This weeks episode of Friday Night Fight Club from the Garage in Glasgow saw the continuation of the ICW Tag Team Title Tournament as The Local Fire faced The Rich Kids Of Instagram, Liam Thomson welcomed Sammi Jayne to the LT Degree, Kay Lee Ray battled BT Gunn, Johnny Moss squared off against Mikey Whiplash and in the main event Joe Coffey met Jack Jester and if Joe won he would get an ICW World Heavyweight Title shot but if he lost he would leave Insane Championship Wrestling. You can watch this weeks episode at https://icwondemand.pivotshare.com/media/icw-fight-club-20th-may-2016/47023/feature

The opening match of this weeks episode was a ICW Tag Team Title Tournament Quarter Final match between The Local Fire and The Rich Kids Of Instagram, Joe Hendry did not look his usual self after having a bottle of buckfast smashed over his head by the Wee Man. This match turned out to be a 2 on 3 handicap match due to their “Uncle” Red Lightning making the match. But trio didn’t make the numbers count as Davey Blaze and Joe Hendry took the fight to them with a dive to the outside that buckled the barrier and Hendry hitting a flurry of uppercuts and suplexes, that was until Wee Man showed his face with another bottle of Buckfast in hand. Aaron Echo impressed keeping on top of Joe Hendry and looking like he can more than hold his own in the ring, but The Rich Kids failed to make the most of their numerical advantage and we’re all hit with a fallaway slam and Davey spearing Kyle Khaos for the win. Hendry was still focused on the Wee Man chasing him backstage leaving Davey to a three man beatdown until Ravey Davey showed up and saved Davey Boy. When Hendry came back to the ring The Local Fire got into a shoving match, could this be friction between the tag team?

Grado was backstage talking about his win over Chris Renfrew last week and that he’s not scared of ICW World Heavyweight Champion Big Damo.

Wee Man tried to defend what he did to Joe Hendry a few weeks ago until The Local Hero interrupted and Davey Blaze wasn’t too happy about being left to fend for himself, telling Wee Man to apologise. The interview ended with Hendry choking the Wee Man and telling him he will Freak Of Nature him off the balcony of the Garage once they win the ICW Tag Team Titles.  

This weeks LT Degree with Liam Thomson and his guest Sammi Jayne. Liam had a proposition for Sammi offering her to join up with himself and Debbie and guaranteed she would then be the next ICW Womens Champion, but they were joined by Womens Champion Carmel before she could answer and she challenged Sammi to a Last Women Standing match with the Championship on the line.

The Black Label were making plans to ensure that Joe Coffey does not win his match with Jack Jester with Red Lightning making Sha Samuels guest MC, Lionheart referee, Kid Fite ringside doctor, Flex the enforcer and making himself guest time keeper.

The Rich Kids Of Instagram declared they will buy their way to the Tag Titles until Red Lightning put them in their places and told them they need guidance.

Lionheart declared that he was putting out an open challenge and BT Gunn appeared and tapped the Zero-G title and walked away, was that his way of declaring his interest in answering the open challenge?

The angst between BT Gunn and The Filthy Generation continued as he went one on with Kay Lee Ray who was accompanied by Stevie Boy. The action didn’t stay in the ring long with BT taking out Stevie with a dive and Kay Lee Ray missing a punt to Gunn and inadvertently connecting with Stevie. Both exchanged chops but Gunn came out on top with his hardest chops in the business, as declared by ECW legend Sabu. Gunn caught Kay Lee flying through the ropes and slammed her spine first into the steel ring post but couldn’t get a cover as Stevie pulled him off. Kay Lee hit the Destroyer flip piledriver but only managed a two count as did BT Gunn after hitting a Gory Driver. Kay Lee took too long on the top rope and while caught in the tree of woe Stevie missed with his crutch and was dropped into his prone girlfriend. Both exchanged superkick as but BT Gunn struck a defiant Kay Lee Ray in the face with a superkick for the three count and the win. After the bell Stevie pulled off his cast and beat down Gunn until Viper came out and threw Kay Lee Ray off the stage and hit Stevie with a Michinoku Driver clearing the ring. 

