Our review of Insane Championship Wrestling’s Fight Club episode from 3rd June 2016!!

This weeks episode of Insane Championship Wrestling’s Fight Club was the first episode to be shown around the world on The Fight Network in 35 counties and came from the Garage in Glasgow. This week saw the debuting Tam The Ram take on Aaron Echo, DCT against Wolfgang, The Best Young Wrestler Lewis Girvan faced off against The Smashmouth Chris Ridgeway, Joe Coffey had another challenge against both members of The 55 and in the main event Lionheart defends his ICW Zero G Championship against The Oddity BT Gunn. Check out this weeks episode over on The Fight Network and on ICW On Demand at https://icwondemand.pivotshare.com/media/icw-fight-club-3rd-june-2016/47655/feature
Before the show started ICW senior referee Thomas Kearins was met outside by the Black Label and Red Lightning told he vigilante he must make things right and passed him a note.

This weeks opening contest saw the debut of Tam The Ram as he faced off against Aaron Echo of The Rich Kids Of Instagram. Tam began the match with some great heavy hitting strikes including a dropkick to Echo and looked really impressive in his first ICW match. Echo gained control but went for a pin with his foot on Tam but only got a two count. But The Ram soon took control again until Austin Osiris and Kyle Khaos pulled him out of the ring causing a distraction, Echo tried to take advantage with a double stomp but couldn’t get the win. Eventually the numbers game got too much for Tam and Echo rolled him up with a handful of tights and got the three count. As Tam was leaving The Rich Kids Of Instagram dragged him back in the ring and beat him down until Ravie Davie appeared on the screen and declared next time they are both in Glasgow he would get payback. Tam The Ram made a very impressive debut in ICW and I look forward to seeing more of him, he looks like he could go very far in Insane Championship Wrestling.

Joe Coffey was backstage talking about his match against The 55 and the obstacles that The Black Label keep putting in his way.

The Wee Man came out before the next match and said he would never want to be a part of the Local Fire and gave Davey Blaze a choice either The Wee Man or The Local Hero Joe Hendry. 

Before the match between The International Sex Hero DCT and Square Go Briefcase holder Wolfgang, Senior Referee Thomas Kearins came to the ring and stated he had been reinstated but had to make three apologies to Drew Galloway, Jack Jester and majority owner Red Lightning. In another challenge on his road to Shugs Hoose Party against Bram in a steel cage he took on the man who has been in both cage matches in ICW and made an impressive start taking the fight to the larger Wolfgang. Wolfgang gained the upper hand with dirty tactics and slowed the match down to his pace, keeping DCT grounded. But with Coach Trip distracting Wolfgang, DCT hit multiple scoop slams on the big man and looked to have the match in control until Wolfgang hit a spear. Wolfy then went up top for a swanton but missed but DCT could only get a two count as Wolfgang got a foot on the rope. Wolfgang slipped on his brass knucks and caught DCT with them to the head as he came off the top rope and got the win. After the match as Wolfgang was leaving DCT kept calling the big man back to the ring and received more strikes with the brass knucks. But upon his last request for more the man he will meet inside the steel cage Bram came out with a steel chair and smashed Coach Trip in the head and then beat down DCT in the ring and Viper came out but was held back by Wolfgang and was made to watch Bram piledrive her husband, then pulled out an electric shaver and shaved DCT’s famous moustache off!!

Backstage Jennifer congratulated The Rich Kids Of Instagram, but Aaron Echo did not accept and said that he was sick of Ravie Davie.

