Ahead of CHIKARA’s trip to the UK at the end of May with their Aniversario UK Tour 2016 we are having a week dedicated to CHIKARA on Someone Stop The Damn Match Blog, with dates on 20/5/16 in Newport, 21/5/16 in Wolverhampton, 22/5/16 in London, 27/5/16 in Birmingham, 28/5/16 in Manchester, 29/5/16 in Newcastle and 30/5/16 in Glasgow. More information can be found at Their entire 2016 schedule is posted at ‪‬. You can learn more about CHIKARA at, or by following them on Twitter @chikarapro 

Since 2002, CHIKARA has been a market innovator, bringing its unique, family-friendly flavor of professional wrestling to a global fanbase. CHIKARA has reached millions of fans in more than 40 countries across 15 seasons of action by combining a tried-and-true live touring schedule with the first of its kind, state-of-the-art video-on-demand and subscription service (entitled CHIKARAtopia) & streaming pay per views, CHIKARA has fostered an interactive, culturally diverse fan-engaging experience they affectionately call “The Fun-Filled Lucha Super Party.”

Keep an eye out on the blog this week for exclusive interviews with some of the stars of CHIKARA and make sure you snap up some of the final tickets left for the Aniversario UK Tour 2016!! Let us know what you think of CHIKARA and the interviews over on our Facebook page at


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