We recently had another chat with Wrestling Figure Collector Jo Watson, find him on Twitter at @WWEFigsUK 
Since we last spoke what is your favourite figure you’ve purchased?

That’s a tough call! The last few figures I’ve bought have all been been amazing, but I would have to say the ‘Seth Cashes in’ USA TRU exclusive. Not just because it’s insanely hard to get hold of but also because it’s a damn good figure. It’s an Elite figure, The design of the packaging is amazing, you get a belt AND the MITB briefcase…all round top job. It’s only one of a few figures I keep MOC, and the fact that it came all the way from Texas, to the UK, absolute MINT condition, is the cherry on the cake.

What was the last figure you purchased?

The last figure I bought was the NXT First Time in the Line Kalisto. The design of the figure is so much better than his current release, and at half the cost, you can’t go wrong. He was also in a shop too! (As a pose to being online) something I don’t see that often.

What wrestler that does not have a figure made yet do you most want?

It’s NEVER going to happen, ever…but I would LOVE an up to date Elite Chris Benoit. Forget his personal life, what he did in the ring was immense. He was technical and brutal and sorely missed (by me)

Which figure that you’ve not yet purchased is on your most wanted list?

There are quite a few figures on my wish list (Demon Finn Balor, Lita, Elite Neville) but the one at the very top, is the Big Boss man. He was SUCH a huge part of my childhood. The gimmick, in theory, was very cheesy and ridiculous, but as we know, he didn’t play that game. He was hard f’in core! And he’s one of many that really encapsulates my childhood.

Which figure do you prefer WWE Basic or WWE Elite?

I like that Elites come with accessories (especially if it’s a belt) but at the end of the day, some basics are better than their elite counterparts. A prime example being the previously mentioned Kalisto. So if I can find a good basic version, I’ll always buy that. It’s an expensive hobby, so the more I can get (for cheaper) the better.

You have a blog, fancy telling us what it’s all about?

So, is a blog all about wrestling figures (WWE, TNA, RoH and more) it’s very heavily based towards the collectors in the community. I do news, reviews, interviews, showcase art and photography. Anything based around wrestling action figures and the collectors (especially England based companies and collectors) I cover. i recently interview the Blue Meanie regarding his debut release from Figures Toy Company, do I’m hoping I can continue that trend.

What has been your favourite match so far in 2016?

My favourite match INSANE to pick out just one. There are so many, but I would have to go with Prince Puma Vs Pentagon Jr. in season 2 of Lucha Underground. It was the first time they fought and it was fast paced, insane and intense. Pentagon Jr is the man!

Do you watch much British Wrestling?

There is a promotion in Warrington (my current place of residence) brought to us by science fiction studios that has a lot of awesome (regular) uk wrestlers that I try and go to once a month, and I’m even going to my first ever PCW even in a couple of weeks! I may not be well versed as much as the next guy, but I’m definitely doing my best to support the British scene and get involved.

What do you think of the current state of British Wrestling? 

It’s crazy. I can’t keep up! If you’re new to it like I am, I don’t think you’ll realise just how many shows, events and promotions there are! It’s wonderful, but so hard to keep track of!

Is there any British wrestlers you would love to see have figures made?

The British wrestler that got me into British Wrestler is Zack Gibson. That guy is a powerhouse. So good, and well loved. He’s wrestled everywhere too, and amazing athlete. So I would definitely love a figure of him…him and sexy Kev!

Big thanks to Jo for taking the time out to have a chat with us, let us know what you thought or tell us about your collection over on the Facebook page at


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