The next match this week saw The Smashmouth Chris Ridgeway make his debut in Glasgow against the ICW Catchweight Champion Lewis Girvan, this had the makings of a classic. Both men began the match exchanging holds and strikes with both men matching one another brilliantly. But Girvan took control with a kick to the head followed by a Facebuster, only for Ridgeway to comeback with a flurry of kicks and a suplex but only got a one count as Girvan kicked out. We saw a different side of Lewis Girvan as he seemed more aggressive as the pair exchanged slaps in the middle of the ring followed by front kicks. Girvan finally got the better of Ridgeway and got the win with an impressive brain buster. This was the first time I had seen Ridgeway in person and was very impressed and hope to see him back in an ICW ring again soon, would love to see a rematch between these two as they complemented one another brilliantly in the ring. The new side of Lewis Girvan showed after the bell as he exchanged a handshake with Ridgeway as a show of respect and showed why he calls himself The Best Young Wrestler.

Backstage we saw a moustache-less DCT who said the moustache was a big part of who he is and that Bram did that to try to get inside his head and that it may be working, also saying Bram is a dead man walking.

Once again the odds were stacked against The Iron Man Joe Coffey as he was up against both member of The 55 Sha Samuels and Kid Fite in a handicap match. The former tag team champions looked to carry on his momentum from his win over Jack Jester but The 55 took control earlier on making the most of third advantage until Coffey locked in an awesome double Boston Crab. Coffey then hoisted Fite onto his shoulders and grabbed Sha by the legs and swinger both men, then alternating and swinging once more showing great strength followed by Hulkbusters to both opponents. Coffey seemed to be dominating both his opponents until Samuels hit a spinebuster follows by a suplex by Fite only managed a two count. The former champions then connected with the slingshot suplex but with The 55 distracting one another with miscommunication Coffey rolled up Samuels for an impressive win. Post match Samels and Fite were pushing each other around which is not a good sign ahead of their Tag Team Title Tournament Semi Final as they blamed one another for the loss. Joe then stated that at Shugs Hoose Party in July he will face Big Damo for the ICW World Heavyweight Championship!!

Backstage The Black Label were seen beating down Lewis Girvan and Chris Ridgeway.

In this weeks main event BT Gunn took on Lionheart for the ICW Zero G Chamionship in his quest to become the first ever triple crown winner, as the champion came out he was welcomed by the usual “Lionheart is a fanny” chants. Neither man seemed to gain control of the match in the early goings until the action went outside and Lionheart hit BT with an Alabama Slam onto the ring apron but couldn’t keep the momentum going inside the ring, until Gunn attempted a dive to the outside but collided chest first onto the barrier. With BT Gunn in the crowd Lionheart went to the top rope and connected with a splash into the ICW fans at ringside. Back in the ring both men exchanged kicks until Gunn hit the champion with a rock bottom but only got a two count, which he followed up with another near fall after a couple of his impressive chops. But the champion got a near fall of his own as he connected with a springboard cutter and a rock bottom of his own, as BT Gunn kicked out the crowd were whipped up into a frenzy inside the Garage as he mounted a comeback. BT Gunn went for the Gunnshot but couldn’t connect and hit a springboard cutter but only managed another two count in this amazing showcase between two of the best in the UK. Lionheart then hit a top rope rock bottom on the challenger but could only get a two count, after this The Filthy Generation came out to distract BT Gunn enough that Lionheart could connect with a Styles Clash but yet again Gunn kicked out! Lionheart then grabbed the belt and swung for BT Gunn but missed and took out Stevie Boy, BT then hit a brain buster on the champion but again Lionheart kicked out. Lionheart hit Gunn with a low blow, shot to the head with the title belt and a frog splash but still couldn’t keep the challenger down, but then hit a second Styles Clash which finally kept BT Gunn down and helped him retain the ICW Zero G Championship. This match was outstanding as both men put everything they had into the match and surely the way this one ended there has to be a rematch for BT Gunn.

This weeks episode was full of amazing matches and made it pretty tough to pick a match of the week but my pick is Lewis Girvan against Chris Ridgeway as both men just gelled so brilliantly and worked so well together, Girvan impresses me more each time I see him in the ring and was the first time I saw Chris Ridgeway in person and this guy has great talent and I think he has the chance to go places. Once again Joe Coffey overcame the odds thrown at him by Red Lightning and can’t wait to see his match with Big Damo at Shugs Hoose Party. 


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