I recently had the chance to have a chat with Stu Rodgers from wrestling website The Indy Corner, which you can find at Follow him on twitter @TheIndyCorner and @WLHSTU, also on Facebook at           
When did you start watching wrestling?

I’d seen various bits & bobs of wrestling on TV in the 80’s, World Of Sport and a bit of WWF when ITV would show it but to be honest I was wowed as a kid by the WWF side of it but didn’t really take to the World Of Sport style. In 1990 when I was still living at home my brother/mom subscribed to SKY TV and then I discovered WWF again and from that point I was hooked. I recall Summer Slam 90 being the first PPV I saw and my obsession began there where I would try and see all the wrestling I could including commericially released VHS tapes.  

Who was your favourite wrestler when you were younger?

At that point in 1990, I’d have to go with with not only the Ultimate Warrior but his opponent at Summer Slam 90, ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude, I am not entirley sure why to be honest. I also discovered the NWA too via tapes and Ric Flair stood out too. In the mid-90’s Shane Douglas would go on to be a huge favourite of mine. 

What is your favourite match you have ever seen?

WOW, that covers so much and really hard to nail one match. When I first got in to wrestling I enjoyed Warrior v Hogan from WrestleMania VI and in later years the WrestleMania 13 match with Bret Hart & Steve Austin stands out. I don’t think I have one favourite match, I have seen so much over the years from loads of different promotions it would be really hard to say just one.  

What is the best wrestling show you’ve attended live?

Again, this is a tough one as I have been to WWF, TNA and many British shows from the likes of Fight Club: PRO, PROGRESS, ICW to name a few. The second WWF one I went to was One Night Only in 1997 where I was second row for most of the show and front row for the last 2 matches, that show stands out quite a bit as I got a bit of memoribillia from that show, including the shirt Triple H was wearing when he came to aid Shawn Michaels at the end of the night. In the UK, maybe PROGRESS Chapter 13 for the fact that I was second row for Zack Sabre Jr vs. ‘Joker’ Prince Devitt.

What are your current favourite promotion’s to watch?

My current non British promotion to watch is Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, they bring in the cream of the crop of indy talent and not just from the US but from the UK now. Many of the matches on a PWG card feature the style of wrestling I am most entertained by, fast paced and hard hitting. In the UK, Fight Club: PRO is my favourite promotion, they don’t run shows on a massive scale but the crew they use give 100% and in the enviroment where it’s set all adds to the spectacle. People have seen clips and matches of FCP online and don’t really get it but you need to go to a live show to get the true feel (the next show is ‪M‬arch‪ 18th‬ at The Planet in Wolverhampton – cheap plug over)  

Who is your current favourite wrestler?

On a world stage I’d probably go with Ricochet as he works that fast paced, high flying style I like.  

Do you watch British wrestling, if yes what promotions?

Yes I do and I am very passionate about our scene over here, I watch as mentioned above, Fight Club:Pro, PROGRESS, ICW and matches from others. We have some great promotions in the UK with some terriffic wrestlers.  

Who is your favourite British wrestler?

MK McKinnan who works soley for Fight Club:Pro now but has worked in other promotions is my favourite, he works a different style to what he did when I first saw him but he is still great to watch. I want to clarify, MK is my personal favourite British wrestler but I believe Mark Haskins is our best, he has it all and he is so fluid in the ring with no wasted movement. I hope he gets a shot over in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla if he wants to of course, I know he has a young family.  

What do you think of the current state of British wrestling?

The current state is awesome as I have previously mentioned, some of the promotions do a great job. The wrestlers themselves deserve tons of credit, they give it their all, no going through the motions and they leave it all out there to entertain us, the fans.  

Have you ever met any wrestlers?

I’ve met plenty from the UK scene plus some international guys at meet and greets. So many of the UK guys are sound, none more that Kris Travis, really sound guy. As I run The Indy Corner i have had the chance to interview many guys from here and overseas, too many to pinpoint to say they were a favourite. I have had the pleasure to meet Fergal ‘Prince’ Devitt on 3 occasions and he is a great guy.



Massive thanks to Stu for taking the time out to have a chat with us, be sure check out The Indy Corner and let us know what you thought of the interview on the Facebook page at


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