Interview with British wrestler Kyle Khaos!!

We recently had a chat with Kyle Khaos who is set to make his ICW debut this Sunday in the Tag Team Title Tournament as part of the Rich Kids Of Instagram, find him on Twitter at @Kyle_Khaos91 and on Facebook at
What first got you into watching pro wrestling?

Well for me it was a friend I went to primary school with and through him I learnt of the likes of Undertaker, Kane, DX, pretty much most of the Attitude Era guys and girls haha.

Who was your favourite wrestler when you were a kid?

As a kid I was immediately drawn to The Rock, I think at the time it was because he was so entertaining and he made everything he did in the ring look so big and you could almost feel it through the tv screen.

What made you want to be a pro wrestler?

It’s always been something at the back of my head while I was growing up, since finishing college back in 2012, I looked into it a bit more to see if there was any training schools around, thats how I started discovering the indie scene in Scotland, really late I know I’m constantly playing catch up with everything haha so through looking into it a bit more I discovered the likes of PBW, SWA, BCW and ICW, and it was through going to mostly ICW shows that made me want persue it even more, with BCW having shows in my hometown of Kilmarnock adding to watching just a bit every few months, so when I noticed GPWA being advertised for starting up in about 2014 time, I thought I would give it a go and see how I get on.

Who was your trainer?

I’m still currently a trainee at GPWA ever since the first intake, so I have been lucky enough to have 5 well experienced trainers which are Lionheart, Red Lightning, Wolfgang, Jack Jester and BT Gunn.

Who has been your favourite opponent so far?

Ohhh that’s actually quite a tough one, on a show I’d have to say it’s TJ Rage and Davey Blaze from a tag match me and Osiris had at this year’s Elite Rumble event by Pro Wrestling Elite as I personally felt like I learnt a lot from them. I’ve had some non-show matches in the asylum with LJT, I seem to blend really well with him and his style. I’m hoping to take it to a show one day and show people what we can bring out in each other.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?

I’d say I’ve got quite a few influences to be honest, but out of my trainers I feel Jester and Red have been quite big influences. I know I can go to any of them 5 when I need them but those two have gave me so much well needed advice when I really needed it. Outside of my trainers however I feel Chris Renfrew has been a bit of an influence since I started because he was the one I had my first singles match against back in September last year. He looked after me as nervous as I was for it and I know if I need to I can ask him for advice.

Who would be your dream opponent?

Well if I’m lucky in a few years time after improving on my skills quite a bit more and with quite a bit more experience behind me I would love the opportunity to face Johnny Gargano because there’s something about his style that draws me in and makes me go ‘wow’, also I feel like I could learn quite a bit from being in the ring with him. If I can ever be lucky enough for the chance.

What is your finishing move?

I am currently working on an impactful one that goes with me but I have a Dragon Sleeper submission to take people out with, if the usual stuff isn’t doing the trick.

What do you think of the current state of British wrestling?

I think British wrestling is continuously on the rise especially over the last few years, it’s getting noticed again and no wonder when you look at the talent up and down the country. Especially those like Marty Scrull, who are not just getting booked all over this country but in other places like America and Germany too. Whether it’s new talent or old talent you have got to keep your eye on everyone as you never know who will shake things up next.

What promotions do you actively wrestle for?

So far I’m actively wrestling for GPWA, PWE and just recently ICW. I’m hoping to expand into more as the year goes on.

What does wrestling mean to you? 

Wrestling to me has always been that one thing that stayed with me the longest, longer than friends, longer than any relationship, longer than owning some games. It’s always been there for me to watch, play or go to when it was needed. It doesn’t just distract me though it kept me invested not just with storylines, entrances or characters, but with what each and every different person could do once that bell rang and I’m always fascinated with stuff like that.

Where do you see yourself in 12 months time?

Well I’m hoping by 12 months time to have my first match somewhere down south and if I’m lucky some how to have a match in my hometown of Kilmarnock.

What kind of impact are the Rich Kids Of Instagram looking to make in ICW?

Ohh we are looking to make quite an impact, just you watch…

What should someone who has never seen a Kyle Khaos match expect?

When you see me for the first time don’t expect just one type of style because of my size and look, there’s always more beneath the surface.


Big thanks to Kyle for the interview and be sure to check out the interviews with the rest of the Rich Kids Of Instagram, let us know what you thought of the interview on the Facebook page at


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