We had a chat with British Wrestler The Very Good Mr Euan G. Mackie about his wrestling career, check out this video of him in action
What first got you into professional wrestling?

In 1994 my good friend had recently obtained Sky TV and he watched a lot of wrestling. He talked about it a lot, and the toy wrestlers we had. This made me quite aware of the WWF and what was going on. Before then I had known about wrestling, but wasn’t as into it as the other kids were. I thought it seemed barbaric and kids at the time sold it like the matches were between the strongest men in the world. To me it seemed all power and no finesse. But then I watched one match (Adam Bomb Vs Tony something…) As much as it was a squash, I was taken in with the whole thing and enjoyed it from then on. 

Who was your favourite wrestler when you were younger?

I always enjoyed Doink The Clown. Was upset to hear the original Doink Matt Borne died and i’d never have the chance to meet him. I liked Doink because he was unusual and unconventional. Kids at the time would question why I liked Doink, and not Diesel or Shawn Michaels or Undertaker. I said ‘It’s not something you’d expect to see, a clown wrestling!’ This is also because the other wrestlers mentioned were boring to me and I loved this wicked colourful clown, even when he was a face. I never did follow the crowd in that respect.


What made you want to be a professional wrestler?

I had enjoyed wrestling for so long, and wanted to wrestle since 1994. I thought it was just a dream that I’d never realise. Any chance to do anything like wrestling, even rugby or drama classes, I’d take part in because it was like a mix of Pro Wrestling. What drew me to wrestling was the characterisations, the theatrics and the physicality. It was like real superheroes that took no nonsense from anyone. I used to Efed online with my ideas of characters and wrestling. Eventually I had my chance when W3L started a school in Fife. I was excited to get started and take this opportunity. 

Who has had the biggest influence on your career?

There is no one wrestler, nor a trainer or peer. It’s more the naysayers. I get little if no backlash from actual punters. It’s more wrestlers themselves. I’ve had criticism with hypocrisy thrown in. But each time they take a dig or a shot, it just pushes me to keep being me. I regret not calling up some of the biggest douche canoes I’ve met, but then I bring myself down to their level. I’d actually like to thank them. Thank you for being so against me as it only makes me stronger. The more you notice me, the more I exist. My act is ironclad, and all they do is remind me that I’m alive, and very very real. So if’ I’m ‘100% Filler’ A ‘Tourist’ Or ‘Limited at best’ Take a look at my material guys, and realise that I’m a bit different with a cult shelf life that doesn’t require me to defend myself by putting others down. Everyone who makes comments like that has their reasons, some are hypocrites themselves. They know that as do I. The difference is now, I’ve got a little more gall to say that out loud. But i’d rather not give them the oxygen or publicity. That’s for me. I’d rather talk about how amazing I am, than waste my time with naysayers. Thank you for your discontent. It keeps me ALIVE. Keep Playing at being superheroes. I’m a real Super villain.


What had been your biggest achievement in wrestling to date?

Well, aside from holding a few championships and being able to wrestle abroad and on TV a few times, My proudest achievement is taking total control of my act and performance. Wrestling isn’t just something you do for a day, it should be a life style and a dedicated discipline. I learned how to communicate with an audience through theatre, but nothing is as satisfying like becoming your art form. I am glad to be appreciated as this wonderful monster I created. 


Who has been your favourite opponent you have wrestled?

It is a honour to have the opportunity to wrestle any opponent, but I enjoy working with so many folks, I cant really name one. I learn all the time from people and they all have their qualities. Special mention to Kevin Williams as I’ve worked with him recently in W3L and Jam O’Malley. These guys are my friends, but they work very simply and carefully and have had a lot of experience in aspects of wrestling that it’s always good to work along side them. 

 I saw you wrestle in a Nursery Krymes match, what was the most obscure object you used?

My signature match in a way. I’ve used space hoppers, water guns and Lightening McQueen from Cars. But the most obscure weapon is actually the caged Head of Francios Martin, the venerable lord of SANCTUARY. I’ve hit Jimmy Meadows with him and threatened BT Gunn and The Coffey Brothers with him before. Francois has won me a few matches by being available to swing and strike others with. A special shout out to The Pink Rabbit Glove Puppet who helps me Chokeslam people and Sebastian The Displeased, the massive orange baseball bat. 

What do you think of the current state of wrestling? 
In Scotland it’s improved so much to look so good and professional in comparison to years ago. Wrestling in general seems to be just as camp and over the top as ever, and should never ever take itself seriously. The business and money side should be taken seriously, but everything else is just camp madness.


Who would be your dream opponent to wrestle?

Doink the Clown would be interesting to work against. I could just battle an army of them. Failing that I’d love to work with Danshoku Dino. I’m curious how he’d deal with my MEGA EVOLUTION form Mega Mackie Z. My chance to wrestle in Japan was derailed last year, but I’m hoping the chance will arise soon. But I’d love to have worked with Adrian Adonis also, in my Origin Form. He would be disgusted with me, and it could create a great dynamic. In fairness, i’d love to work with a lot of past wrestlers, so many to name. Some straight laced grapplers VS My weird offence and also some big monsters like Mantaur, Vs The Goblin of the Skies!

Where do you see yourself in 12 months’ time?

That’s a secret. We’ve seen my Origin Form, and currently my Mega Evolution form Mega Mackie Z. What If I told you there was one more…….?

What should someone who has never seen a match of yours expect?

….The Unexpected? Offence you’ve maybe never seen, nonsense and fannying about too. I’ve been called ‘Unsettling’ and ‘Chilling’ as a villain so expect to be scared and amused. Sometimes I’m like a dark comedy, other times I’m like a very bad dream. A Nightmare that provokes reaction and thought as people try to work out the story behind the monster they have just witnessed. ‘Think The Ugly Duckling Mixed with Van Hellsing’

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get into the wrestling industry?

Be dedicated, and determined. People will knock you down, or kiss your ass and try to ride your coat tails to fame. Never lose your integrity and always do the best you can in what ever role you play. Aim to be a good hand and reliable, and nobody can fault you for that. 

Finally, What does wrestling mean to you?

Wrestling means to me a entertaining theatrical sport giving us catharsis, action and invigoration. I am still channelling a desire and creative directions. To me it’s a great way to explore your innermost physicality and mind. Wrestlers are extensions of themselves. For me my wrestling personality extended beyond me, mixed with my own already unconventional personality and then consumed me. I became my own art form. I am incredibly lucky to have had the chance to go beyond myself and discover things I never knew. I am no longer in the wrestling business to achieve my dreams. I am here to make you suffer your nightmares. 

Big thanks to Mr Mackie for taking the time out to have a chat with us, let us know what you thought of the interview on the Facebook page at



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