This weeks episode included the fallout from the New Age Kliq implosion with Chris Renfrew defending his ICW World Heavyweight Title against Wolfgang and Stevie Boy in a TLC match, Lewis Girvan & Lionheart take on Local Fire, Carmel puts her ICW Women’s title on the line against Kasey and one of the hottest talents on the US Indy scene Matt Cross battles the Beast Of Belfast Big Damo!! Check out this weeks episode at http://insanewrestling.co.uk/ondemand

Red Lightning opened the show backed by Flex addressing what happened last week and told Mark Dallas to assemble an army as he will have to fight if he wants his company back. Outside the Garage Dallas and Sweeney jumped Liam Thomson and laid him out with a golf club.

  First match of the evening saw Lionheart team with the Best Young Wrestler Lewis Girvan to take on Local Fire, Davey Blaze and Joe Hendry accompanied by The Wee Man. The Local Hero treated us to another video, this time a sit down interview with Lewis Girvan where Hendry interviewed a child with a Girvan mask on in a hilarious clip. Both Girvan and Lionheart in the ring struggled to keep a straight face during the video. Lewis Girvan impressed early on showing that he is one of the best young wrestlers today taking control of the match. Both teams worked well together in what turned into a great tag team contest going back and forth. All four men entered the ring and Local Fire were both hit with multiple super kicks but a miss cue saw Lionheart superkick Girvan and Local Fire hit a double fall away slam, Davey then went up top but the veteran Lionheart caught him coming from above with a cutter and got the win for himself and Girvan. Great opening contest, fast paced and full of good offensive moves, not a huge Lionheart fan but him teaming with Girvan worked well and hope to see more of them together.

  Nikki Storm held an intervention of Sammi Jayne in the ring where she berated her former protégé for losing to Carmel a few weeks back, showing an old photo of Sammi calling her a waste of space. Nikki showed the crowd a card from Sammi’s child and stated that her son was an accident, Sammi couldn’t take anymore and attacked her former mentor needing security to pull her off.

  Making his ICW debut the man behind the Son Of Havoc mask Matt Cross battled Big Damo, this match screamed classic before the bell even rang. The smaller Cross exploded out of the blocks with high flying offence taking the bigger Damo off his feet, the action left the ring with Cross showing great strength planking from the ring post and dropping an elbow. The difference in styles worked brilliantly as the match flowed with hardly a second to take a breath, Cross continued to impress with a running moonsault, a split legged version in the corner and an impressive springboard cutter. Damo’s nose was bust open by a sick flip over the top rope to the outside from across, but the Beast Of Belfast hit the Ulster Plantation which was enough for the big man to get the victory heading into his shot at the ICW World Heavyweight Title. This match did not disappoint with both men giving more than their all and a great show of respect at the end with the fans chanting “Please Come Back” as Cross left the ring. This was one of the best matches I’ve seen in person in a very long time, Damo looked great showing what a beast he truly is and showing he can work with opponents with different styles and do it well. Cross proved why he is so highly thought of over in the States and I will put my hands up and admit I was one of the many in attendance wanting him to come back!

  The ICW Women’s Champion Carmel defended her belt against the returning Kasey Owens, before her opponent came to the ring the Pipebomb Princess rolled off a poem like promo about her past encounters with Owens. Kasey started the match moving around the ring with some very odd mannerisms but the champion had the better of the early going until the pair left the ring and Kacey body slammed Carmel twice on the entrance ramp and got one back from the champion, back in the ring Kasey hit some unique offence. The champion connected with a trio of suplexes and a spear but could not keep Kasey down, Owens mounted a comeback and got several near falls. The challenger seemed to distract herself by talking to someone only she seemed to see and Carmel took advantage with a DDT from the second ropes to retain her title. Backstage a new female face Courtney was wanting to know where her title shot is. Carmel showed once again what a fighting champion she is with another defence and welcomes all comers, not sure what to expect of Courtney as I’ve never seen her before but if the rest of the ICW Women’s division are anything to go by I’m sure she will fit in just fine.

Before the main event Jester, Lightning and Galloway stood over the fallen body of Mark Dallas right hand man Sweeney, declaring this will become a common thing in ICW.

 Tonight’s main event was a triple threat Tables, Ladders & Chairs match for the ICW World Heavyweight Title with Chris Renfrew defending against his former NAK brothers Wolfgang and Stevie Boy. The champion entered this potential handicap match with no fear on his face and was soon on the back foot as Kay Lee Ray hit him with a chair from behind. The new members of The Black Label took turns to beat down Renfrew and put a table and in the ring, but it backfired as Wolfgang missed a spear and put himself through the table. But before long Renfrew was back on the end of the beatdown with a double powerbomb onto a ladder in the corner followed by a 3D through a table, with both Black Label members distracted they were surprised to see BT Gunn on the balcony and he flew off the top with a cross body on both former NAK members. Even though Gunn was not in the match anymore he handed the advantage to his brother in arms Renfrew helping take out the challengers with dual ladder shots. A few cracks seemed to emerge between as Stevie superkicked Woflgang as the chance to become ICW champion came about. Wolfgang and Renfrew battled it out on top of a ladder but the champion got the upper hand and pushed Wolfgang off and through a table, enabling the champion to reach up and grab the title to retain. But the celebrations were cut short as Drew Galloway and Jester targeted and beat down Gunn and Renfrew with steel chairs, Tim Wylie, Lionheart and Liam Thomson dragged a beaten Mark Dallas out to the entrance ramp to watch Galloway hit a Futureshock DDT onto a chair on Chris Renfrew. Dallas was thrown in the ring and beatdown by Drew and Red Lightning declared he would do anything to get the title off Renfrew and stated that he would defend in Liverpool against Drew Galloway. Yet another awesome main event from ICW with all three men leaving it all in the ring and with BT Gunn coming out made for an awesome addition to the ICW v Black Label story and setting up many combinations of matches in the future between the former NAK brothers.   

And I thought last weeks episode was the best episode of 2016, this weeks was up there as well, Insane Championship Wrestling seem to have found their groove in the last few months and long may it continue. The rivalry between the New Age Kliq and The Black Label is really kicking off now, with Stevie Boy and BT Gunn due to meet, Chris Renfrew and Wolfgang set to battle in the next few weeks this will get even more interesting. My match of the night was Matt Cross against Big Damo which was the awesome match that I expected before walking through the doors of the Garage. 

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