We had a chat with British wrestling legend Frankie Sloan, find him on Twitter at @frankiesloan
What got you into wrestling?

I obviously used to watch wrestling growing up, but it was World Of Sport not WWE. It helps when you have family in wrestling plus i worked with a fella who was a retired wrestler so thats how i got my foot in the door because it was very difficult 25 years ago just to get in the door. 

Who was your favourite wrestler as a kid?

My fave wrestler growing up was Rollerball Rocco. Just unbelievable to watch, doing mad stuff years before anyone.

Who has been your favourite opponent?

It’s almost impossible to choose a favourite opponent , in fact i think it is impossible i’ll throw a few names in the hat Danny Collins, Mal Saunders, Marty Jones, Kid McCoy, Doc Dean, Mikey Whiplash and James Mason. I could go on and on it would be easier to ask the ones i didn’t like.

Being a trainer as well as a wrestler you must see some stars of the future, who of your trainees stand out?

I dont have trainees as such, I go and do like guest spots at different schools. I see a few from the likes of 4FW and a couple in BWP but i wont upset anyone by naming names. I’ll tell you the ones that are shit at a later date.

What do you think of the current state of the British wrestling scene?

The british wrestling scene at the moment is ok, not spectacular. There are some very good lads and girls out there doing great stuff. Its on the up and its going in the right direction. When all promoters work together and stop bitching about each other it would certainly help not hinder what some people are trying to achieve.

What’s been your greatest achievement in wrestling to date?

My greatest achievement so far is lasting 25 years, thats not too bad.

Who would be your dream opponent past or present?

Dream opponent would be Curt Henning, I reckon it came close to happening in 2000 but never quite got there. I reckon he could have raised my game.

Where is the best country you have ever wrestled?

England i reckon although in India the crowds were insane. But England I have known some of the fans since they were kids and i find them very appreciative.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

Again this is boring but in wrestling there has been no one major influence there has been many, some for etiquette, some for in ring skills some for professionalism. I try and take something from everyone. 

Which current company that you haven’t wrestled for would you like to compete for?

I think 4FW would be nice to compete for. I like what they are doing down there, it would be nice to compete for every promotion before i retire that would be an accomplishment.

What does Wrestling mean to you?

I just love it.

If people have never seen Frankie Sloan wrestle before what should they expect when they do see you in the ring?

They can expect 100% in everything. Wrestling, action, entertainment the best bout I can have everytime. They’ll go home enjoying my bout.

Massive thanks to Frankie for taking the time out to have a chat with us, was an honour. Let us know what you thought of the interview over on the Facebook page at


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