This weeks episode of Friday Night Fight Club was filmed in Belfast as part of The Big Elbowski from the ongoing UK tour, this weeks matches saw Joe Coffey square off against Kenny Williams, Jack Jester against Grado, Drew Galloway faced off against BT Gunn and the main event was a battle for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship between champion Chris Renfrew and challenger Belfast’s own Big Damo. Make sure you check out this weeks episode over at  The first match this week saw the Iron Man Joe Coffey take on the impressive Kenny Williams in a match that Kenny requested. An even opening to the match saw Kenny locking up in a test of strength with the Iron man, matching Coffey’s strength with quickness. Joe used a butterfly version of his big swing on Williams and got a near fall and then turned a hurricanrana into a Boston crab further taking control of the match. Kenny mounted a comeback connecting with a suicide dive to the outside followed by a punt kick on Coffey, but went up too to hit a cross body but was caught coming down with a forearm followed by the discus lariat for the three count. This match saw the different kind of offence that Coffey has in his arsenal against a different style of opponent in Williams, Kenny showed why he has became a mainstay on ICW shows putting in a great shift with the Iron Man. 
Backstage Davey Blaze and Joe Hendry were practicing fire safety and discussing the local heroes match against Mr Anderson next week. Damo was addressing his chances of winning the ICW World Heavyweight Championship in his home.
  Jack Jester represented the Black Label against one of their nemesis and former ICW World Heavyweight Champion Grado, with Jester jumping Grado before the opening bell killing any moment he had. Grado gained the upper hand but Jester seemed to not want any of him and prowled the ring infuriating the fans at ringside, but once he eventually got back in the ring he dominated Grado. The Stevenston dream surprised Jester with a RKO out of nowhere and a Dusty Rhodes like elbow, followed by a roll and slice but could only get a 2 count. Jester countered both the Wee Boot and F5 rolling up Grado and with a handful of tights and stole the win. After the match Grado offered his hand to Jester which was accepted but with his back turned Jester hit a tombstone. Both these wrestlers worked the crowd really well with hardly any moments of silence, was a shame about the finish to the match but will build the Black Label against ICW storyline further.

  The Black Label and NAK rivalry continued as Drew Galloway accompanied by Jack Jester went up against BT Gunn decked out in an ICW shirt. Gunn seemed to have removed Jester from the equation with a dive to the outside but not before handing Drew a steel chair but BT avoided and took down the TNA World Champion, Galloway gained the upper hand and then began exchanging chops with both men lighting up the others chest. The steel chair introduced earlier came back to bite Drew as Gunn drove him head first into it. But it was Galloway who won the match as he was begging for forgiveness and hit a low blow on Gunn followed by the future shock DDT to secure an impressive win. These two did not fail to disappoint and showed why they are two of the best in the UK today, those chops to the chest were insane. 

Red Lightning was not happy with Davey Blaze declaring he is a Mark Dallas guy and said next week he will team with Jack Jester against Grado and Davey Blaze.
  This weeks main event in Belfast was for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship with Chris Renfrew defending against home town hero Big Damo. The champion looked to end it early with a Stoner but the challenger avoided, both men exchange heavy hitting strikes trying to gain the advantage until the action left the ring and they ended taking out the merch table and behind the bar. Back in the ring Renfrew hit a diving Stone Cold Stoner from the top but Damo kicked out at 2, Damo came of the top rope to hit a senton for another 2 count. Renfrew introduced a steel chair isolating the knee of Damo and locked in a figure four on his big challenger but Damo reached the bottom the rope for the break, the Beast Of Belfast took to the air hitting a pair of Van Damonators on the champion busting him open. With Damo’s screams for Renfrew to stay down defiantly met a pair of middle fingers Damo locked in a cross face and battered the champion in the head with a flurry of elbows saw Renfrew pass out and Big Damo get the win and become the first Northern Irish born ICW World Heavyweight Champion in front of his home crowd. What a main event, Big Damo has been impressive ever since his debut in ICW and I can’t think of a more deserving man to hold the title especially in front of his home town fans.   

This weeks episode was another great show, all the matches were good and helped develop ongoing storylines. My match of the night was the main event as both men left everything in the ring and showed how good they both are inside and outside the ring. Damo deservedly won in my opinion as he has been in and around the title picture for a while and has never given up. 


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