Backstage the Filthy Generation let BT Gunn and Viper know that they should watch their backs.

Wolfgang put out a challenge to DCT for defying Ref Lightning in taking part in the Scottish Rules match with Chris Renfrew.

The next match had the makings of a classic as Johnny Moss went head to head with Mikey Whiplash in a battle between two of the greatest in the UK. Both men exchanged technical holds with neither men able to gain the upper hand in the opening of the match. Moss had a stranglehold locked in using Mikey’s arms to choke him with, Whiplash reversed with the same hold locked in until Mossy reversed to lock the stranglehold back on. Whiplash zoned in on the left arm of Moss snapping the fingers and locking in multiple submissions, until Moss escaped and targeted Mikey’s right arm with an arm lock. Mossy locked his hands around Whiplash’s waist and connected with multiple German Suplexes before reversing the Zombie Maker into another German Suplex which he bridged into a pin and got the three count in what seemed to be Mikey Whiplash’s final match in Insane Championship Wrestling as he spat on the ICW sign in the ring and left through the crowd and out of a fire exit.

Big Damo discussed why he ended his match last week with DCT so violently, declaring he used the pressure of being ICW World Heavyweight Champion as motivation and that in his view he needs to beat Joe Coffey to say he is the best in Insane Championship Wrestling.

In this weeks main event The Iron Man Joe Coffey faced off against Jack Jester with all the obstacles of the Black Label that Red Lightning put in place backstage earlier in the evening, if he won he would get an ICW World Heavyweight Title match against Damo but if he loses he will leave Insane Championship Wrestling. Red invited anyone stupid enough to stand in Joe’s corner to step forward and Polo Promotions music hit sending the crowd into frenzy only for it to be a joke played by The Black Label. Coffey entered the ring alone in one of the most important matches of his career and with a stupid amount of odds stacked against him. The match took a long time to get started and once it did Jester kept leaving the ring to be attended by Dr Watson (Kid Fite) before dragging Coffey outside too with both men brawling around ringside, with Joe flying over the barrier taking out Jester and taking the fight over the bar in the Garage and hitting the big swing amongst the fans. Back in the ring Joe seemed to have Jester beaten until Red Lightning summoned The Black Label to beat down the Iron Man, but it didn’t last long with Joe flipping over the top rope to take out the Black Label. Jack Jester got the upper hand again dropping an elbow off the apron to floor, getting plenty of assistance from referee Lionheart and smashing Coffey with a steel chair. The Local Fire came out to even up the numbers by taking out both members of The 55 and dragging them backstage. Jester attempted a discus lariat but Joe blocked and hit Jester with a Tombstone but couldn’t get the win as Lionheart stopped the count at 2 which brought out Kenny Williams who took out the referee only to be choke slammed by Flex. Coffey covered Jester after connecting with a lariat and former senior referee Thomas Keirans jumped the barrier to make the count but Lionheart super kicked the vigilante to stop the count, Coffey then hit a lariat on Lionheart. Big Damo came out to ringside taking out Flex and rolling Lionheart out of the ring, finally making it a one on one match with impartial referee Sean McLaughlin. Both men hit big splashes in the corner and Joe connected with a splash from the top rope but only managed a two count. Jester attempted a Tombstone but Joe countered into a discus lariat and got the win, sending the majority of the crowd into raptures and earning himself a ICW World Heavyweight Championship shot in the future. Big Damo then congratulated Joe in the middle of the ring but the Iron Man would not touch the ICW World Heavyweight Championship as the two shook hands, declaring that the belt meant power and that the pair were destined to battle forever as they bring out the best in one another. 

This weeks episode had the emotions going up and down especially during the main event, I honestly thought Joe Coffey was leaving ICW with all the odds stacked against him, but then to see him pull off the victory was amazing even seeing myself in the crowd brought back all those emotions. My match of the episode though was Kay Lee Ray against BT Gunn, both these wrestlers showed how good they are and why they are both two of the best in the business right now!!


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