This is a rundown of what are in my opinion the Top 10 matches from the month of February from the world of pro wrestling. 
10)Rob Lynch V Michael Dante (Progress Wrestling – Chat Shit Get Banged)

This match was a brutal as it sounds, Michael Dante of the Sumerian Death Squad made his singles debut in Progress against the London Riots Rob Lynch. Both big men beat the hell out of one another with Lynch even hitting a suicide dive to the outside and while Rob was smashing Dante in the face, the SDS man was laughing like a maniac in the face of his nemesis. It was Rob Lynch who came out on top though in this great match and picked the stipulation for the Sumerian Death Squad v London Riots match, Tables Ladders and Chairs!

9)Sami Zayn V Samoa Joe (NXT 17/2/16)

This match was a clash of ex indy greats battling for the number one contendership for the NXT Title, with two different styles clashing. Sami attempted and connected with several high flying moves but Joe hit back with a hard hitting beating including chest caving chops which had Zayn looking like he was out for the count, but instead he fought back and hit an exploder suplex. Sami hit Joe with the helluva kick and fell onto the fallen Joe and looked like he got the win but a closer a look and Joe also had his arm draped over Zayn at the same time and the referee declared the match a draw.


Jack Evans V Drago (Lucha Underground S2 E3) 

Evans and Drago went fast paced almost right from the opening bell. They went back and forth with strikes, with Jack Evans taking some crazy bumps off of the strikes. Drago attempted to gain victory via submission but Evans bit his hand to escape and remain in the match. As an athletic match it was great and got better as the match went on. Evans countered Drago’s attempt to finish things and got a backslide and had his feet on the ropes to steal the win. After the bell Evans grabbed a microphone and declared himself the Dragon Slayer. 

7)Kenny Williams V BT Gunn (ICW Friday Night Fight Club S2 E9)

Kenny won the first encounter between the two and this rematch was better than the first. Great strikes from both early on and BT Gunn got the upper hand and power-bombed Kenny into the crowd. Kenny hung well with Gunn and showing why he’s tipped for a big 2016. BT Gunn hitting those expected hard chops but Kenny would not stay down and managed to hit the quiff buster but BT kicked out. Kenny went over top rope but missed, BT showed him how it’s done. Kenny then took to the top turnbuckle but missed a splash from the top and the ever impressive Gunn bridged into a pinning combination for the win. Another great match from these two, I think this needs a third match as its now one win a piece and both have been class encounters. A great show of respect after the bell with a handshake was a nice touch.

6)Fenix V King Cuerno – Last Lucha Standing (Lucha Underground S2 E3)

This was a rematch where King Cuerno defeated Fenix to take the Gift of the Gods title. They went right at it from the start, carrying on where their previous match ended. The fight left the ring where Fenix missed a dive and was then whipped into the seats at ringside where the referee almost reached 10 counting on Fenix. Cuerno found a ladder and took Fenix out and set up a table,both men climbed the ladder but Fenix kicked Cuerno off and through the table. Fenix begged the ref to start the count and King Cuerno could not beat the 10 count. 

5)Kurt Angle V Drew Galloway (Impact Wrestling 9/2/16)

This match was a strong back and forth contest between two big men, both men pulling out all the stops in a match part of Angle’s farewell tour. Kurt kicked out of the Claymore but Drew locked in a cross face like submission hold that forced Kurt Angle to tap out, the man who is known for his submissions. I think this match went a long way to help push Drew Galloway in TNA and was also a good moment of Angle passing the torch as such onto Drew. 

4)Jack Gallagher V Timothy Thatcher (Progress Wrestling- Unknown Pleasures) 

This match was an exhibition in strong style wrestling, both men utilising submissions Jack targeting the back and Thatcher the arms. The match flowed beautifully from hold to hold and the crowd showed their appreciation for what they were witnessing . No wonder Thatcher is so highly thought of across the world and from this showing it won’t be long until Gallagher joins him in dominating promotions world wide. Thatcher locked in a Fujiwara arm bar but Jack managed to counter into a Boston crab which made Thatcher submit and award Gallagher the victory.

3)David Finlay V Jay White (NJPW New Beginning) 

Both Finlay and White continue to improve and impress me each time I see them compete and this match did not disappoint, both worked hard and grasped opportunity they were given to open the show. The match had an amazing finish after surviving a Boston crab, Jay White caught a cannonballing Finlay in mid-cannonball, bringing him down into a Boston crab of his own and forcing him to tap out. 

2)AJ Styles V Chris Jericho (WWE Fast Lane)

This match was back and forth from the get go and Y2J really turned up the intensity to put over how important the conclusion to this feud was.It was another excellent match in this series that they’ve had. I liked the way they executed the end of the match, Jericho was able to hit the Codebreaker but wasn’t able to get the win then AJ hit the Styles Clash but only got a nearfall. Styles got the win with his submission hold Calf Crusher which was a smart way to end it because WWE need to make it look like a match winning submission hold. After the match Styles was celebrating on the top rope but Jericho yanked him down and looked like he was going to punch AJ, but then put his hand out and Styles accepted and shook his hand in a great moment.

1)Marty Scurll V Mark Haskins (Progress Unknown Pleasures)

In the opening moments of the match both men looked to hook in their submission holds but both were countered, Scurll targeted Haskins taped up arm and both continued with the submission based attacks. Haskins hit a Michinoku driver and the Made In Japan but the Villain kicked out and stayed in the match. Scurll’s umbrella made its way into the ring but not in the champions hands, the challenger attempted to smash the champion with it but the referee stopped this and with Haskins back turned Marty hit a low blow for a near fall. Scurll kept the momentum though and locked in his chicken wing to which Haskins submitted and retained his Progress Title, Marty inflicted further damage after the match with a steel chair to Haskins arm. This match was yet another great Progress main event that blew me away, both men showed exactly why they are two of the best wrestlers in the UK today.


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