This weeks episode of Friday Night Fight Club was back in Insane Championship Wrestling’s home of the Garage in Glasgow and I was glad to have been in attendance. On the show this week the fallout from the NAK implosion continued as BT Gunn faced Stevie Boy, Grado and Davey Blaze teamed up to take on Jack Jester and Red Lightning of The Black Label, in a battle of a British legend and future legend Doug Williams met Noam Dar and this weeks main event saw the ICW debut of Mr Anderson where he battled the Local Hero Joe Hendry. You can watch this weeks episode and all the other episodes now at http://insanewrestling.co.uk/ondemand  The first match on this weeks episode saw former NAK brothers in arms BT Gunn and Stevie Boy square off, BT quickly removed Kay Lee Ray from the equation with a super kick and took the fight to the outside into the crowd with a dive over the barrier before the match even began. BT Gunn was back to his best with some amazing offence but Kay Lee Ray halted any momentum holding him in the corner allowing Stevie to hit a hesitation dropkick and helping Stevie maintain the upper hand. People talk a lot about BT’s amazing chops but he showed he’s also pretty handy with his kicks too, but when going for an enziguri he inadvertently connected with the referee meaning there was nobody to make the three count. Stevie managed to connect with a sick Frankensteiner but only managed a two count, BT hit a Canadian Destroyer on Stevie but Kay Lee broke the count and with Gunn’s eye on Kay Lee Ray he was caught off guard with a steel chair shot to the head from Stevie who got the win in this awesome opening match.

Massimo’s pre show promo was aired where he declared that the Massimo effect was beginning in ICW, explaining that he was coming to get his opportunity.

  The second match was a Team ICW against Black Label battle with Davey Blaze teaming with Grado taking on Jack Jester and Red Lightning.Davey Blaze came to the ring without his Zero G title which he had left in Dublin, The Black Label jumped their opponents before the bell giving them the advantage. Whenever Grado tried get to his feet the Label’s security Flex would end any chance of making the tag taking out the former champion. In one of his rare in ring appearances Lightning controlled Davey to allow Jester a breather, The Label showed great dominance in trying to gain the upper hand in the battle against ICW. Grado finally entered the match when Flex took his eye of him, connecting with a Rock Bottom and Ayrshire Dream elbow but was stopped in his tracks when Flex delivered a huge chokeslam on both Grado and Davey which allowed Red Lightning to gain the easy pinfall and win for The Black Label. After the match the beatdown on Grado continued with a three on one assault, but was interrupted by The Iron Man Joe Coffey chasing his long overdue ICW World Heavyweight Title shot for winning Wrestler Of The Year, but Red told him he will never compete for the ICW Title.

  Next up was a British wrestling dream match as Noam Dar took on the Anarchist Doug Williams in what had the makings of a classic, unfortunately Williams was accompanied by James R Kennedy and Tim Wylie and Lionheart joined the commentary team. The match started with some great chain wrestling and both exchanging submission holds, Noam took his eye of Doug for a moment which gave the veteran the advantage and slowed the pace down. This match was great showcase of the British Style of wrestling with both men showing a vast array of offence, Noam had Williams in the Champagne Super Kneebar and forced the veteran to tap but Kennedy distracted the referee which then backfired as Dar rolled up Williams and got the win. As Noam was celebrating on the ramp Lionheart stood in his way but did not want any of the Jewdi Master. This match was slightly marred by the interference from Kennedy but was still was a good match with both men showing why they are two of the UK’s best, hopefully they get to lock horns again soon without any distractions. 

  This weeks main event saw Mr Anderson face off against the Local Hero Joe Hendry. Anderson looked a little confused when looking for his microphone from above but improvised using a steel chair and Simon Cassidy to compete his well known entrance in a funny moment, but the mood changed when Anderson declared “Fuck TNA” in a promo that would make its way around the world and ruffle a few feathers. Not to be outdone Joe Hendry showed a video mocking Anderson in a Pokemon style clip which was hilarious but left Anderson shocked at what he saw. Ken got the upper hand from the start jumping Hendry before the bell and continued to dominate the Local Hero, going close with many near falls and keeping Hendry’s offence to a minimum. Joe was taking a real beating in this match and only managed to get some kind of advantage until the closing moments of the match with a yakuza kick and countered the Mic Check and suplex into a small package for the surprise win which in my opinion was a steal after the beating he was given by Mr Anderson but a win is a win and pretty big one for the Local Hero. A win against a former TNA Heavyweight champion is a great feather in the cap for Hendry and could be the win he needs to push him up the card in ICW and possibly towards a future ICW World Heavyweight Championship match. 

  This weeks episode was a good show with not one bad match on the card, was good to see minimal interviews or talking in the ring and more wrestling. My favourite match was the opener between BT Gunn and Stevie as the pace was electric and had the fans really invested in the match, both men are amazing wrestlers and wouldn’t be surprised to see these to main eventing an ICW show in the future. Having been at the taping in person I know that next weeks show will be a great one especially with the first title defence for Big Damo against the sadistic Mikey Whiplash to look forward to. 

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