This weeks episode of Friday Night Fight Club once again came from The Garage in Glasgow with Kenny Williams facing Wolfgang, Lionheart defending his Zero-G championship against Zack Gibson, The 55 met The New Nation in the ICW Tag Team Title Tournament, Big Damo will defend his ICW World Heavyweight Title and in the main event Chris Renfrew and Grado met to see who would be the new World Heavyweight Champion and who would never get a match again. Make sure you check out this weeks episode at https://icwondemand.pivotshare.com/media/icw-fight-club-13th-may-2016/46627/feature
No Billy Kirkwood this week as Red Lightning fired him for comments he made regarding the Black Label last week. He was interrupted by “General Bollocks” Kenny Williams who was in charge of last weeks show with a memo from Mick Foley who will be the commissioner at Fear & Loathing IX stating that Kurt Angle will also be at the Hydro on November 20th, it’s true it’s damn true!! 

Viper was backstage with DCT about the state he was in last week when Lionheart intruded and the International Sex Hero made an offer for his Zero-G title. The New Nation and The 55 scrapped ahead of their Tag Team Title Tournament match. Chris Renfrew explained why he has agreed to the match with Grado where the loser never gets an ICW Heavyweight Title shot again and the winner gets a future shot at the belt.

The first match this week saw Square Go Briefcase Holder Wolfgang face Kenny Williams, the Bollocks threw himself through the ropes to start the match but Wolfgang took control outside the ring throwing Kenny into the crowd. Back in the ring refused to back down and mounted a comeback with a flying back elbow and a dropkick through the ropes followed by a dive. Kenny pulled off an amazing hurricanrana rebounding off the ropes but only managed a two count, Wolfgang attempted a swanton bomb but failed to connect. Zero-G champion Lionheart appeared on the ramp distracting Kenny and allowing Wolfgang to hit a spear and Jackhammer to get the victory, after the bell Lionheart entered the ring and put the boots to Williams.

Challenger to Lionheart’s Zero-G championship Zack Gibson came out to start their match early with a dive over the top rope to take out the champion, the advantage didn’t last long as the champion beat down the Liverpudlian but couldn’t keep Gibson down with a superkick as he bounced right back to his feet. Zack once again impressing in an ICW ring going blow for blow with Lionheart and managing to hit a jawbreaker from the top rope. Lionheart jabbed a thumb to Gibson in the eye which allowed him to hit a superkick and Rock Bottom to retain his Zero-G Championship. 

Joe Coffey talked backstage about his all or nothing match next week against Jack Jester, said that he is going to save ICW. 

The ICW Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter Finals kicked off with The 55 taking on The New Nation who were debuting in Insane Championship Wrestling, both teams traded heavy strikes to open the contest. Sha Samuels and Kid Fite were disagreeing with one another outside the ring so Alexander came off the top rope to the outside with a moonsault, but the former ICW Tag Team champions soon got the upper hand with the referee distracted and isolating Alexander from his partner. Jason Prime was tagged in and showed his amazing strength in taking out both opponents, but Samuels and Fite hit a Slingshot Suplex on Prime to get the win and advance to the semi finals.

Zack Gibson said everything he heard about Lionheart was true including that he is a fanny and the the Zero-G title may need to be renamed as the Zero-balls title as Lionheart doesn’t have any. Kenny Williams thanked him for saving him earlier and would put a little something in his wages. Davey Blaze was telling Joe Hendry that the Wee Man will apologise in the ring, but Joe said he doesn’t care as they will progress in the Tag Title Tournament until Wee Man interrupted trying to wind The Local Hero up but Blaze told Joe to keep it together as they need to win the Tag Titles. Grado addressed his match with Renfrew, saying he will become the number one contender and that if he doesn’t get the chance at the ICW Title again it’s not worth it. 

DCT came to the ring and was interrupted by Red Lightning who wasn’t happy that DCT entered the Scottish Rules match with Chris Renfrew but won’t fire him as he is looking forward to seeing Bram murder him in a steel cage at Shugs Hoose Party. ICW World Heavyweight Champion came out and said that DCT will beat Bram at the ABC in Glasgow and that he had to find his own challenger for his belt, he feels only one man deserves a shot and that’s Joe Coffey. Red made an impromptu match with Big Damo defending his ICW World Heavyweight Championship against DCT! The International Sex Hero took the fight to the much larger Damo and kept on top of him not allowing the champion to get any offence in and locking in a Koji Clutch but Damo gained the advantage with a powerbomb and elbow but only got a 2 count. The champion hit a superkick followed by a barrage of violent elbows to the head of DCT and the referee had no choice but to stop the match and award the victory to the champion Big Damo. After the bell Damo said that DCT need to toughen up ahead of his cage match as he wasn’t ready for tonight’s match and questioned if he will be ready, also saying his mind is on the ICW World Heavyweight Championship 24/7!!

 The 55 were not happy that they have to win back their titles in the ICW Tag Team Title Tournament. Kay Lee Ray discussed her match with BT Gunn next week.

In this weeks main event former ICW World Heavyweight champions Chris Renfrew and Grado faced off with the winner getting a future ICW Title shot and the loser never get a match for the belt again. The majority of the crowd inside The Garage were behind the leader of the NAK and were almost quickly rewarded as Renfrew tried to hit a T-Virus and a Stone Cold Stoner but Grado managed to counter both but then missed a splash from the top rope. Both men carried on from where they left of at the Square Go with Grado bringing a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire from under the ring and a kendo stick which were both smashed over Renfrew’s back and head but he still couldn’t keep Renfrew down, but Grado then kicked out of a top rope Stoner and a T-Virus piledriver. Realising he needed to do something more to get the win Renfrew pulled a steel chair covered in drawing pins into the ring but it backfired as Grado hit and RKO and Rock Bottom on the chair but Renfrew kicked out. Renfrew attempted a Stoner but Grado countered into a school boy roll up and got him the victory meaning he will get a future ICW World Heavyweight Title shot with no remorse shown towards Renfrew. Red Lightning appeared and said that Renfrew is no use in the war between ICW and The Black Label, but to make things worse he also shocked the fans in attendance by firing Chris Renfrew from Insane Championship Wrestling!! 

What another great episode of Friday Night Fight Club with several twists, match of the night for me was Kenny Williams V Woflgang as it was a mix of hard hitting and great wrestling as Kenny Williams once again showed how much better he gets each week. The major shock though being the firing of Chris Renfrew from Insane Championship Wrestling!! 

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