hand for the majority of the early goings but Sha gained control wrapping his scarf round Noam’s neck and the champions took control for a while until the speedy Williams took the fight to The 55. Noam locked in the Champagne Super Knee Bar on both Fite and Sha and Kenny applied an arm bar on the East End Butcher at the same time which was awesome. Noam was distracted by James R Kennedy on the apron and Samuels rolled up the Jewdi Master and grabbed the rights for the three count for the ICW Tag Team Champions. I thought these two teams worked well together and would like to see then square off again for the Tag Titles. 

Wolfgang and Red Lightning were spotted in the back where Wolfgang said Red promised him he’d get him lots of money and also the ICW World Heavyweight Title. Galloway and Jester jumped Chris Renfrew and was told he was proving a point to Mark Dallas, leaving the champion in a heap on the floor.

Iestyn Rees made his return to ICW and his debut in Glasgow against the former ICW Heavyweight Champion, once again like at the Square Go Grado came out to a mixed reaction from the fans, which was missed on the show due to a segment with Liam Thomson airing during Grado’s entrance. Grado looked in better shape but nowhere near as good as Iestyn Rees, who looks like the definition of a pro wrestler. Grado hit the roll and slice early but Rees got straight up and hit a big lariat to take the advantage over the former champion. The action left the ring but Rees missed with a splash hitting the ring post, Grado hit another roll and slice into the guard rail but caught Grado dropping him onto the steel rail. Back in the ring Grado went up top connecting with a splash but couldn’t follow up as a wee boot was countered with a spear from Rees, who then took a steel chair in the ring and repeatedly struck Grado in the skull but couldn’t put him down. We saw a different side of Grado like was seen at the Square Go, gone was the dancing and jokes. Rees was caught out of nowhere as Grado got the victory hitting an RKO and showing he still belongs in the ICW World Title picture. Grado more than held his own against the proven Rees and will no doubt get a rematch at the title, I hope we get to see more of Iestyn Rees in ICW as I was very impressed with him.

This weeks main event was Polo Promotions Mark Coffey against The Black Labels former ICW World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway. Galloway was accompanied by Lightning, Jester and Flex Hunter who never took his eyes off Jackie Polo on the outside. Mark Coffey looked in awesome shape for this match and exchanged heavy strikes with Drew sending him out of the ring. Drew was on great form and showed his dirty side dropping Coffey across the guard rail and the top rope taking the wind out of his opponent, giving him the advantage until Mark hit an awesome drop kick followed by a back suplex. Both men exchanged open hand chops in the corner and forearms going blow for blow with neither man going down. Jack Jester got involved and distracted Coffey allowing Galloway to hit a tombstone piledriver but Mark kicked out to the shock of the Black Label man but Drew then hit a low blow followed by the Futureshock DDT to get the pinfall and the victory. This brought out the rest of the Black Label and Polo Promotions which broke out into an all out brawl to end this weeks episode of Friday Night Fight Club. 


This weeks episode was quite possibly the best so far of 2016, match of the week had to be Mark Coffey against Drew Galloway as it lived up to their other battles showing why they are two of the best in Insane Championship Wrestling. The shock implosion of the New Age Kliq was yet again one of those “I was there” moments in ICW history as it was not expected and the crowd reaction was one of shock and disbelief. With next weeks main event and the announcement of Matt Cross taking on Big Damo episode 11 looks set to be equally as awesome.
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