This months Wrestle Crate was a treat as always with some amazing wrestling stuff inside. If you want to see what the buzz is all about and subscribe then head to their website http://www.wrestlecrate.co.uk and check out their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/WrestleCrateUK/ and follow them on Twitter @WrestleCrateUK

First item out of the crate was a throwback to my childhood, a British Wrestling sticker album and pack of 8 stickers!! I remember being a child and getting the WWF Sticker albums and getting annoyed when the sticker was in wonky, still managed to do this when sticking them in now. I have this on social media and now happy to be the owner of an album, it covers all of British wrestling. Inside my pack I had Leah Owens, Magico, Liberty, Yolo Squad, Zack Sabre Jr, Bete Noire, Marty Scurll and Mike Bird. The album has profiles on British promotions on PBW, TNT Extreme Wrestling, Attack Pro Wrestling and images from the awesome Portrait Of A Wrestler series of photos. You can get your hands on an album and stickers at http://www.resmagshop.co.uk/product/british-wrestling-collector-s-sticker-album , I will be buying packs of stickers and wanting to complete it. If anyone has any doubles be sure to let me know to do some swaps.

Next out was a very cool Wyatt Family key ring with a lantern and the word Followed on, it is already on my keys as you read this. A really unique item and a must have for any Bray Wyatt or Wyatt Family fan like me.  

This is now starting to get weird as I swear the guys at Wrestle Crate are reading my mind as only last week I tweeted Fight Club Pro about catching a live show and now they just happen to include a Fight Club Pro Best Of 2015 including Pete Dunne vs Zack Sabre Jr, Mark Andrews & Eddie Dennis vs The Hunter Brothers, a ladder match between MK McKinnan and Clint Margera, American Wolves vs Moustache Mountain, MK McKinnan vs Tyler Bate and a four way bout between Chris Brookes, Morgan Webster, Dan Moloney and Nixon Newell. 

The second DVD this month is from Preston City Wrestling called What’s NeXT? The best of Prince Devitt & Kevin Steen in PCW, the northern English promotion is one of the best in the UK and attracts some of the best talent in the world as this collection shows. The matches on offer see Kevin Steen against Kris Travis, Dean Allmark, Joey Hayes, Dave Mastiff and Prince Devitt facing off against Kris Travis in two amazing bouts from 2014. I can’t wait to watch this collection as I’ve been huge fans of both Steen and Devitt long before they arrived in WWE.

Once again we were treated to two exclusive T-shirts this month in the Ultimate Crate, the first being a homage to the Four Horsewomen of WWE Becky Lynch, Bayley, Charlotte in a Black Flag style design. With the bars containing dollar signs, inflatable men, goggles and robes. This shirt looks really smart and would look equally as good at a wrestling show as it would on a night in the pub.

The second of the exclusive T-shirts is a cracker with a front page of a news paper with the headline “The Streak …Is Over” in regards to Brock Lesnar defeating Undertaker at Wrestlemania XXX and looks like something straight off a newsstand in America. Again Wrestle Crate don’t let us subscribers down with this T-shirt that many a wrestling fan would love to have in their collection of shirts. 

Also included was an awesome retro style tin coffee mug with “The Dungeon Coffee House” in homage to the famous Hart Family dungeon with the tag line “Blended With Passion And Hart” , the mug has a great vintage look to it and will be a great addition to my ever growing collection of unique wrestling memorabilia.

The last items out of April’s crate were a collection of six exclusive prints from The Ringside Perspective which are all limited edition with only 1000 of each available, the photos are of British sensation the Aerial Assassin Will Ospreay, the King Of Strong Style Shinsuke Nakamura, Pentagon Jr, Rey Mysterio, The Icon Sting and the Phenomenal AJ Styles. Each photo catches the wrestlers in amazing ways that look as if you were actually there when the photo was taken. Make sure you check out more of The Ringside Perspective’s work if you can on Twitter @OLIRINGSIDE or their website http://www.ringsideperspective.com


Once again WrestleCrate UK kept up the great work with this months crate and made sure that I will be keeping my subscription for another month and for as long as they keep the crates coming. Thanks again for the crate full of awesomeness and roll on next months Crate. Let us know what you thought of the crate over on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SomeoneStopTheDamnMatch


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