To end our week dedicated to The Buffet Club, we had a chat with Gene Munny. Find him on Twitter at @ImSoMunny and on Facebook at  
What first got you into watching pro wrestling? 

I borrowed ‘SmackDown Just Bring It’ off my mate. I proper didn’t care for wrestling much… until I unlocked Trish Stratus’s entrance video. The rest is history.  

Who were your favourite wrestlers when you were a child? 

I was a massive fan of Edge when I was a lad. Guy had a chin like a Dorito, I don’t know if it was the food comparison that drew me to him or what. But when I was 17 I got a slightly different version of his sun tattoo on my back, full of regret.   

What made you want to be a pro wrestler? 

1. Money

2. Baby oil

3. Ring rats  

Who were your trainers? 

I used to wear Addidas, but then moved on to Puma trainers. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, why aren’t you laughing? But seriously, I was originally trained by Stixx up in Nottingham (House of Pain), then Greg Burridge down in London (London School of Lucha Libre). They’re both to blame for all of this.  

Who has been your favourite opponent to face so far?

Probably the Fabulous Bakewell Boys. They’re the perfect opponent for when you want a great match, but you can only put ~40% effort in. Plus, have you seen the size of them? They make me look totes trim. Other than that, I look forward to every time I find out I’m wrestling Tom Dawkins. He’s essentially the opposite of the Bakewell Boys.   

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

Pitbull. Banging tunes, innit. Next question.   

Who would be your dream opponent to face in the ring? 

Hands down, my dream opponent would be John Cena. Guys a millionaire, with like 7 million Twitter followers, 15 world championships, a hot bird, and a rap album. If he just nudged me towards a fraction of that, I’d be totes chuffed. Imagine the headline: “British shiny man bludgeoned by international megastar. Gains 12 new followers and jealousy of peers.”  

What is your finishing move?

So, right now I like to polish off people with a couple of different moves. One is essentially a running single leg dropkick to the mush, I call it ‘Munny where your mouth is.’ If you don’t understand, it’s because I’m putting a piece of me where your mouth is. The other thing I’m trying out is a Single Arm Powerbomb. Don’t care to name it, it’s too pretty.   

What do you think of the current state of British wrestling? 

British wrestling is totes wizard at the moment. So many cool promotions, some wicked exposure going around fosho… but I do have some reservations. Because there are so many promotions out there now, you’re gonna get a lot of crossovers in wrestlers. I saw ONE MATCH recently… and then saw it again at three separate promotions, it’s mental. Plus, you’ve got to keep upping your game now, because British fans are totes demanding. In the future, when we’re all broken bits of meat, we’ll look down at our ruined knees and no one will be chanting “This is awesome.” But hey, if the fans are still buying tickets to their next show, British wrestling is doing its job right.  

What promotions do you actively wrestle for? 

You can catch me at HOPE Wrestling, which is probably my main squeeze. It’s totes fun to work for, and they’re one to be watching. Other than that you can scowl at me at: Lucha Britannia, RISE England, 2KW Pro Wrestling, RCWA and BEW. I’ve got some tight bookings for new promotions coming up, but they’re totes on the hush. I’m more than happy to work for any promotion, so long as they have ample wet floor signs for comedic effect.   

What does wrestling mean to you? 

Wrestling means that I can oil myself up, wear tiny spandex pants, and walk around topless, without societal norms breathing down my neck.   

Where do you see yourself in 12 months time? 

Selling out of merchandise: Available at…   

What is the plan of the Buffet Club? 

Let me answer your question with another question. Have you ever been to a wrestling show where they’ve got wrestlers who are smaller than the average teenage girl? Those boys who’ve never seen a hot dinner? Essentially, we want those boys out, so we’re doing something about it. That’s my plan.   

What are the credentials of a Buffet Club member? 

1. Do you have little to zero restraint when it comes to food?

2. Are you a totes wizard pro-wrestler?

3. Do you own a Buffet Club t-shirt?

If your answer is yes to all of the above, message us.   

If you could pick one member of the Bullet Club to switch to the Buffet Club who I would you pick and why? 

That mad Tongan lad, Bad Luck Fale. He’s built like a Smeg Fridge. I’d trade him for Lance, any day of the week. There isn’t a reason required; it’s Lance.  

What should someone who has never seen a Gene Munny match expect?

Essentially, Aurora Borealis. I’m a mystical entity that people crave to see in their entire life. A shiny and colourful trip into the unknown. You have no idea why it’s so beautiful, but you just accept it. I’m essentially handsome eye pollution.  


Check out The Buffet Club on Twitter at @BuffetClubUK and on Facebook at and buy their merchandise at http://IMSOMUNNY.BIGCARTEL.COM

Big thanks to Gene for taking part in this interview, let us know what you thought of the interview on the Facebook page at and check out the rest of our Buffet Club interviews and hope you’ve enjoyed our Buffet Club week! 


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