This weeks episode of Friday Night Fight Club came from The Garage in Glasgow and featured BT Gunn teaming with Viper to take on Kay Lee Ray and Wolfgang, The LT Degree with guest Massimo, Davey Blaze facing off against Local Fire team mate Joe Hendry and in the Main Event Big Damo defended his ICW World Heavyweight Title against Trent Seven. I was lucky enough to be at The Garage for this show and it didn’t disappoint. Make sure you check out the show if you’ve not seen it now at https://icwondemand.pivotshare.com/media/icw-fight-club-6th-may2016/46209/feature

There was still bad blood boiling between BT Gunn and his former NAK stable mates Wolfgang and Kay Lee Ray but adding the returning Viper in to the mix and you have the recipe for destruction. As BT Gunn came through the curtain he looked pumped up and ready for war, Viper got an amazing reception upon her return from Japan. The match started with Gunn connecting with a sweet superkick to Kay Lee Ray followed by a dive to the outside, Stevie Boy wasn’t just a spectator as he got involved early on striking Viper in the back with a crutch. Numerous times Viper attempted to get Wolfgang on her shoulders but the big man proved too much for her, Kay Lee and Wolfy cut the ring off well by isolating Viper from her partner. When Viper made the tag to Gunn he dominated Wolfgang getting some retribution on his former NAK brother and sister, with some heavy hitting offence showing why he is rated one of the best in the UK. BT hit the Gunn Shot and looked to have won it for his team but Stevie pulled the referee out of the ring allowing Kay Lee Ray to low blow Gunn and hit a Canadian Destroyer to get the win for herself and the Square Go Briefcase holder Wolfgang. This match showed that gender isn’t a boundary in ICW, with all four competitors giving their all in a fantastic show opener.

Backstage Jennifer interviewed Damo about his match against Trent Seven, who admitted they are good friends outside the ring but will do whatever he had to do to win.
Liam Thomson presented this weeks edition of the LT Degree and this weeks guest was the Italian big man Massimo who he wanted to be his best friend, Thomson showed disrespect to the Italian by taking the mick out of his accent, speaking French when claiming he knew Italian and gave him a gift of a Haggis Pizza which back fired on him when Massimo shoved it in Thomson’s face with a little assistance from stand in general manager Kenny Williams who Liam had attacked from behind a few weeks ago. 

Chris Renfrew and DCT were still drinking backstage after their Scottish Rules match, singing “Lionheart is a fanny” together until Viper came and took her husband up the road, with Renfrew up for a threesome.

Trent Seven was interviewed and was excited that he will be having his first ever World Title shot in the Garage and said it would delicious, delightful and fruity if he left with the ICW World Heavyweight Title and that he is the only person around that could actually kill Damo.

The Local Fire exploded as Joe Hendry took on former Zero-G Champion Davey Blaze, Joe said he didn’t have a video tonight out of respect for his partner. But Davey and Wee Man had other ideas with a video of his own with a parody of Depeche Mode’s “I Just Can’t Get Enough”, Joe the said he had some back up footage in case this happened with his version of a Justin Bieber song. The match started with a handshake but the two soon butted heads with both men exchanging offence, submissions and near falls. Neither men could get an advantage with the momentum shifting back and forth, Davey went up top and Hendry caught him coming down and hit an amazing Freak Of Nature but only gained a two count. With the referee’s back turned Wee Man entered the rind and smashed Joe over the head with a Bottle Of Bucky knocking The Local Hero out cold, Davey not knowing what had happened nailed Joe with a spear for the win. This match was a very even contest and had the makings of a classic until the Wee Man shocked everyone with his attack on The Local Hero, it will be interesting to see what happens when Davey finds out what happened with the bottle.

Veronica spoke to Davey and Wee Man after the match, Davey asked why he had glass in his back but Wee Man blamed it on fans.

This weeks main event saw Trent Seven receive a shot at Big Damo’s ICW World Heavyweight Championship. Trent came out to a great ovation from the fans which was equally matched when the champion Damo entered the Garage. This match saw the beard take on the moustache which started with a handshake followed by some great great grappling with Damo locking in a surfboard. Seven made several attempts to knock the champion down with shoulder tackles but it was Damo who knocked Trent down with his first shoulder tackle. The fight spilled out of the ring and Damo threw himself at his challenger who was was sat on a chair, breaking the chair in the process. Trent attempted a chop on Damo but missed and smashed his hand against the steel ring post potentially breaking his fingers. Trent set up a table and attempted to powerbomb Damo off the ramp but Damo reversed into a back body drop, back in the ring both men traded heavy strikes and Trent hit two German suplexes but couldn’t keep Damo down. Seven showed great strength by connecting with a Michinoku driver but couldn’t keep the champions shoulders down for the three count, followed by a powerbomb from the top rope but Damo kicked out at one. Damo then hoisted Seven up on his shoulders and powerbomb we him over the top rope and through the table that was set up on the outside earlier in the match, but Trent kicked out at one. Chants of “This is awesome” echoed through the Garage and they weren’t wrong, what a match. Whatever Damo threw at Seven he just wouldn’t stay down, until the referee stopped the match after Damo battered Seven’s head with a flurry of elbows until he passed out. Post match there was no celebration as the champion helped Trent back round and the night ended in a great show of respect between the pair and a handshake. Holy shit on a stick, that was a phenomenal main event and showed why Insane Championship Wrestling is one of the best independent wrestling companies in the world not only the UK. 

My match of the week had to be that main event, never mind match of the week that was a contender for match of the year. With Damo saying that Trent deserves another shot at the title I can’t wait to witness that, if this match is anything to go by a rematch would be awesomely barbaric. 

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