This weeks episode of Friday Night Fight Club was from the recent Whatever Happened To The ICW Lads? show in Liverpool. This weeks matches see a Four Way match for the ICW Zero-G title between Davey Blaze, BT Gunn, Kenny Williams and Noam Dar, Grado took on the Black Label’s Wolfgang, the ICW Women’s Title match was up for grabs in a triple threat match with Carmel defending against Kay Lee Ray and Xia Brookside and in the main event Chris Renfrew defends his ICW World Heavyweight Championship against former champion Drew Galloway. You can see this weeks episode at  The first Match this week was a four way match for the ICW Zero G title with Davey Blaze defending against BT Gunn, Kenny Williams and Noam Dar. Before the match started Noam stole a camera from ringside and took a selfie with all four guys. The rules for this match allowed only 2 men in ring at one time, I would have preferred all four in the ring at once. There was a great mixture of styles in this match, all four showed great offence and the action was amazing. BT Gunn showed how great he really is dominating all his opponents before being caught in the champagne super knee bar from Dar. Former Zero-G champion Kenny Williams put himself back in the title picture with a great showing in this one with plenty of high flying offence. But the Champion Davey Blaze caught Noam Dar by surprise with a huge spear and got the three count to retain his Zero G title. After the match Black Label members Wolfgang, Jack Jester and Drew Galloway took out all four men and in a three on one attack decimated BT Gunn, Chris Renfrew came out to stop the onslaught. This match was good but I would have preferred if it was all four in the ring at once which would have seen more action, was a good defence for Davey Blaze and made him look like a strong champion defeating proven names in Dar, Gunn and Williams.

  Former ICW World Heavyweight Champion Grado took on this years Square Go winner Wolfgang. Grado seemed to look more like the old Grado we are all used to with the happy go lucky mannerisms. Grado took the fight to the big man straight from the bell showing his confidence, but Wolfgang soon gained the upper hand and showed his dominance until going for a roll and slice of his own which he missed. A good match which flowed nicely and both men put in a good showing going toe to toe. Wolfgang tried to catch Grado with a shot with his brass knucks but missed and Grado took advantage catching Wolfgang with the knucks and rolled him up for the win. Post match Wolfy got his hands back on the knucks and got some retribution on Grado until Mark Dallas put a stop to it striking the big man with a golf club, but Wolfgang left the ring standing tall after striking Dallas in the jaw. These two worked very well together and had a great match, glad to see the brass knucks coming back to bite Wolfgang in the ass and costing him the match.

  Carmel Jacob defended her ICW Women’s Title in a triple threat against Kay Lee Ray and second generation wrestler Xia Brookside, her father is British Wrestling legend Robbie Brookside. Before the bell rang Kay Lee Ray caught the champion with a drop kick from the top and told Brookside to leave the ring as its no place for little girls, but Xia ignored that and hit a cross body from the top rope. Brookside impressed in the early goings matching the experienced Kay Lee Ray and Carmel, but it didn’t take long for Kay Lee to gain control of the match. The champion showed why she is in possession of the belt when at one point she had a submission on both opponents and hitting a DDT off the second rope on Kay Lee Ray to keep hold of her ICW Women’s championship. Carmel continued to look strong continuing her winning streak in retaining her belt, was impressed with the debuting Brookside who I hope to see back in ICW in the future.

  This weeks main event saw Chris Renfrew defending his ICW World Heavyweight Championship against former champion Drew Galloway accompanied by Jack Jester who was soon sent to the back leaving it one on one, that didn’t last long as Jester returned smashing Renfrew in the back with a steel chair. Galloway’s advantage didn’t last long though when the fight left the ring and Renfrew showed why he’s champion and threw Galloway into the ring post. Back in the ring both men exchanged heavy hitting moves and the action was back and forth with neither man gaining an upper hand, The champion went for the T-Virus but Drew managed to reverse into a pinning combination using his size and strength but could not take advantage until he hit Renfrew with a low blow. Galloway hunted the ringside area and found a steel chair beating the spine of Renfrew and delivered a pile driver onto the chair, but the champion still kicked out. Drew went up top but the champion caught him coming off the turnbuckle with a Stone Cold Stoner, Jester came back out and both men took out referee Thomas Kearins with a head butt. With it looking like the two Black Label men were going to take out the champ, BT Gunn came out to even it up and revived the referee but Galloway kicked out of another Stoner. Drew hit two consecutive future shock DDT’s but Renfrew got a foot on the rope to the disgust of the challenger who went for another future shock but took too long and Renfrew bridged into a pinfall for the win and successfully defended his ICW World Heavyweight Title. The Black Label came out and outnumbered the NAK and Wolfgang entered the ring with a referee and his briefcase but before he could cash in Big Damo put a stop to it taking out Wolfgang and clearing the ring. With Damo set to meet Renfrew for the title in Belfast the champion hit a Stoner on his next challenger. In my opinion this match was up there with the first meeting between these two and liked how what happened post match linked into the show in Belfast.

This weeks episode was a solid show with a mixture of matches, my favourite match of the show was the main event as both competitors are top class wrestlers and put on a great match as good as was expected. Renfrew against Damo will be an absolute war and with how the show ended will just add even more brutality to then ICW World Heavyweight Championship match.


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